So it’s Facebook official.  What does that mean?  That’s such a lame expression, I don’t get it.  But, I changed my last name on Facebook and so now I’m onto the legal part of it – thanks to, for $39 they filled out all the forms and had envelopes stamp ready and everything for me to make the change.  Here we go!  New identity!  Does this mean my driving record will start over? Cause that would seriously be nice.

Thank you to my friends who have been courteous to give us time and space since we’ve been married.  Like Mike said, “We won’t call you, we’ll wait to hear from you guys.”  If you have a friend who gets married, it’s very nice to give them space – if you must, send a text to say hello, or even an email, but don’t expect a response until things die down. I have spoken to a few friends but it’s only them returning my call and I really have appreciated this once in a lifetime of newness to get to know my Mr. Wonderful.

Our honeymoon will be in the new year since he has a few medical cases this week to handle and I’m totally fine with it.  He looks so cute in scrubs, it’s amazing how he even manages to make it out the door in time when I’m busy pinching his cheeks and hanging off his neck every morning.

My mom emailed me and asked if I’ve cooked a meal for my husband yet.  Well, sheesh.  I went grocery shopping recently and so far, I’ve made a nice sandwich for him for lunch.  He hasn’t had any stomach problems from that meal or died yet, so maybe I’ll move onto dinner.

So what changes once you’re married? This is what I’ve found so far, and I can only imagine this is due to truly marrying the perfect person.

  • Suddenly grocery shopping is more fun.
  • Running lame errands like sending out mail is fun with your best friend.
  • You get use to saying, “ours” and “us” and no longer say, “mine” or “me.”
  • Like kindergarten, you learn how to share.
  • Saying “my husband” is really fun. And hearing him say “wife” is even more fun.
  • Poor Benjamin has glitter on his face more often than not, now. Where could it come from I ask?  We look around – well maybe my J.Crew belt, J.Crew glitter cell phone case, my makeup, or my lip gloss…oops.
  • I want to do laundry, the dishes, clean the place, anything and everything to make his life easier without him even asking or implying.  In fact, he wants me to do nothing and I want to do everything!
  • It’s like a slumber party every night – for life.  Lucky me.
  • Since we’ve been very Christian traditional in our relationship, which I’m aware is very untraditional for society’s current lifestyle, being married is definitely like a total change, which I think makes everything that much more exciting.  Everything is new!
  • Most craziest thing: I want to spend less money and I’m bargain shopping. For reals.  I’d rather have him (1) Not stress about supporting us even though he does a wonderful job (2) I want him to retire early so we can have more time together.  Who knew? *wink*
  • You get to see your best friend, every day!
  • Clearly, it’s just more fun.

“Just because there’s space sweetie, doesn’t mean you have to fill it,” he said to me the other night as I came home with all these girly baskets, fun things to make sure he’s very aware that he now lives with a girl.  He makes me laugh.  He lets me be me.  He also promised in his vows that he would.  And he’s making me into the best me I’ve ever known.

Diana Elizabeth hasn’t gone Christmas shopping yet.  Uh-oh.