Lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth against window in floral strapless top

A Racing Heart – and John Mayer

Lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth against window in floral strapless top

Last week was a grind – but in a good way. One of the days, even though it was only one shoot (I’ve shot a total of 10 magazine portraits within a week not including my own bookings), I got home and my mind was still racing. It was like it couldn’t stop running or going too fast after waking up late – no thanks to the loudness of my ChiliPad my sleeping necessity – but thankfully getting to the shoot on time thanks to Aveda dry shampoo and mad fast makeup skills I picked up from my pageant days.

I text my kindred spirit to check in, she asked how I was doing with my stress level. I told her – “I’m borderline in tears from feeling overwhelmed but absolutely happy to be doing it if it makes sense. Never been happier just wish I had more energy.” She responded with – “I get those feelings…sounds like motherhood emotions.”

You might be wondering what’s with the blog title saying racing heart AND John Mayer, well let’s get to it.

  • Speaking of heart racing – next week John Mayer continues his Search for Everything World tour and will be in Phoenix. This will be my fifth time seeing him in concert (I believe I deserve an award for official No. 1 fan) and this makes it the second time I’ve seen him on this particular tour (I brought Mr. Wonderful to floor seats in T-Mobile Arena in Vegas as I thought that was the only place close by and I panicked). After dinner with my kindred spirit Meagan she said, “You spent $300 to JLo and that was just for the experience, I feel like you should spend the same for John since you love him.” We had gone to JLo together earlier this year. So next morning, I text my girlfriend Sommer her asking if she’d like to upgrade to fifth row with me for extra $$ she agreed. I felt like I just sprinted my heart has been racing since. The last time I was so close was this time with my kindred spirit. 5TH ROW YOU GUYS! Don’t call me on Wednesday, I won’t be able to talk. My girlfriend, Jennifer wants me to wear a headband like this to get his attention –

    I might need to arrive drunk you guys. If I end up getting his attention and meeting him, I may end up on the news.
  • Plans right now are to bring more entertaining posts your way – including wine knowledge. I know, though I’m not an alcohol drinker (Asian flush and a racing heart – see this clip from Fresh off the Boat) I will be collaborating with an expert to share wine pairing expertise because I know 90% of you do drink wine – including my friends and husband. So in order to encompass a complete entertaining set up I’m really excited for this knowledge to share so you can get the entire package!
  • I am contemplating getting my blood pumping by adding a home gym in my photo studio. I think I mentioned it before but if anyone has some sort of guide on the must-have work out things (that cost like 5 dollars haha) that would be great. I want a few basic things and I don’t want to spend over $100 because, priorities – as in, John Mayer.

Hope you get your heart pumping and racing whether that’s doing something exciting or sprinting out the door to work on your passion!

Photo by Julianne Marie Photography. Location: Arizona Vacation Company.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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