The New Blog & Announcements

Aside from the video, another important part of my rebranding included hiring the ideal graphic and blog designer.  Once I had the right designer on board, I knew I had to design a special mailer had to go out to vendors I’ve worked with and former clients.

The Blog

I’m also a graphic designer in case you didn’t already know.  I’ve been trying to do everything myself.  And yes, the old blog was my own creative creation from a WordPress template that I tried so desperately hard to customize.  I know, most of you loved it, but isn’t this a thousand, million times better?  On with the story!

The funny thing was, I knew about Renee Swigert, owner of graphic design boutique Ribbons of Red in Ohio, long before I’d finally meet her in person at WPPI Las Vegas. I admired her work back in my corporate working days.  My friends asked why I couldn’t just redesign myself.  My answer – some things are just better left to the real professionals.  And some things are better to give to others you trust so you can concentrate on other things.  Like my case – photographing my clients, marketing, shooting for PHOENIX magazine, teaching my online course, and setting up the new office in the new home. And, that’s just my business life, forget about my personal life!

I’ll tell you this – Renee was worth every penny.  She researched my pins on Pinterest, asked me a ton of questions, and we had a phone consultation to go over every blog I liked.  We laughed, we joked, and we had so much fun.  When I opened up my first draft I kept it open all day on my desktop as I worked on other things.  It just inspired me as I took what Renee created and attempted match it through the rest of my collateral (because that’s what good graphic designers do, we know how to keep branding consistent).

HUGE thanks to Ribbons of Red for this design – for creating what my heart and mind wanted to convey but just wasn’t quite sure how.  Thank you for your sweet emails, design expertise and designing a blog so beautiful I’m running out of pretty, lovely words!

The Rebranding Announcements

My five years of marketing background tells me that every occasion is a marketing opportunity waiting to happen.  Especially when it comes to rebranding, you need to announce it to the world! I created some of these files before my initial consultation with Renee, so she had a peek of what I was envisioning which also helped her design the blog you see now.

There were two different sets of announcements, one for vendors I’ve worked with that was more in depth, four pages. Clients received a smaller announcements, two pages.  The difference was really the two additional pages that showed where I was published and a front page that had fit the design of the inner envelope.

Vendors around the Valley received:

DEP clients received this two page version:

These were sized 4×6 and printed on photo printer paper that I printed in my office.  How perfect was it that the weight was 64 cents and the stamp was a butterfly?  I totally squealed at the post office counter.

Diana Elizabeth Photography Blog Designer: Ribbons of Red / Announcement & Business Card Design: Diana Elizabeth / Design Program: Adobe Illustrator / Announcement Paper & Envelopes: Paper Source / Lace Punch & Threaded Yarn: Martha Stewart line at Michaels / Printer Paper & Label Sheets: Staples / Mini Translucent Envelope: Action Envelope / Intern: Tabitha Peterson

Diana Elizabeth wants to create news just so she can find creative ways to announce it!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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