5 Trending Home Styles to Try

5 trending home styles to try now - from cabinets to hexagon tile and dimensional subway tile. try to add these to your home for an updated modern look!

Hi guys – I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Amber for today’s guest post. She has flipped over 200 homes with her husband! I figured since she just finished this project (she’s working on a new one now) we would talk about what she’s done to this to make this new home trendy! Hope you enjoy!

5 Trending Home Styles to Try

Amber: We just finished up a beautiful remodel on a home we purchased in South Scottsdale. We bought the home with the intention of renting it out as a vacation rental for large groups, so that was always in the back of my mind in making design choices. We wanted the home to have a fresh modern feel, as well as a little fun since this was going to be a getaway spot. 

1 / Dimensional Subway Tile

I love subway tile just as much as the next girl, but it’s been feeling a little tired and I wanted a fresh take- enter DIMENSIONAL subway tile. These are similar to subway tile, but with a little pop-up dimension that gives it a more geometrical, modern feel. You can also pick them up at Lowe’s so they’re affordable and easy to get your hands on!

2 / Cable Railing

When we bought the house, it had these curly “Q” iron bars up and down the railing (click to see here), but the actual frame was straight lines and in good shape, so we had a local metal guy pop off all the original bars and then drill and replace with cable for the middle sections. The end result is a more modern look without having to start over completely from scratch.

3 / Hexagon Tiles

I’m loving all things hexagon lately and so these totally spoke to me. I always opt for an oversized tile when I have the chance, so these 22” concrete tiles were an obvious choice. The industrial feel of the concrete with the geometric vibe of hexagon fit this space perfectly. Because these were a little pricey, I chose to use them in the entryway and upstairs bathroom floors and chose a less expensive concrete square tile for the main flooring areas. The end result is a fun and interesting entryway and gives a lot of ‘bang for the buck’.

4 / Quartz Counters

Marble is so beautiful, but also so fragile and we knew it wouldn’t hold up to the wear and tear of a vacation home. Quartz is such a versatile and durable product so it’s perfect! They even make slabs now that look just like the real thing- seriously, even a pro has a hard time spotting the difference, so it’s well worth the investment.

5 / Drawer Base Cabinets & Oversized Hardware

You get a two for one tip here, when designing a kitchen cabinet layout, pick the largest basinets your space can accommodate, most installers charge per “box” or cabinet unit, and that price is the same wether the cabinet is 24” or 42” wide. Bigger cabinets means less cabinets and a little savings, plus it’s a lot easier to keep just a couple cabinets organized because you can see everything at once!

5 / Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is like the jewelry or sprinkles of the kitchen, and a lot of times by the end of the project when it’s time to pick hardware people will just go with whatever the cabinet company recommends. Don’t do that!

Hardware is your chance to pick something really trendy (like gold) because it’s easy to replace without a big investment down the road if your preferences change. We opted for modern polished nickel bar pulls with oversized ones for the drawers and I love how it turned out!

Photos by Diana Elizabeth Photography.

 About Amber Eilers

Amber and her husband Carson are serial real estate investors and entrepreneurs. They specialize in the development, sale, purchase, and management of local residential and commercial projects, and have flipped over 200 homes. They also own and operate several high end vacation rentals in Scottsdale. Additionally, they own a boutique hotel in Strawberry, AZ.


  • Jennifer snyder

    Love that quartz i am remodeling my kitchen now. do you know the name of the quartz.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry I don’t! My friend remodeled all these homes.

  • Furntastic

    Nice post. These home styles are awesome. All pictures are very gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  • Carissa

    It looks like I am more on trend than I thought. I have dimensional subway tile, hexagon tiles in my bathroom, drawer base cabinets with oversized hardware, and quartz countertops – woo! I really like that large scale hexagon tile pictured in this post though.


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