Poppin’ Bottles at Liberty Warehouse


Dress: For Love & Lemons / Hair Comb: L. Erickson

I’ll take any reason to visit New York, and in this case, this trip was to attend the Rakuten Golden Link Awards. I was a finalist for best influencer monetization and it was such a sweet and unexpected surprise to be recognized for just doing what I love.

After a long productive day of city sight seeing, we got back to our hotel to get ready, took some images around Brooklyn with New York photographer Fernando Ceballos.  See more shots here.

white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /

When we were ready we realized we looked like salt and pepper – from our lace dresses, nail polish, even down to our leather jackets! Meagan is definitely the pepper to my salt and I was thankful for such lovely company and support for such a special occasion.diana-elizabeth-steffen-phoenix-blogger-travel-new-york-brooklyn_0073

So many of my friends, family and husband have been the driving support of this blog, it makes me tear up when I think about it – they take my photos, read my posts, and because of them (and you) I continue to do what I love – from photography to blogging, to who knows what will be next!

We took an Uber to The Liberty Warehouse – what a location for weddings, banquets and awards.

diana-elizabeth-steffen-phoenix-blogger-travel-new-york-brooklyn_0075 diana-elizabeth-steffen-phoenix-blogger-travel-new-york-brooklyn_0076

It was time to mingle and enjoy the sights. This shot was Meagan’s idea, she has quite the eye!

Then we saw this amazing show stopper – a darling gal in the chandelier pouring champagne! Aerial Artistry was a gorgeous hit with the backdrop of Lady Liberty in the background.


“Di, look where you are right now,” Meagan said.

And I stopped to take it all in. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to remind your friends – Look how far we’ve come! Look where your hard work has taken you! I’m excited for you! I would be nowhere without all the cheerleaders in my life.



Dinner during the awards was a true treat – I love a nice red steak!

The other option was a cod which smelled just as delicious. I’m holding the awards brochure pointing at my name as a finalist. Meagan was intently following along so excited for me, don’t you love it when your friends are so invested and supportive? I could tell she was so excited for me. Meagan is my kindred spirit, she’s always wanting to know about every detail of my day, my favorite parts, my feelings, thoughts, and absorbs herself in whatever my interest are – they are hers. She really is the best!

I didn’t end up taking home a trophy but it was such an honor to be a finalist and have the support of Rakuten. It was still a celebratory night.


diana-elizabeth-steffen-phoenix-blogger-travel-new-york-brooklyn_0088aAt the end of the dinner, we hopped on a bus and headed to a rooftop party in Brooklyn hosted by OPMpros, stayed for only a bit before retiring for the night since the next day was going to be a long one filled with back to back meetings.

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White Lace


Dress: For Love & Lemons (love this, and thissimilar)/ Heels: Steve Madden / Clutch: Marni (similar)
Earrings: Samantha Wills at T. Madison / Hair comb: L. Erickson

I was in Brooklyn for a few days with one of my besties, Meagan, as my travel partner. The excuse was to attend a blogging awards event, I was a finalist for a Golden Link Award for Best Influencer Monetization. It was a formal event and I always love an excuse to buy a new dress!

white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth / white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /
white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /

After a full day of hanging out in the city we got ready and I wanted to capture the special occasion right in Brooklyn with photographer Fernando Ceballos! These darling homes were around the corner from our hotel, Bond and State Street.

white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /
white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /

When I thought about how I wanted to style my hair I thought about the movie in The Life of Adeline.

I loved the scene when Adeline attends a formal dinner meeting her future love and her hair was swept to the side with a comb. I searched high and low for the right look and found this rose comb which comes in several colors. It’s so easy to style it and stays put all night!
white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth / white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth / white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /

I was obsessed with finding a red clutch and stumbled upon this studded clutch by Marni and it was just the right size! My pearl ring is by Rebecca Minkoff and it’s one of my favorites (also may need to get this one).

I found the perfect white polish for summer – and I’m a fan of the almond shaped nail. I’ve been steadily growing my nails out so I could shape them just for this event and now I’ll try to maintain them for as long as I can. Typing can be a little harder but I think it’s worth it! Off to celebrate!
white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth / white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth / white lace dress streets of brooklyn / diana elizabeth /

 Photography by Fernando Ceballos.

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Annual Desert Getaway

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0021Dress: TOPSHOP (c/o)

I believe this is our third year of making Vegas an annual getaway – thanks to Jen’s Vegas hook up of free hotel stays and food credit, you can’t beat that! Vegas is a 4.5 hour drive from Phoenix and is the right kind of getaway for us – we can sleep in with no guilt, get dressed up for dinner, and find entertainment in any way we please.

This year though, only three out of the six of us could make it – babies, work, that whole thing called life gets in the way. But Jen, Sommer and I decided to rally and still go. And I think no matter how large your group of friends are, you should still always go even if people can’t make it – because girl time is girl time, and you still have the same heart to heart chats and fun ways to make memories that make it worth it, whether 1, 2, or 6 girls go!

