white-facial-mask-alginate-peel-off-mask-7Oh we’re not done yet…on the lips too!

Boo! It’s me! Do you think you could do this, try an alginate peel-off mask that covers your entire face?

This alginate peel-off mask is different than the 24KT Gold Mask – you won’t see immediate results from one like the collagen mask, but it will feel great and monthly treatments will help tackle whatever your goal is – in my case, hyper-pigmentation. Vicky of Beautiful Skin & Nails recommends scheduling a mask monthly for great results.

Alginate provides re-hydration.

Types of Alginate Peel Off Powder Masks:

  • Oily – Green mask, helps with oil secretion, age related lines
  • Acute Acne – Black mask, removes impurities, tones and prevents skin pigmentation
  • Sensitive – Cream mask, helps with dehydrated skin, strengthen capillaries, stimulates blood circulation
  • Fair – White mask, long-term lightening effect, helps with hyper-pigmentation (What I choose)
  • Normal/Mature – Red Rock mask color, promotes collagen, lightening and firming, vitamin C
  • Rosacea/Combo/Dehydrated – Blue mask, diminishes redness from skin, oxygenates skin

The line is SkinAccents found only in salons, so you can call and request it.

Before (even though you won’t see much of a difference) – we did a few extractions and so my face looks a little red, oops!


So would you cover your entire face, except for your nose for 20 minutes?

I received good life advice from Brianna who told me she’ll try anything once and if she doesn’t like it, she won’t do it again and if she isn’t sure, she’ll try it once more. I love that!

You know I love trying beauty treatments and seeing how they work. I picked the hyper-pigmentation treatment because getting rid of sun spots is pretty much the goal now.

It’s a powder and a mix of water.


It feels like the same paste that you put in your mouth at the dentist so they can take a gummy mold of your bite.

I would also suggest not doing this over your eyes if you have eyelash extensions (like me) but I was getting them filled right after so it didn’t matter – I wanted the entire effect!


And, done! Feels cool, a little dark and I get to sit and relax and do absolutely nothing – not even talk, for 20 minutes. It’s quite heavenly to not have distractions for that amount of time.

Then, the face off!

I should have taken the mold home and put it on my husband’s pillow.


I get monthly facials with Vicky, I need the extractions and custom peel, but if you’re not sure what you need, but you know your skin needs something – monthly masks are a fantastic way to pamper your skin and help it out a little. There are so many out there so I hope you find the right one for you.

Book your appointment!

If in the Phoenix area, book your alginate mask for $49.99 if you mention my blog (reg $99) at Beautiful Skin and Nails – located on 24th Street, north of Indian School Road.
4131 N. 24th St., Suite A201-24, Phoenix, AZ 85016, like on Facebook. If you’re outside of the area, call your local aesthetician and ask if they offer it.