Aaaand, we’re juicing


I never thought we would, but we did.  Mr. Wonderful had a juicer by Breville and I was always intimidated to use it.  After my mother-in-law demonstrated over Christmas vacation in IL how to use it, I realized how simple it is.

OK so cleaning isn’t a peach but it’s not that bad. I put the counter compost bin right under as I shred the veggies and fruit.

I have one recipe.  Spinach, apples, carrots, celery and a clove of garlic.  That’s only because that’s all I’ve tried.  If you have any tips or recipes to share, please do!

And if you’re wondering if it’s worth it, I’d say so.  I would never eat any of this stuff.  I’m a steak and potatoes kind of gal and I go straight for it and pasta.  So this is easy, fun, and I think if it goes wrong, well, you could probably remedy it by adding something sweet.  Our juicer even juices whole apples, isn’t that awesome?

If I can do it, you certainly can to! Cheers to a healthy new year with juicing! xx


Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 50mm f1/.8.

Diana Elizabeth says she’s always wanted to try it but just needed someone to show her how.  Now she’s very sold on how it makes you feel so great!  She gets the hype!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Rika Susan

    Hi Diana! Don’t know when you posted this, but welcome to the juicing world! I am housebound due to a very debilitating illness, but also discovered juicing many years ago and now enjoy sharing my passion for it with others. I love being able to help other folks to live healthier lives. If you wish, you can read my story at my website.

    You are more than welcome to have a look around there for many freebie juice recipes. In the mood for a real treat? Try juicing 2 oranges (peeled) and 2 pears. It is the most delicious, rich and creamy orange juice you can imagine! We normally juice more veggies, but we MUST have this for ‘dessert’ sometimes!:-)

    I use a Breville too. It has been working hard for our family for more than 15 years. It actually is quite easy to rinse clean. Much less time-consuming than some of the other juicers I tried before the Breville.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Rika!

      Thank you so much for your comment! And for sharing your website, I must try the pears and oranges recipe! And also so great to know about the ease of use when it comes to cleanliness. :) I look forward to my juicing adventures, I feel better already! xx!


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