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0018 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0019Romper Alert! On Jennifer: similar / On me: A&F (similar) / On Sommer: Coral Romper

Incase you didn’t notice, I’m obsessed with the off shoulder trend. I thought I wasn’t into it years ago when I had a too tight of a shoulder top which made me feel like my shoulders were being squeezed too tight, but now I can’t get enough wearing the correct size – so expect me to overwear this trend!

This royal blue dress is from TOPSHOP (c/o). See pink version here, I’m in size 2. This is my new favorite dinner dress, I love that it is stylish but not too body hugging (ie uncomfortable and I can eat). TOPSHOP is is having a Memorial Day sale, 30% off selected lines and spring styles.


For this trip, we’ve done Vegas so many times, each of us. I’m also certain I’m using my toes now to count which is fine, but there are so many new ways to discover Vegas, especially if you’ve seem to outgrown or are tired of the clubbing scene. So… we bought tickets to see David Copperfield!!!!!!!


I am using lots of exclamation points about David Copperfield because he’s a huge part of my childhood! Did you ever watch his shows on TV when you were younger? Like when he turned the tissue into the shape of a rose and lit it on fire and it turned into a real rose? Or he guessed the number written down? Or… I’ll just stop there so you can see him at MGM Grand because you really should.

It’s been over 20 years since I saw him when I was in jr. high in Reno with my family. I got his autograph on an 8×10 photo and as he signed, he looked up and asked me for my name and asked if I enjoyed the show. I’ve always had a soft spot for him, he seems like the sweetest guy. We didn’t want to watch any dark magic stuff if you know what I mean, and we knew David Copperfield would be a wonderful, wholesome show. I love that his illusions/magic shows are clean, funny, light, and entertaining.

Then, he tweeted at me after the show. Dad, look!

Cheers to that!
las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0020las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0027 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0025 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0026

We had some delicious sushi at MGM Grand’s Shibuya. Lobster and scallops in a butter sauce, and I ate raw salmon for the first time – on purpose. It was delicious. Food is such a big deal when traveling so I love that my girls eat!

During dinner, a gentleman sat down to chat (really with Sommer but was polite enough to include Jennifer and I in conversation and eye contact, lol), and asked what we were doing after dinner. When we said we were going to watch David Copperfield, he looked at us like we were 80 years old and wondered why we’d do that. Then he invited to buy us a drink and when we all said we didn’t drink I think he thought we were aliens, it was pretty funny. I do love that Vegas welcomes conversations with strangers everywhere you turn, most are kind, others are just bold and gutsy but whatever – my rule is to always be kind, no matter what! It sure seems hard to be a guy too, doesn’t it? And expensive…

The next day, after we checked out the Seven Magic Mountains,  we ate at Hash House a go go on the strip close to Harrah’s. Sommer heard there’s usually a 1 hour wait, but we arrived around 3:30 pm – we only waited 20 minutes for our late lunch, early dinner… errrr, Vegas time.

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0030 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0031

The food was ridiculous – like, huge! Two fried chickens were under that pile of crispy fried onions and four waffles and the inside had bacon! My stomach kinda hurt after as the bread was expanding, you know how that goes.

So, we walked it off shopping at the Forum Shops in Caesars, headed to Old Las Vegas (what a freak sight, right?). 

On a side note, please be very aware of your surroundings, day or night. When you’re walking to your car, don’t be distracted by your phone. Look to the side and behind you. We had a little instance on the way to the car while in Old Las Vegas that really spooked us, causing us to run to the car in the parking lot. Nothing did happen but we’re not sure if something could have happened you know? Thankfully, nothing happened and all is well in Vegas world for us.

When 9 p.m. hit, we decided it was time to get in bed, change into jammies, ordered room service and watched How to be Single, laughing and it made me think about how I truly did cherish being single before I got married which is a good thing – no regrets! It’s not a family movie, but you could probably guess that.

I also did what I always do while on vacation because I can’t do it at home – eat in bed!

My romper is from A&F. It’s so comfy, until you want to go to the bathroom at 4 a.m.


After all the times I’ve been to Vegas, I’ve never stopped to take a photo by this sign. Jennifer who has probably been about 20 times hadn’t either, so we said, let’s do it!

So, we did! There’s a nice courteous line you can wait in, but if you are impatient and want to do a selfie on the side, as long as you aren’t blocking other people, like we did at an angle, that works too.  Have you ever taken a photo by it?

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-girls-weekend_0017 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0005

We checked out a new restaurant, visited the Seven Magic Mountains, saw the legendary magician, ate dinner in bed, made memories, and the best part – soulful chats that bring you closer to your girlfriends. The deep conversations about life, marriage, kids, friendships, work, it all just grows you together as sister friends.

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