My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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It’s hard to find words that can accurately describe Courtney and Aaron’s wedding day at a spectacular home along the Hudson River.  The best word that comes to mind about this Upstate New York wedding – perfect.  Perfect – everything, and a little rain only gave the couple a little more good luck.

Thanks to Wedding Chicks for featuring this wedding (coming soon).

Let’s start off with a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown in the library.

phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river004 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river002 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river001 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river006 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river003 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river058 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river008 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river009 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river010 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river057 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river011 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river012 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river013 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river014 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river015 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river016 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river017 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river018 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river059 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river019 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river020 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river021 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river022 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river023 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river024 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river025 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river027 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river028 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river030 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river056 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river031 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river032 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river035 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river034 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river036 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river037 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river038 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river039 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river040 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river041 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river042 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river043 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river044 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river045 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river046 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river047 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river049 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river048 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river050 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river051 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river052 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river054 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river053 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river055 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river061 phoenix-arizona-wedding-photography-new-york-garrison-east-coast-wedding-hudson-river060

Welcome home from the Maldives Mr. and Mrs.!

Watch their amazing wedding by Clark + Walker Studio:

Courtney+Aaron’s Wedding Trailer from Clark+Walker Studio on Vimeo.

Venue:  Private Estate / Event Coordinator: Susan Caissy Caruso Special Events / Officiate: Friend of bride and groom / Videography: Clark + Walker Studio / Bride’s Dress: Monique Lhuillier / Veil: Toni Federici / Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo / Bridesmaid dresses: Monique Lhuillier / Groom’s suit: Bespoke by Against Nature / Groom’s shoes: Ferragamo / Groomsmen’ suits: Bespoke by Indochino / Stationery: William Arthur from Innovative Invitations / Florist: Truffles & James / Ceremony Musician: Mark Sganga from Hal Prince Music & Entertainment / DJ: Michael Saltsman (Pumpkin Patch) / Tents & lighting: Cove Tent Company / Hair & Makeup: The Garrison Inn / Caterer: Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events / Cocktail stirrers: / Cocktail napkins: Wedding Paper Divas / Table numbers: BHLDN / Watercolor of couple: Inslee Haynes / Second shooter: Amy Gallagher

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My tongue slipped and I called them “Chara” while we were shooting portraits, a blend, like Brangelina or Kimye.  A power couple name works well since Chad and Cara are such a duo, so perfectly matched in every way.  They love the same things, laugh at the same things, and their personalities are so incredibly laid back and kind.

Being able to capture this wedding was very meaningful to me, having known Chad since my sophomore year of college.  It’s an honor to not only witness a long time friend find his other half, but to spend 8 hours during one of the most important days of their life capturing it.

This wedding was full of personality and Jewish traditions (Ketubah signing, breaking of the glass and Hora dance) as you’ll see – from the adventurously fun couple, to their very outgoing entertaining friends, the entire day was full of laughter and a great time.  The best was a surprise impromptu song from the groom and his buddies, Top Gun anyone?  I don’t think I’ve laughed so much behind the lens during a wedding.

Big thanks to Ali and Jessica of Some Like It Classic for making the day go so smoothly, Justin of SKM Entertainment for an entertaining reception, and as always, a pleasure working with Serendipity Cinemas.

Chara, love you guys, congratulations!

grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-002 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-062 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-004 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-005 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-006 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-007 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-009 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-011 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-012 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-013 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-014 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-015 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-016 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-017 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-020 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-019 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-021 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-022 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-023 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-030 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-026 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-029 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-028 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-040 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-033 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-034 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-036 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-038 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-037 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-039 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-041 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-042 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-043 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-045 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-046 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-047 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-049 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-050 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-052 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-055 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-056 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-057

“You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’” was probably one of the funniest things to see all the guys get into it. I was just told by the groom he sent a text out to his friends that morning for them to participate.  Love those surprises!

grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-059 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-058 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-060 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-054

What a fun celebration!  Mazel Tov!

