4 Netflix Recommendations

It’s time for another post about Netflix movies!  Thanks for all of your movie recommendations on my last Netflix suggestion post here. Of course there were a few movies I couldn’t find (as we can always find Netflix while has an array of things seems to lack the things we really want to watch!)  But, for the cheap monthly rate, I found some more decent movies to enjoy since I was home with my cable-free parents and now I am excited to share them with you.


The Intouchables *MUST SEE*

The Intouchables is based upon a true story.  A rich man becomes a quadriplegic after a paragliding incident and hires a young man from the hood to assist him.  It’s entirely in French with subtitles.  Verdict:  This movie came as a recommendation from a girlfriend of mine, and I’m SO glad.  I wasn’t sure how reading an entire movie would be fun, but I loved it!  I laughed so hard I was crying tears, the sense of humor translates so well, and the reading is light.  There are a few curse words that flash on the screen so be aware if you have readers in the home, but since the entire movie in French I couldn’t tell – the beauty of the French language. This is one of my favorite movies now, I believe it received 4.5 stars by Netflix viewers. Also, I would advise not seeing the trailer as to not spoil the movie, so I’m not going to link it.

My Best Enemy

In My Best Enemy,  a Jew and a Nazi are best friends (this was before the war was declared).  If you’re sensitive to anything war related like I am, don’t worry – this is a dark comedy.  They switch places to survive and it’s over a painting, and a fiance.  Verdict:  I didn’t know this was a comedy and picked up on it about 30 minutes in and was relived.  I squirm with any human suffering so this was a different twist.  Another one where I wouldn’t suggest watching the trailer before you watch the movie. I know – this seems so wrong but I’m looking out for you.

Rabbit Proof Fence

I saw Rabbit Proof Fence years ago but I had to watch it again because I knew my dad would enjoy it.  This is based upon a 1931 true story of three Aboriginal girls who were taken from their home in effort to be servants and the ideal to essentially breed out their race over the generations.  They didn’t want a “third race” which was mixed.  These girls escape and follow a fence to find home.  Verdict: Again, true stories get me.  This is will twist your heart.  The acting of these young girls is superb and I would watch this movie again and again.  View trailer here.

North & South

Look for the North & South 2004 TV mini series – it’s 4 episodes.  Apparently this is a book series turned mini series. This is a love story of a woman named Margaret Hale a middle-class southerner who is forced to move North with her parents in 1885. The adjustment is difficult, but there is a complicated love story – with a wealthy man whose family owns a cotton mill.  Lots of other things unfold, and guess what – Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey is a huge character in it (he’s not the love interest, but another important character).  Verdict: The rating on IMDB is 9 stars out of 10 and with nearly 14,000 reviewers.  So, there you go.  I’m a huge sucker for these old love stories.  View trailer here.

As always, would love to hear your recommendations so I can watch and share with everyone!

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