monthly calendar with to do list on the side available at Walmart

5 Favorite Small Business Tools: Office Products

Favorite blogger desktop accessories and things to help with work like lumee cell phone case and mophie, erasable pens and planner

I added a few new items these past few months that I use daily. They have become staples of mine that I reach for throughout the day, and I wanted to share them because you might find these also help you with work or daily life.

If you have products you can’t live without that make your life easier, please do share in the comments!

Erasable Colored Gel Pens

My mom never allowed us to have erasable pens in the house growing up – for fear of using it on a check and it somehow gets erased and rewritten with a larger amount (valid reason).

I discovered these erasable gel pens from a blog campaign that I wasn’t selected to work on (boo) but I really loved them so I wanted to try them!

I need erasable so bad because I change blog posts around and I love color. Pencils were too boring for my pretty planner. Also these erasable pens don’t erase with a typical eraser, they use this plastic tip and the friction erases the ink.

It kind of makes you a little more at least, altho I am still incredibly cautious of what pens I use for any checks. I love that I can use color pens on my planner (looks so much cuter) and also erase! No need to pencil people in, use these erasable colors gel pens and erase if plans all through *wink*

Erasable pens gel and colored great for writing down plans and able to erase them too
lumee illuminasting phone case good for selfies and bloggers who do videos and snapchats

Illuminating Phone Case

When taking photos and videos on my phone, this light up phone case by LuMee (c/o) has been helpful for getting the right shots using my iPhone 8 Plus.

This illuminating phone case  has dimmable lights on the front and back. It’s great for videos, really evens out skin tone and I swear my face looks better – not just to be used for night time.

I film a lot of self videos talking to my audience about products or just engaging with them and good lighting is helpful, in addition to that pretty IG filter, haha. It’s also great to use indoors and for dinners if you need to shoot food.

And yes, it’s Kardashian approved and endorsed. I remember seeing Kim use it and I was like wow I really need a case like that!

lumee illuminasting phone case good for selfies and bloggers who do videos and snapchats duo light goes front and back

The Organized Weekly Planner

This planner (smaller version) from Walmart has a great layout. I am a digital girl and I use my digital calendar for personal appointments. This weekly planner is for keeping track of what blog posts are going up that day, I use it as a visual for the month.

I use the weekly planner for notes – like when I’m on the phone, I treat it like a notepad I can flip to. It also has weekly to-do list which is helpful so I know what my goals are for the week. It also has a skinny list area on the side of the monthly calendar too which I like for monthly goals and it had to be on the right hand side since I am right handed.

I shopped and kept going through so many planners wanting the goals and list making to be located on the the right hand side. Many were on the left side which would work great for lefties, but I’m a righty. I linked to the 5×8 size but I think you need to go in store to get the full 8.5 x 11 size.

weekly planner favorite for a blogger

monthly calendar with to do list on the side available at Walmart

mophie long last battery cell phone case

Battery Pack Phone Case

For days I know I will need lots off battery juice – which is most days with work, I love this Mophie case. It’s heavy, it will make your iPhone suddenly feel like a brick but it’s worth it.

My phone will stay charged for a day and a half! When your battery gets low, you hit the button on the back and it will start charging automatically. It’s pretty much like having an extra battery already on there without having to worry about the charger and right cord to charge.

I highly recommend it if you find you are always having to plug in your phone! The downside is the mophie outlet is different so it’s the mini USB to charge. But it still charges wirelessly if you have that Samsung wireless iPhone charger.

You can see on the back there’s a button – just hit it and it will light up and start charging your phone. It will also automatically use the battery reserve if it gets low too.

Protective Laptop keyboard cover

I never thought a keyboard cover was necessary that was, until my “T” key was wearing out from pointy nails scratching it off. Guess that’s the downside of having pointy nails! But it’s fashion so I’m not giving it up.

While on Instastories, I saw a blogger with her keyboard cover for her laptop and I quickly went to Amazon, read a few reviews and found one for my MacBook Pro with a touch screen. Here it is.

I wanted to make sure it didn’t fog up or get stretched out like some of the reviews said others did. So far, so good. Now I don’t have to worry about spills, dirt, or sticky fingers. This is hot pink edging because all shades of pink are my favorite.


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  • Sam

    I love the look and feel of pens compared to pencils so the opportunity to be able to erase my penmanship mistakes is awesome! will def try it out!

  • Edward

    I like all the products but I especially love the Protective Laptop keyboard cover. I think it can be really useful!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I love it because when I am eating I don’t worry about any crumbs falling into my keyboard, and drinks too!

  • Rachel

    Really love all these products! I just got my first Lumee case and I’m in love with it. Super cute case and amazing for lighting and selfies. All of these are great present ideas as well. Love this pictures!!

  • Jess H

    I love the Lumee case seems like a mini mirror/light suitable for taking videos or pictures. I had a battery pack phone case thanks for reminding me to try out the morphine case lol i enjoyed this blog very educational full of life saving tips!

  • Paul

    How durable is the LuMee case? Functionality and durability would be a great combo!

  • Kayla

    I would have such a hard time choosing between the battery case and the LuMee!

  • Luke

    I think if I had that light up iPhone case in my office I’d get so distracted! The keyboard cover would definitely help my clumsy self though haha

    • Diana Elizabeth

      It only lights up when you want it to for those video selfies or photos! So don’t worry, it won’t light up if you get a text or call :)

  • John M

    Good choices! I especially love the LuMee iphone case. Even as a regular case it looks really good!


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