I found something to make me like doing the dishes just a wee bit more.  It’s .5 points up from a -1.

If I don’t have to touch the ickiness, that helps tremendously.  A pretty pair of dishwashing gloves is amazing, but I don’t like seeing them sit along the kitchen sink so I found a way to hang them by adding a grommet to the backs.

Just grab a Grommet fastening tool kit for $10 at Ace Hardware or online here.   Make sure you pick one large enough to go over a hook you purchased.

Takes five minutes.


I found if I put them on the bottom that looks better.


Place the wood under and the little hole cutter on top of where you want it to be.  You take a hammer and pound the top down on the included wood block.


If it doesn’t make a clean cut, just use scissors to complete the circle cut.


I like the big smoother side of the grommet on the outside.  You’ll see when you stack them together.

dishwashing-gloves-DIY-hang-grommet-115 dishwashing-gloves-DIY-hang-grommet-333

Take the anvil on top and start hammering it in.  It will slowly widen the other grommet under and will fasten them together.



dishwashing-gloves-DIY-hang-grommet-118 dishwashing-gloves-DIY-hang-grommet-119

Hang them behind a cabinet door under your sink when not in use!


I love having a grommet kit around. I’ve modified things so I can easily hang them.  You can also get silver grommets instead of brass – I just love anything that resembles gold.

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 50mm f1/.816mm f/2.8 + 18-55mm (c/o).

Diana Elizabeth had a little hole in her last pair of gloves so she had to buy new ones because her fingers kept getting wet!  So she had to do this again.