Ariel Senior Year

My little sis is all grown up.  She’s graduated from high school and about to start college courses to become a nurse.  I’m so excited for her that I went to Target to buy her new school supplies – binders, folders, papers, pens, highlighters, you name it.  As I tossed folders in the cart, I looked down and saw that the folders I chosen had hearts and owls on them, some even with cartoon characters.  I’m forgetful that she’s not nine any more.

When she comes up to visit me from Tucson and I rent a movie, I still look at the rating and I prefer G or PG. PG-13 is OK, but then I realize, my sister is 18 now.  I’m certain even when she’s 21 I’ll still be censoring the movies we watch together.  I’ll probably continue this habit with my own children, aye.  Ariel, sorry you’re like my practice child, sorta.

To celebrate the start of her new adventure in life, we went to my lovely alma mater, that’s right, U of A.  I drove by and pointed out my old college dorm, Gila Hall and we took some photos around the small dorm, which was an all women’s dorm at the time (hey, I knew I would lock myself out often, and often I did, hair wet and makeup-less).

I’m proud of you sis.  You already know that, but I just thought I’d remind you.  And that I think you are the most beautiful girl, ever.  And I love you. xo

Diana Elizabeth was a big sister in college with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson Organization beginning her junior year in college, at age 19, just one year older than Ariel is now.  That scares her when she realizes that.  Who ever trusted her with a nine-year-old?  The program is near and dear to her heart, and if you’re interested in mentoring a child, visit and find a local chapter in your area.  It’ll be one the best investments you ever make in your lifetime, guaranteed.


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