Another Pep Talk

“Wow Diana, you’re really doing it,” said Andrew, my best friend’s Meagan’s husband.  “I mean, when kids grow up you tell them they can be anything they want to be but then they turn out to be gas attendants.  But you, you are actually doing it.  I’m proud of you.”

I was stunned.  And awkwardly, I didn’t really know how to respond other than, “Um, thanks Andrew.  That’s really nice of you to say.”

It’s Friday.  And, I believe you need another pep talk.

I believe if you truly love doing something you will try your absolute darnest to achieve it.  Whether that is photography or another business, I genuinely believe that one can be successful doing whatever it is you like.

In college, my major was journalism.  My minor was political science.  It was believed that one day I would be an on-air political correspondent and a poly sci background (and if all else fails do the Hollywood thing – because after all, you can’t go back) and I would make my journalism degree to be taken seriously.  Did I like politics?  Sure.  I even had a super clean record with the notion that perhaps one day, I might be a senator’s wife that my future husband could never marry a wife who did anything bad.  No joke.  My GPA in college in journalism averaged 3.5-3.75.  Clearly, I loved to write.  My GPA in political science on the other hand was a 2.75 – if I was lucky.  Um…could it have been any more obvious that either I had the worst poly sci teachers (I really stand by this idea) or that I just didn’t care about politics?  I excelled in what I loved.

I believe the same rings true to what your heart calls you to do.  If you love doing something, you will often be good at it.  Look around. What are you good at?  That must be what you love doing.  Now, find a way to do it for your life.  It’s ok if it’s in corporate, as long as it’s what you love doing.

Remember, that thing you do, well, there is always someone else doing the same thing (um, photography, hello?).  I would assume that the photographer position is multiplying by the hundreds every second.  With DSLRs and processing programs are easily available, it can often be discouraging.  But don’t be.  You’ll get your groove. YOUR groove.

“Find your style,” is what I felt like I was told so many times in all the photography workshops I attended.  Style, style, style.  Alright, I got it.  So, you get your style and then you can price whatever it is you want. So, how long until one finds their style?  I don’t think it takes a specific amount of time.  But once you find it, and you don’t stray any other way it’s a beautiful thing.  Of course we all know that styles can change – but your love, well true love never dies, does it?

If you have a crutch, you know, your kryptonite, find a way to correct it.  Get help, hire someone, get coaching.  Learn, fail, research, try again.  Success is so sweet when you have failed enough times to realize how amazing it can be.  And if you do somehow fail, at least you tried, right?  And eventually, like life, another love will come around.

Diana Elizabeth will one day tell you about the time she turned down a six figure salary to continue doing what she loves.  It was just last week she was offered a job in Miami.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Nicole L

    First, and I don’t mean this in a creepy online stalker way, but I adore you!!! I love reading your blog and seeing your work!!! You are inspiring!!! This is particularly impressive because my family does motivational speaking, but I love reading your blog posts!!! And honestly, I needed that today, so THANK YOU!!!! I am so thankful and blessed to say that in my 29 years, I have only spent about 9 months doing something I really didn’t love, and sometimes I forget how wonderful that really is!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Nicole, you are so sweet!! I notice all of your google likes, FB likes and comments. I appreciate your readership more than you know! ;) Thanks for the encouragement of the comments you post. It makes me sooo happy! xo


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