8 Updates – lots of photos

Pink eyelet dress: Lilly Pulitzer wearing size 2 / Gold heels: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (old) similar

Spring slowly comes to a close here in Phoenix and it’s goes by way too fast. We have a month left and the heat gets turned up in June. This means indoor projects and organization will be happening and hopefully lots of purging! 

I’m entering a strange unfamiliar part of life, the part where I remember my church mentor telling me when I was in my mid-20s complaining about all the baby showers and bridal showers I had to go to. “Well wait until you’re my age (40) and you go to second-marriage weddings and funerals.” And I remember thinking, wow how life can change in a matter of decades. We enter new stages, and it’s true. Here I am 41 in that stage and it’s a stage of life I enjoy in some aspects and truly loathe in another. Anyway, I don’t want to be a downer here on the blog, but I wanted to share some thoughts and there just isn’t enough spaces on the web or Instagram captions to share so many thoughts and feelings! 

Anyway, I want to take a small break and share some plans with some photos! Happy thoughts here I promise but I just wanted to let you know what phase I’m in and it’s been quite reflective around here in my mind.

1 / I want these floral linen pants from Anthro

I bought a cute satin like ruffled jumpsuit during this trip in the store and also found these adorable linen pants! I want them but I decided to buy the jumpsuit that was hanging up to the left of me. I still dream of these blue and white floral linen pants though. The size. fit me perfectly.

silver-plated flatware

2 / I bought a lot of vintage flatware for parties to toss in the dishwasher

I headed to Call it New Call it Antique in Mesa which is a huge and fun spot to thrift and antique shop. I wanted stainless steel and I found a few pieces and mismatched sets for 50% off. Still about $2-$3 a piece.

After my citrus party which was quite intimate I just didn’t want to hand wash the flatware. I found this set for $45 with 25% off and filled in the missing pieces with other finds that day. I tossed them all in the dishwasher and put them away! I love this box too!

3 / Got some super drinks that were pricey but cute!

At $7.50 it’s pretty steep but it’s a cute little stop and very Instagramable! If you don’t go every day you’ll be fine :) Too bad my initials aren’t DM, they had some adorable items in the store! I wish they sold some toast or food but maybe one day! This is from Decadent Macaroon in Gilbert. 

I went to see my friend Sommer’s new house and it was 8 minutes away from her so we popped in and thought it was darling! But we needed food so we split a pizza next door. So make that your little girl date next time you’re in Gilbert.

decadent macaroon in gilbert

4 / I bought a vintage locket

I got this locket for $15 at the last Junk in the Trunk. It had the initial D on it and it’s long so I just had to get it! I need to figure out what to put in there, I think my mom and dad and I could put Benjamin in there too, or my late dog Paris. I mean so many choices! It’s so itty bitty. 

I have so many frames I need to print images and fill them, that’s a to-do for summer and it’s been on the list for such a long time!

5 / I wanted this metal potting bench from FBMP but I was ignored

I think I wanted it, for $150 but I think I asked too many questions and the seller didn’t want to bother with me. That’s fine. If I really wanted it I wouldn’t have asked all the questions but clearly the top need to come off or else I couldn’t take it.

I debated if I needed it or if it would add clutter and I truly believe if things are meant to be they will be! Could’ve been so cute but I’m OK with accepting it’s not meant to be – the seller deleted the post so I’m guessing it sold. 

6 / New pathway for the garden entrance

Well, the project Benjamin wants now is to rip out this pathway and put in a new look! I understand it. It’s just boring and not very pretty with the black pavers that we had cleaned and sprayed to make darker. Don’t do that by the way, it’s not worth it.

Last summer I spent almost $1200 if not more on pressure washing and sealing our driveway areas (thanks to a pushed Facebook ad) and sealed the pavers to make it look darker and it didn’t really do much after it faded. Looked good for maybe a few months. Boo. Anyway, this is our next project and the before and the inspiration. We are hoping to get a quote sometime soon…we’re still waiting.

Currently the outside entrance of the gate. Kind of blah. Want it wider on both sides.
Inspiration. This will look so much lovelier. We'll need 400+ bricks

This will be a summer project, but I won’t have to do anything and it’s outside so no big deal with anyone coming in and out. We use various brick shades and I like it being different. I’m just trying to decide if I want to have the red brick go all the way across to finish the driveway framing or start the pathway to the edge like the black pavers are doing now. Thoughts? 

7 / We want flagstone steps!

Another on the to-do list but not sure when but maybe before fall… adding large flagstone. We just need to slow down and make time to go and see what we find. I made calls and they price it per pound for flagstone and a big delivery but we don’t have a choice. This one seems a bit more challenging trying to figure out if it will sink with our flood irrigation and the best way to make it work for our space. No one likes to walk down the grass when they enter through the end and we realized we need a path! Any advice on how to install?

This was drawn in our original backyard landscape plans by Kami our landscape designer but we took it out because we didn’t really understand it until my mom said no one wants to walk on the grass with their shoes. DOH! Now we have sprinklers set up and this seems like the best way to give ourselves a path. I like that it looks a bit organic too.

white subway tile with dark black grout bathroom jonathan adler touches zebra rug and bathroom refresh home tour belonging to diana elizabeth, lifestyle blogger
Old photo of my bathroom, it's white now and this window is gone so the subway tile will stay.

8 / Planning to wallpaper my bathroom

My hallway bathroom which is my bathroom is plain and I have been wanting to wallpaper it. I have requested some samples so I’ll keep you posted. I really hope one of them stands out to me and makes my heart flutter. I believe you really need to be SO excited about it!

And I’m stopping at 8! It’s been such a lovely spring and lots of gatherings. I post on IG then I forget to blog or vice versa. I forgot to post actual photos on IG from my citrus party a few weeks ago! Gah! It’s hard to maintain several channels and though it seems like I’m one of the last bloggers on Earth and it’s not exactly a good monetary thing to be doing, like I should be on LTK and selling items it just isn’t a desire right now. I don’t consume like that but sometimes I feel like I should…?? 

Anyways, this weekend I’m excited for a weekend trip to Vegas with my girl gang. I forgot what year this is, probably our 7th or 8th and I cannot wait!! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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