apple hill California in the middle of apple trees

Apple Hill, and some pumpkins

pumpkin patch pumpkins at apple hillApple Hill in California

Sweater: VICI / Jeans: H&M (similar) / Shoes: FitFlop / Hat: H&M (similar) / Lips: Dose of Colors / Ring: Kendra Scott / Convertible Backpack: Jemma

I packed my camera for the styling workshop I was attending and decided to bring it along to our morning trip to Apple Hill. I’ve blogged about this spot around the same time every few years. We went pretty early, made our typical stops and ate lunch and walked around some craft tents. There are a bunch of apple ranchers who sell apple everything. Think Bubba Gump Shrimp but Apple theme and you just drive around this area and stop at these spots and eat and be merry.

The pumpkins were out, the Christmas trees not yet – and I was totally looking for Christmas. I can’t help it!!

My dad loves cowboys by the way, I think he’s slowly turning into one… hah!

pumpkins at apple hill
pumpkins at apple hill

So have you ever hesitated on giving your camera to another person to take your photo? I use the back button focus and so it’s so hard to direct someone how to use it and toggle the focus and I finally watched some YouTube videos on focus options so I can easy switch it and hand over the camera and they can get a photo of me in focus!

And I can still use back button focus.

Set your camera for Back Button Focus and Auto Focus (to hand over to anyone to take your photo in focus)

First under custom controls, I set the shutter button half-press back to “Metering and AF start” instead of just metering. Then change the AF area select button to change the direct AF area selection. And then watch this video to decide which focus works for you (I use auto selection AF) you can still use back button focus as long as you keep the Initial AFpt on AI Servo AF. So I can still toggle my focal point using back button focus if I want (my custom control is the * set to AF), or just use the half-shutter and it will automatically decide for me (like if you hand your camera over to someone) but just tell them to hit the shutter half way and then shoot.

walking along Christmas tree are farm in apple hill California

pumpkins at apple hill

It’ll be a huge game changer for you. Now anyone who is with me can be an Instagram Dad, Friend, Husband, Stranger, LOL. Thankful for ALL of them.

So enough about pumpkins, we also saw lots of apples. I had no idea there were so many varieties, really. I always just got Granny Smith if I had to pick a favorite apple or buy one because I thought apples were boring until my aesthetician friend told me about honey crisp so that became my go-to because they are juicy.  But put sugar on anything and I’ll freaking eat it so fast you’ll think it evaporated. So apple butter, apple sauce, apple donut, apple fritter, done.

I usually add peanut butter and honey to mine and I have an apple slicer which is life changing if you already loathe the whole slicing apple thing. I’m telling you even the egg slicer, strawberry slicer, herb leaf stripper, and the pineapple cutter works magic for lazy girls like me. I’m wondering if the avocado slicer works? 2,700 reviews its now in my shopping cart!

tossing an apple up in the air at apple hill California

This is when I pointed at an apple still on the tree and my dad yells, “Don’t pick it or you’ll be thrown in jail!”

And you wonder why I’m such a good human. My dad has scared me half to death and still does.

apple hill California in the middle of apple trees

apples, apple hill California
apple hill map California

Mabel's apple's at apple hill the famous bears

Any Nor Cal kid knows this photo op. We’ve all grown up taking photos by the fuzzy bear couple and I can say they redid the fur so it’s all new! Haha!

Also, is there a peach festival? Because I’m such a stone fruit girl, cherries, peaches, plums I would go absolutely nuts for a version of that! Let me know if you know of one and when that happens because I will literally starve myself and fly there to consume my weight in peaches, plums and cherries!!

Happy fall y’all!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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