A feel good movie

By now if you haven’t heard about the book, you may have started seeing the trailer in theaters.  Mr. Wonderful and I are big movie goers.

When I saw this preview I teared up.  Benjamin read the book, Heaven is For Real, and while I haven’t read the book or know much about it, all I can say is that I really look forward to a movie that’s pure, encouraging, and full of hope.

And do I believe heaven is for real?  Absolutely.

One day I’ll tell you why and what changed my mind.

Things I learned this week:

  • Creating 4 columns ranked 1 through 4 on importance, I wrote sticky notes of each business/interest/goals I had and put them in appropriate columns.  This has already helped me concentrate on what I need to do and reach my goals.
  • I’m a decent bean counter.  2013 taxes, 95% done.
  • My girlfriend got robbed which made me really stress the importance of having an alarm system installed in your home, as well as equipment insurance and give serial numbers too if necessary.  We set ours every single time we leave even if it’s to the grocery store down the street.
  • To continually set my mind on things that are above and nothings that are on Earth (Col. 3:2-3).
  • I need sleep, and a vacation more than you know.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend.  I look forward to sleeping in, a lot.

Diana Elizabeth is walking the fine line between when she’s had too much sleep or haven’t had enough.  She wonders what is a healthy balance.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.



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