1 year later

It was one year ago last Easter, when I sat with one of my best friends Rachelle and her boyfriend Charlie at church.  It was that day that the Lord put Benjamin into my mind and in my heart during service – over year had passed since our first meeting.

A year later, I’m sitting next to him in church as his wife.  Life can happen so fast, and God works in mysterious and sometimes quick ways.  It makes me so grateful and happy.

Three months into dating, I bought our 1952 brick home in Central Phoenix, and a month later, Benjamin took a med device rep sales job in Albuquerque.  We talked about it, and for his career and financially, it was a fantastic opportunity.  Once we were married, I moved out there and for the past four months we’ve been living there which has been great to be close to my best friends Mike and Michelle and their growing family (I love their kids), but hard for me traveling back and forth for weddings.  We prayed really hard for a new opportunity to open up back in Phoenix, you know, where home was.  And we are thrilled to say that after five intense interviews, he was offered the position and this weekend, I made some closet and office space, that we are officially moved into our house together.

I am so lucky that:

  • He thinks Safeway Grocery delivery is a splendid idea, especially come summer time and I will no longer have to sweat while doing what I dislike.
  • He brings me closer to my family and younger brother.
  • He lets me be me, whether I’m happy, giddy, cranky, or lazy.  There is no pressure to be anything else other than what I feel like being at that moment.
  • He knows exactly what to put on my plate at a potluck.
  • We go through life at the same pace – we both work so hard and relax hard on the weekends.
  • He tells me to never change.
  • He makes me laugh every single day.
  • He is such a hard worker.
  • I love his family.
  • My husband really is my other half.

Last month as Mr. Wonderful and I were driving from Albuquerque, during one of our last trips before our final move back to Phoenix, we were talking about our parents.  Having come thisclose to almost losing my dad to Lymphoma brian cancer 10 years ago, I have a high sensitivity to losing my folks.  It’s just that familiar horrible feeling that I don’t want to relive again but know I’ll have to one day.  I told him that I think I’d probably have to be scraped off the ground when my parents pass.

“It’ll be really hard for me since my parents are the only ones who have loved me unconditionally,” I said.
“Well, I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that,” said Mr. Wonderful, “But they have known you the longest.”

It’s true.  God gave me a man that loves me unconditionally, and I mean, really loves me unconditionally.  During moments and days I don’t deserve it.  I never doubt his love for me. And through my husband, I understand how much God loves me unconditionally.

Diana Elizabeth is thankful to Rachelle, and Mike and Michelle for being “family” in Phoenix.  It is during holidays when she always remembers that though she’s away from her family in California, because of them, they always made sure every holiday, big or small was always spent with them.  She hopes she and Benjamin can be the same for others.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.

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