Venue: Grayhawk / Event Coordinator: Some Like It Classic / Makeup: Lauren Snow / Hair: Spencer Lebowitz / Bride’s dress: Casablanca / Veil: Lillian Lottie / Bride’s Jewelry: Nadri / Cinematography: Serendipity Cinemas / Cake: Let Them Eat Cake / Florals: Flowers by Jodi / Officiate: Irving Hysom / Entertainment: SKM Entertainment / Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas / Second shooter: Amy Gallagher

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III + battery grip / 50mm f/1.2L / 35mm f/1.4L / 85 f/1.4EX / 100mm f/2.8EF / 70-200mm f/2.8EF / Speedlight 580 EXII + 480 EXII / Radio Popper JrX System + RP Cube / Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Cloud / UNDFIND One Bag + Bloom Theory Strap / Hufa Lens Cap Clip + Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket / Lowe Pro Roller x100

Diana Elizabeth says another wedding stays up for the rest of the week, see you on Monday!

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Take Silverleaf Club, a gorgeous venue, paired with a stunning couple, and the unparalleled talent of Angela Saban Design and you get the most breathtaking wedding as you’re about to see.

The fashionable bride wore a Monique Lhuillier lace gown paired with sparkly Jimmy Choo heels and her bridal party shined in their own unique dress.  The groom looked incredibly dapper in his three-piece Hugo Boss suit, even the guests looked like they came out of a fashion magazine.  The couple who met in the 8th grade and later reunited in college, celebrated their marriage into the late night with 70 family and friends from Canada. This day is that I’d call absolute perfection.

Thanks WedLuxe for featuring this wedding.

silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography001 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography002 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography003 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography004 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography006 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography008 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography009 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography007 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography005 silverleaf-club-wedding-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-photographer-jimmy-choo-monique-lhuillier-dress silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography011 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography010 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography018 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography019 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography017 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography015 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography014 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography058 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography020 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography023 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography021 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography024 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography022 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography027 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography028 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography025 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography029 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography030 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography031 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography034 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography035 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography036 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography037 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography039 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography040 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography047 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography042 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography043 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography045 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography046 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography048 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography049 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography050 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography052 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography051 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography053 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography054 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography057 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography060 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography056 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography061 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography059 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography062 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography064 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography038 silverleaf-club-scottsdale-arizona-wedding-monique-lhuillier-wedding-photographer-phoenix-bride-diana-elizabeth-photography065

As always, it’s a pleasure to work with the talented Angela Saban, everything she touches turns to gold.  From taking such a fashionable and creative bride’s ideas and creating a unique cake, backdrop, and setting the entire ambiance, she creates events I never want to leave.  Lizzy Marsh and Vonn Wynn did a fabulous and fun job with the bride and bridal party.

Brad and Lindsay – it was difficult for me to say goodbye as I could have easily spent eight more hours with you both.  Thank you for allowing me to capture such a unique wedding and your powerful love. I am so grateful for your genuine kindness and friendship.

Venue: Silverleaf Country Club / Event designer: Angela Saban Design / Bride’s Dress and belt: Monique Lhuillier / Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo / Veil and hair accessories: I Heart Bride + Erin Cole Couture / Jewelry: Erin Cole Couture / Bridesmaid dresses:  Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, Marchesa, Aidan, Adrianna / Bridesmaid’s Robes: Pretty Plum Sugar / Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss / Groom’s shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo / Makeup: Lizzy Marsh / Hair: Vonn Wynn / Eyelash extensions: Wink Lash and Facial Bar / Gluten-free Wedding Cake: Angel Cakes Bakery / Catering: Silverleaf Country Club / Florals: The Garage by Ivy / Officiant: Matt Nathanson / Ceremony Music: Apperson Strings / Reception band: Mancini Entertainment / Flower girl dress and belt:  Fattie Pie / Reception backdrop: Angela Saban Design / Stationery: By Invitation Only / Transportation: The Driver Provider / Linens: La Tavola / Second shooter: Amy Gallagher

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III + battery grip / 50mm f/1.2L / 35mm f/1.4L / 85 f/1.4EX / 100mm f/2.8EF / 70-200mm f/2.8EF / Speedlight 580 EXII + 480 EXII / Radio Popper JrX System + RP Cube / Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Cloud / UNDFIND One Bag + Bloom Theory Strap / Hufa Lens Cap Clip + Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket / Lowe Pro Roller x100

Diana Elizabeth says because this wedding was that wonderful, she’s leaving it up for the rest of the week, new blog posts go up next week, see you Monday!


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With an exclusive guest list of 18 adults and adorable nieces and a nephew, this wedding at Forest Highlands in Flagstaff was perfectly intimate.  The July weather was perfection as the day averaged in the mid 70′s, just missing the rain storm the day before.

