A Fresh Beginning – Enter 2016 lighter


A new year is blooming and what better way to start off this new year than with a pretty bouquet? ProFlowers sent me this bouquet to celebrate 2016 and remind me this is a fresh beginning!

Here are some new year resolutions – the overall goal – to live lighter.

  • Use less paper. I think about how much paper I push or print thinking I will need to reference them one day. My resolution this year is to touch papers once – whether I print something off it, get the mail – file it, add it to my calendar, throw it away, or take a photo then toss it (or recycle if you do that).
  • Forgive. Nothing will make your heart feel lighter than if you can forgive that person who did that icky thing to you, that snarky remark that replays in your head, or that clear unlike/unfollow that was a surprising sting. If you can change your heart to recognize we are all people who have personal struggles and issues at different point in our lives it will help. Focus on the good things and friends in your life, wish those who hurt you peace and love, and cheer for all even if they aren’t your friends. If you can maintain positivity, your heart is in a great place!

Forgiveness will free your soul, lighten your heart and you will be happier! Remember to forgive yourself as well if you can’t let go of something you did (and ask for forgiveness if necessary).

  • Donate. I’m guilty of over consuming seasons in my life and the best way to manage that is to over purge – of course consuming less and going for quality over quantity is an even better solution. On January 1 you know what we were doing? Cleaning, organizing, purging and making room for the good stuff – good company, things, and a better efficiency flow.
  • Manage your debt. Manage it this year so you don’t have any. Mr. Wonderful loves to say around the house, “The borrower is the slave to the lender,” when we talk about finances and our motto is to we pay cash for everything (minus our home, but pay extra towards principal so it’s paid off sooner). Imagine how you’d feel owning everything you have, being in the green and perhaps owning things sooner rather than later! Make 2016 a year where you move toward your financial freedom/goals!
  • Say no, or at least – not right now. I am going to have to say this for a few things until I get my pace going this new year. At the end of 2015 the last few months felt crushed together, kinda piling 6 months into 3 so I need some R&R, and to ease my way into things. I used to book months ahead – being a planner is a great trait, but over planning can create chaos! If you have a habit of being a yes girl, just book a week in advance if that’s all you can handle.

Here’s a book I started reading and it’s a must read for any Christian in any sort of creative profession where fame, creativity and competitiveness can happen – photography, artists, on-air, social media, bloggers, it’s amazing! It talks about how to control our hearts and keeping our focus on Jesus and we are not defined by our failure or success or how many fans. The spotlight will in fact, kill you. This is a book I’m keeping on hand to read over and over again. A devotional I bought earlier last year was read a few times and I’m hoping by keeping it on my desk I’ll read it every morning before I start my day.


What are your goals in 2016? Cheers to fresh beginnings!

Send a bouquet to a friend and encourage them and celebrate a new beginning! See ProFlowers promo codes here.


Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Carmen

    What a lovely workspace and post! I will have to get me that little book. Sounds inspiring!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carmen! Thank you! The skylight has definitely brightened up my little space. I think you’ll love the book, it has calmed my soul so much! xx

  • Mailinh

    Love, love, love your posts, Diana. Love the goals you’ve got lined up for 2016. And what’s great about them is that you can carry them into future years as well. :) Happy Day 1 of 2016!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi M! Good point! I think every year I’ll need a refresher. Happy New Year!!!! xx

  • Carissa

    Goodness I love this post. So many good insights. There are a couple people I need to forgive and let my heart be lighter. Your desk looks darling. Happy New Year!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carissa! I wrote that post keeping myself in mind – the forgiveness part is a huge thing I need to work on as well. Cheers to a fresh start feeling lighter. xo!!


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