Leia Pant blush pant by Club Monaco with white ruffle top on blogger Diana Elizabeth

10 Goals

Leia Pant blush pant by Club Monaco with white ruffle top on blogger Diana ElizabethTop: H&M / Pants: Club Monaco (now on sale) / Flats: Jeffrey Campbell 

Looking ahead planning my editorial calendar for the rest of the year I knew I had to pop in really quick to say hi before it goes boom-boom, happy 2018! I’m right there with you in terms of the days feeling short (I dislike using the word busy when used to add worth to life because I don’t find value in busy and I think if the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy).

With holiday planning – has anyone ordered their Christmas cards? Or are you done Christmas shopping? Haha I know I don’t want to stress you out. I’m usually done before Thanksgiving, usually.

Leia Pant blush pant by Club Monaco with white ruffle top on blogger Diana Elizabeth

Of course my version of busy is pretty ridiculous at times. Sometimes I think I exist just to play and other times I remember I exist to create and then I find it difficult to balance and I start saying, “I looooove my liiiiiife,” and then 50 minutes later I say, “I have way too much to do, I’m freaking out,” then a few hours later I say, “I have the best job in the world!”

This is normal, right?

I thought about the 10 goals I have. I just pulled a number out of my heinie because 5 sounds like I have no goals, 10 is a good solid number and looks better in a blog post title. LOL. So let’s see what I come up with. Is it too early to call these resolutions? No. Let’s just consider these goals in general, short term or long term.

  1. Work out. Asian girls do not work out. Really, generally speaking we’re lazy, naturally skinny, and working out isn’t huge in our culture. I know I’m American and that’s my culture but I wasn’t brought up with parents who ever worked out and so my working out only happened with a sponsored personal trainer for pageants. I also remember reading in a magazine that for every minute you ran on a treadmill it added 1 minute to your life. It was supposed to spin it to say working out is great – how I read it was that it was a waste of time, it just cancelled each other out and I hate running. So, here we are me trying to figure out how I’m going to convince myself. Why did I put that as goal #1.Ok now I’m stuck and I have to come up with 9 more. Frick.
  2. To be more open. I am open, what you see is what you get but sometimes I forget to talk about heart stuff which is really what I like! I had a blog about 8 years ago before I was really blogging. If you know the name of it, drop it in the comments, I occasionally hear from some of you who have known me for almost a decade! I blogged maybe 2 times a month and I was so open, I was young, open, funny, and I deleted everything I wrote! I am so mad and I did it all because of a dumb breakup and I swear I had some profound thoughts. I wonder why I don’t talk more but I think my brain has become heavily distracted, but I hope to get back to heart issues. Maybe 2018, or maybe starting now.
  3. Make new friends. I used to say I didn’t have time for new friends, only time to maintain the ones I have – that was such a dumb remark as if I was that busy or I would ever turn down friendship when relationships mean the world to me. My girlfriends know that friendship is everything to me so they know we’re solid. But as life continues to move to new stages, I find a great connection with new souls, ones that are in the same stage as me, and the reward has been amazing! I patiently wait for my other friends to get out of kid jail.
  4. To be generous. Generous with the extra mile and attention I give to the work I love, the time I give to friends, money, talents, to allow the love I have for what I do and the love I have for Christ to be displayed in every action I take, minute by minute.
  5. Learn a new photography technique. I don’t know what that is yet because I haven’t discovered it haha. I have these photography books sent and I want to sit down and read them. One in particular is by Dixie Dixon, called “Fashion and Lifestyle Photography” that just came out and I’m DYING to read, I met her in line at WPPI before she became big time famous Nikon ambassador and speaker at WPPI. We just chatted and exchanged business cards and followed each other on Twitter and now she came out with a book her publisher sent me!
  6. Give up on trying to figure out that algorithm.  I’ve been insanely mad at the algorithm changes on a daily basis but now I’m over it. I can’t figure it out, it’s a full-time job to stay in front of people and that’s not what I want to make full-time so it’s just back to have fun, do my job, post what makes me happy. Oh and half my following are dudes, why.
  7. Figure out how to make $113,267.08 in a month like this blogger. I have to actually read this article but it obviously sounds amazing. I’m not sure I could ever be that transparent about my income, altho I was recently asked if I am making a living – I suppose no question is too personal for me or offends me when it’s a conversation amongst friends. I said yes, and my friend clarified, like really live off it, and I explained that if I were single I could pay my bills and afford my lifestyle – but this hasn’t come without hard work – and I wouldn’t say all years are financially predictable as an entrepreneur. It definitely has much to do with how hard one works, has the time and energy to build a business. I’ve had great runs and slower years and always been more than satisfied with the outcome because it has much to do with how much you want to give it! On the flip side, there was a month I made only $330 but I purposefully took that month off to travel and that was real shocker to see the results of that!
  8. Stop cramming for small group. We host every week a small group and I cram the reading the day before, of, or even an hour before everyone arrives. I could give you a million excuses but let’s just leave it at that. Goal.
  9. Order the RH curtains. The custom ones I talked about a few weeks ago, for some reason they are actually way more, I guess I didn’t do the measurement right and I also need a new curtain rod. The longer I wait the longer it’s going to take to arrive.
  10. Be OK on my birthday. My birthday is next Friday and I would like to not have the birthday blues/freakout like I had last year. It’s that strange anticipation met with expectation even though deep down you really don’t care but your inner child says otherwise. I blame the classroom birthday parties and my over the top birthday celebrations in college! But hey, as my friend Vicky says, age just tells you how long your vessel has been around – not necessarily your brain or how you feel. I’m thinking maybe if I work out my vessel will feel 16 again. Here’s hoping.
Leia Pant blush pant by Club Monaco with white ruffle top on blogger Diana Elizabeth
Leia Pant blush pant by Club Monaco with white ruffle top on blogger Diana Elizabeth
Leia Pant blush pant by Club Monaco with white ruffle top on blogger Diana Elizabeth

Any goals for yourself? Oh, I also have a few giveaways I need to prepare for, so please check back regularly! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.

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  • Michelle

    Love the goals. I seriously laughed out loud about the first one being exercise, because I KNOW how much you love it! I’m surprised you didn’t throw cooking in there. ha ha. Okay, birthdays, since I just celebrated my birthday a few weeks before you I have to say, this one didn’t hit me like the last … hope you have the most wonderful birthday my friend.


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