Stephanie is a friend from my corporate working days and it’s been amazing to see her climb to the top over the years.  I always caught up with Stephanie while at a mutual friend’s events and was thrilled when I saw her name in my email box asking me to capture her wedding.  When she described it how she envisioned the day, I absolutely couldn’t wait for the day to come – it sounded so similar to my wedding.  Having only heard Scott was the perfect compliment to Stephanie, when I finally met him a month before the wedding it was confirmed.  Incredibly warm and funny, Scott is a genuine and kind man that you can’t help but gravitate towards.  He is engaging in conversation, light hearted and Stephanie is the exact same.  It was a mutual friend from church that set them up – she explained it as a truly God ordained event as Stephanie had popped into her head when she initially met Scott.  The rest, well, brings us to this sweet day.

Surrounded by love, nature, sunshine, a few friendly clouds in the sky, Scott and Stephanie made a covenant before God and surrounded by the love of family and friends.  The day was full of laughter as you’ll see.  What a beautiful, perfect day for a perfect lovely couple!

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Many thanks to the wonderful Melissa Schollaert for her assistance.

Venue and catering: Forest Highlands / Coordinator: la Ricki / Bride’s dress: Ramona Keveza / Belt: J Hjelm / Shoes: Kate Spade / Jewelry and hairpiece: Meg Wedding Jewelry / Pearl bracelet: Tiffany & Co. / Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss / Pocket Square: Joseph A. Bank / Cake: Forest Highlands Catering / Shoes: Allen Edmonds / Florals: Buckeye Faith and Flowers / Officiant: Pastor Chris Reed / Tables, chairs and linens: Total Grand Rentals / China: Classic Party Rentals

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III + battery grip / 50mm f/1.2L / 35mm f/1.4L / 85 f/1.8EF / 100mm f/2.8EF / 70-200mm f/2.8EF / Speedlight 580 EXII + 480 EXII / UNDFIND One Bag + Bloom Theory Strap / Hufa Lens Cap Clip + Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket / Lowe Pro Roller x100

Diana Elizabeth can only explain this day as one that she wishes she could relive again.  

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Thanks to all the vendors involved with Emmy and Ian’s gorgeous El Chorro wedding planned by Outstanding Occasions that was featured on Style Me Pretty last week.  This beautiful spring wedding was one of my favorites for so many reasons – the details, colors, the crew and most importantly, the couple.

I have designed three albums for this wedding and every time I do I just fall in love with the day all over again.


Thanks again SMP for all of your support!

Wedding Event Planner:  Outstanding Occasions / Getting ready venue: Montelucia Resort & Spa, Camelback Villa / Ceremony and reception venue: El Chorro Lodge /Bride’s gown, veil and earrings: Carolina Herrera / Bride’s Shoes: Valentino / Bride’s bow flip flops: Aldo / Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo / Bridesmaids shoes:Christian Louboutin / Groom’s tux: Paul Smith / Groom’s Ostrich shoes: Mezlan / Pocket squares: The Tie Bar / Makeup: Lauren Snow / Hair: Lisa Palacios / Cinematography: Serendipity / Florals: Petal Pusher / DJ: MT Sounds / Officiant: Scott Morgan / Linens: Wildflower Linen / Cornhole and bags: Style my Corntoss / Cake:Classic Cakes and Confections / Transportation: Dunn Transportation / Invitations: Idieh Design by Heidi Bartlett / Save the Dates: Nostalgic Imprints / Personalized hanger: Bragging Bags / Mr. and Mrs. Wood Signs:Merry Me Signs / Ring Bearer signs: Signs to Live By / Personalized napkins: The Knot Wedding Shop

Diana Elizabeth has been asked to shoot weddings in the summer but she actually turns them down – from May to October, no bueno and hello heat stroke!  She is probably the only photographer who does this but she’s more than OK with it.  Do you have any no-no’s?

My Work, Photography, Weddings

When I told Angela Saban to design the wedding of her dreams, she immediately said, southern.  This is why Angela and I love collaborating, we love the sweet south, the romance, simplicity, and the timelessness of it all!

This concept shoot was created for my 2-on-1 wedding workshop where I mentored two sweet and talented photographers exclusively all day who want to dive into the wedding industry and learn how to market themselves, shoot better, and develop their style.  It was a long day with lots of information, portfolio review, and shooting a beautiful set up.

