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I am so excited to share FOREO’s ISSA (c/o) electric toothbrush with you! Again, the geniuses who know efficiency matters in today’s busy life have created a toothbrush that is like none other –

  • Charge 1x every 6 months! 
  • Brush heads last for 1 year! (Or 6 months for the hybrid ISSA brush head) and cost under $20
  • There are 8 brushing speeds, a built-in timer (so brush for 2 minutes!) and a 3D flexible brush head.
  • The silicone & PBT Polymer harbor less bacteria, naturally.

I know – this is the toothbrush of mine – and probably your dreams.


If you’re concerned about how exactly silicone can clean your teeth, the natural properties of the silicone creates high friction and sticks to the tooth rubbing it clean. Normal toothbrushes are scratching your teeth with nylon bristles.

BONUS I discovered – See I’m pointing to the lower ridges? That exfoliates your lips while you brush your teeth! Pure genius.


Use normal toothpaste – just avoid any toothpaste that contains bleach because it might change your brush head color.

It’s gentle on gums, with 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute for really clean teeth. Every 30 seconds pulsations will pause, and it means you need to move onto the next quadrant of the mouth (split your mouth into four sections). After two minutes, the pulsations will pause 3 times and means you’ve made it to two minutes and you can turn off the toothbrush.

The ISSA is larger and has 8 intensities. Replacement heads are $19.95 and there are other accessories here. You can switch out the heads to a hybrid of the all silicone (on far right) –


Also look how you replace the brush heads. Let’s talk ick – have you ever changed your Sonicare and looked inside? What is that nasty black stuff that is right by your toothbrush and how did it get in there? The ISSA is 100% waterproof and there are no weird creaveses for black moldy junk to get inside your toothbrush.

The ISSA mini is intended for children over 5, or adults with smaller mouths. The ISSA mini has a Smile Helper that lights up into an adorable smiley face letting you know the child completed the brushing routine correctly. My mom would’ve loved this – she used to rub her fingers over our brush when we were younger, to make sure it was wet and would pull my little brother out of bed if he didn’t brush his teeth! Haha!  Then my brother started just wetting his toothbrush, so if we had ISSA mini there’s no way he could’ve gotten away with that :)

The first day I used the ISSA I thought the brush head was rather large and debated buying the ISSA mini. By day two I was like, wait, this is giving me more teeth coverage, awesome! I’m going to buy Mr. Wonderful his own too.


Here’s a size comparison so you are aware that this is much bigger than the Sonicare brush head. Let me also tell you that I have been a Sonicare user for over 15 years as soon as it came out and everyone was putting them on their graduation and wedding registries so for me to say yes, I’ll replace it, it had to be worth it.

What do you think? Would you make the switch? Charge it just 1x every 6 months, change your brush head once a year for under $20? I mean, sold right? The ISSA is $199, and the ISSA mini is $119 for kids, or big kids ;)

Going on now, save 15% off the ISSA and ISSA mini + free shipping – discount code valid now through 3/31/16 use code: BBISSA15 

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