how to use poshmark app to sell closet items make money from used clothes

how to use poshmark app to sell closet items make money from used clothes

I have a ton of clothes, in a tiny space, in our lovely and cozy 1952 home.

There’s this new app I discovered called Poshmark after googling, “How to sell clothes online.”  I made $175 clearing a quarter of my closet in the first week, and a total of $500 within a month! In the past two years I’ve made $2500!

About Poshmark

  • You can only use the App via smartphone.  You can however view closets online and “like” items but you need to use the App to do anything.
  • There are no listing fees and the listing stays up until you take it down.
  • Poshmark takes 20% of the selling cost when it sells.
  • Buyer pays the S&H fee so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Poshmark emails you a label to directly slap on you box and you just drop it off at USPS (2lb weight limit, if it’s more, request a new label, $2 per extra lb)
  • For more FAQ, click here.

How to decide what to sell on Poshmark

  • Go through your closet and if there’s anything you’d give up for $5 or less, pull it out of your closet and list! (But you can of course list higher than $5). I just feel that philosophy helps you determine if you should let it go.
  • Anything you haven’t worn for a while and is in good condition.
  • You just don’t really love it, but it’s worth something and just too nice to donate.
  • Once I know what’s listed, I remove them from my closet and move them to another so I don’t wear it anymore – not that I actually ever was.

How to actually sell items

  • “Bundling” is lingo for buying more than one item from the same lister.  Since PM charges $7 for S&H, it makes sense to make a new listing that “bundles” these items so buyer only pays one S&H cost.  Buyers also expect a discount if they buy more than one item from  you.
  • I offer 20% off my bundles. I know, that means I only get 60% of the listed sale, but I don’t mind. I still manage to make $5-$18 per item which surpasses any garage sale visitor and I don’t have to sit  my driveway all day on a Saturday and babysit my items.
  • Be fair – there are some things in a closet that should just go straight to a garage sale or donation, NOT to sell to others.
  • Join the parties and “share” your items again so people who are watching the feed can see your items and follow you if you are the same size.
  • List items at a fair price.  I am certain the reason my items sold quickly is because I priced them from $12 – $25 range and my items are in excellent condition and primarily from Anthropologie.
  • Remember what your goal is.  For me, it’s clearing out the closet, so I’m more than OK and thrilled to lower prices, bundle, and just move items out of the house.  It’s all about your perspective.

How to get more followers

  • Be engaging in the life parties, so “Share” to the party
  • If someone “shares” your listing, go to their closet and share some of theirs, it’s etiquette.

Be aware

  • When buying, always ask for the condition, if there are any stains and if it’s factory.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for thorough measurements because once you buy it, you can’t get a refund.
  • Check your clothing before you “accept” and release payment to the seller. I’ve often trusted too much and found massive stains later.

Have fun!  *Note:  Most FAQ can be found in FAQ on the Poshmark App.  Happy selling!

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