Angela and I are trying to start a movement.  Although we’re in Phoenix and Arizona is the Southwest, we’d like to drop the “west” and be considered south so we can catch on with the Southern inspired weddings that we love.  Make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see the workshop in action, thanks to Love Story Films for capturing the day!

Thank you Elizabeth Anne Designs for the feature.

Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban /

A bourbon and biscuits dessert bar – with homemade grapefruit curd made by Angela Saban herself – she’s also a pastry chef!

Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban / Photography: Diana Elizabeth / and styled by Angela Saban /

I had a blast with these two, Poly and Alan:


Watch the behind the scenes captured by Love Story Films who were wonderful, hire them for your next event!

Event designer: Angela Saban / Wedding gown and pearl belt: Enzoani courtesy of Uptown Bridal & Boutique / Florals: The Garage by Ivy / Stationery: Celebrations in Paper / Hair: Vonn Wynn / Makeup: Brenna Heater / Veils: Bel Aire courtesy of Uptown Bridal & Boutique / Earrings: The Audrey Earring, by Meg courtesy of Uptown Bridal & Boutique /  Tea length blush gown: Destinations by Mon Cheri courtesy of Uptown Bridal & Boutique / Pearl clutch: Uptown Bridal & Boutique / Necklace: Everything Angelic / Gluten Free Cake: Angel Cakes Bakery / Magnolia napkins: SMP Living / Models: Brenna and Nate Heater / Cinematography: Love Story Films

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth missed Alan and Poly as soon as she dropped them off.  What a fun time and she hopes their paths cross again soon!

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I had been looking forward to seeing these two since their cotton field engagement session.  It was like being reunited with old friends again, with the wonderful treat of witnessing every minute of happiness during their big day.  Emmy has impeccable taste – just peek at her Carolina Herrera gown and those Valentino shoes! The personalization and sweet details reflected so much of this couple – classic and romantic – and incredibly fun!

Camelback Mountain was the stunning background of the ceremony as the pastor recited the top five things the couple loved about one another.  Immediately after the exchanging of the rings, it was time for the breaking of the glass which kicked off a laughter filled reception and ending with the Horah dance!  Before I knew it, the night had come to an end.  The day was that wonderful, that joyful, and that much fun.  This is one of those weddings where I can honestly say, it was that beautiful, everything – the bride and the groom, the photos don’t do it justice.  Excellent planning by Outstanding Occasions!

Thank you to Style Me Pretty for featuring this lovely wedding.

Now onto El Chorro!

Mazel tov!

Everyone loves a groom that gets down!

Wedding Event Planner:  Outstanding Occasions / Getting ready venue: Montelucia Resort & Spa, Camelback Villa / Ceremony and reception venue: El Chorro Lodge /Bride’s gown, veil and earrings: Carolina Herrera / Bride’s Shoes: Valentino / Bride’s bow flip flops: Aldo / Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo / Bridesmaids shoes: Christian Louboutin / Groom’s tux: Paul Smith / Groom’s Ostrich shoes: Mezlan / Pocket squares: The Tie Bar / Makeup: Lauren Snow / Hair: Lisa Palacios / Cinematography: Serendipity / Florals: Petal Pusher / DJ: MT Sounds / Officiant: Scott Morgan / Linens: Wildflower Linen / Cornhole and bags: Style my Corntoss / Cake: Classic Cakes and Confections / Transportation: Dunn Transportation / Invitations: Idieh Design by Heidi Bartlett / Save the Dates: Nostalgic Imprints / Personalized hanger: Bragging Bags / Mr. and Mrs. Wood Signs: Merry Me Signs / Ring Bearer signs: Signs to Live By / Personalized napkins: The Knot Wedding Shop

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III + battery grip / 50mm f/1.2L / 35mm f/1.4L / 85 f/1.4EX / 100mm f/2.8EF / 70-200mm f/2.8EF / Speedlight 580 EXII + 480 EXII / Radio Popper JrX System + RP Cube / Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Cloud / UNDFIND One Bag + Bloom Theory Strap / Hufa Lens Cap Clip + Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket / Lowe Pro Roller x100

Diana Elizabeth thinks the best part was when the male guests realized they needed to lift the chairs and ran to throw off their jackets and said, “Let’s do this!” and proceeded to lift.  Love Emmy’s expression!

My Work, Photography, Weddings


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