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File May 18, 7 57 00 PM

I wanted to share some tips and a Mariah Carey Las Vegas concert review if you’re thinking about catching her show.

One of my longtime and best girlfriends Jennifer and I saw Mariah back in 2006 in Phoenix and I saw her previously in Seattle around 2004 around Christmas time which was a real treat. We hoped in the car to see her again – a trip booked within 1 hour after texting asking if she’d be interested in going – Asian efficiency my friends, paired with crazy Mariah Carey fans. Jennifer is always up for anything I suggest doing – at least it seems that way because we like to do all the same things which is a great girlfriend to have through life!

If you’re thinking about seeing Mariah Carey in Las Vegas soon – you need to book now because as of today when this post is published, there are only 9 shows left at the Caesar Colosseum this summer - July (2015): 8, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26. She’s off the entire month of June, resumes in July, and ends the show July 26.

It was announced she has added 2016 shows, just nine more for February 2016: 2, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, which go on sale today at 10 am PST.

Where to sit at the Mariah Carey Concert

We sat dead center, level 2, paid $175 for our seats dead center! The upper level areas is where everyone sits during the concert.

If you want to stand and shake your booty all concert, 18 songs I believe, the lower level it is! It’s small so I would say no matter where you sit you’ll have a pretty good view.

If you buy a package where you can get an aisle seat and in the first seven rows or so, you might be able to see Mariah walk by you like so – and she might put the mic in your face so you can sing a lyric! The Beautiful Package with a few perks and somewhere in the first 7 rows will cost you $750, I already checked. If you want to meet her after the concert and take a photo, you can pay $1,500 – $3,500 for a ticket depending on the additional perks you’d like.

I was pretty much dying witnessing this and thinking how I’d love to be that close to her! Mariah interacts with her fans quite a bit during the concert, talking to fans, walking through the small colosseum, and even picking an audience member for one of her songs which was so hilarious!

The scene for “Touch my body” -

2015-05-16 21.41.15

Mariah Carey Concert Backdrops

Here are a few of the backdrops for her songs, each No. 1 hit had a new backdrop. I was too busy screaming and signing at the top of my lungs feeling like I was nine, 11, 13, 15, 18 years old!

She opened up the concert with her first No. 1 hit “Vision of Love.” The track recently celebrated 25 years last week! Feeling old now? Yeah, me too.

When the concert began (she started on time), I got goosebumps when the curtains pulled back and I saw Mariah’s silhouette – I don’t know if anyone feels as crazy as I do about her, but she’s a legend, so that moment was a true internal freak out bubbling through my veins erupting to screaming, clapping and cheering mega fan.

File May 18, 7 58 10 PM

You could say Jennifer and I got really EMOTIONAL during the concert.

Mariah despite the critics questioning if her voice was strong enough and the YouTube video of her messing up (she was JUST going through a divorce, give her a break!) she hit every single ear piercing high note she’s known for and for one song came out doing it. So yes, Mariah can still sing it, and it’s phenomenal in witness in person.

You know a handful of your Mariah Carey songs pop into your head – I mean the woman had 18 No. 1 hits! She sang 18 songs!

She ended the show with her new single, “Infinity,” listen here. My favorite line – “Everything you own boy, you still owe.”

The closing – confetti falls from the sky.

File May 18, 8 00 34 PM

I have a hard time when shows come to an end. Correction – I have a really hard time when John Mayer plays his last set and Mariah Carey sings her last song.

Hope you enjoyed the quick review and tips on where to sit for Mariah’s concert. Are you a fan? Will you see her? What’s your favorite song?

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waterproof-camera-case-travel-111DRY PAK Camera Case, $11.94 (c/0 featuring Canon Powershot S100

Do you have any upcoming summer adventures that involve water? If so, check out this waterproof camera case. You can still take photos through the optical bag, and I would advise when you pack it to keep it in another bag so it doesn’t scratch the bag. Also, it FLOATS!  You can also use it for phones, and GPS devices.

However, this is a great smart phone option for $11.94 - it floats as well.


This waterproof camera case is great to bring to the beach – keeping out sand and dust and sealing out water and splash parks, marine parks (I’m thinking about Sea World in Vallejo). It comes with an adjustable strap which you can wear around your neck as well. It can be submerged, however it isn’t recommended to go to depths greater than 30 feet (in which case if you’re that type of swimmer, I applaud you).


I wish I had known about it sooner, it would have come in handy last summer when I went kayaking down the Russian River in Northern California.

We were given waterproof bags but they were rather large and also not see-thru so I’m looking forward to upcoming water activities without worrying about my camera. I use the Canon Powershot S100.

Happy summer adventures!

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I think there are a few ways you can instantly find gratitude where you may have overlooked it in every day life.

Nothing will make you more thankful to be alive than when you almost die.  Just ask my dad who wasn’t supposed to survive terminal lymphoma cancer and was in stage 4.

I also think nothing will make you appreciate a good thing until you experience a bad thing, like treasuring what you currently have.

And sometimes, when you go to the same places in your every day life but you bring someone there for the first time, you are discovering your city again and you come to realize, you live in a pretty awesome place.

I am compelled to one day sit down and jot down my favorite places to shop and eat as if I were planning someone’s day visiting Phoenix for the first time! *wink*  Until then, consider this a preface guide to Phoenix.

Bruschetta at Postino

2015-04-09 14.50.42

The bruschetta at Postino is a mix of indulgence with refreshing- you can’t go wrong with any of the choices!  It’s a former post office, now wine bar, hence the blended name, Postino.  There are a few locations across the valley.

Rustic finds at Rust & Roses

A stop into Rust & Roses, one of my favorite repurpose home stores is incredibly rustic and charming.  That little trailer back there I have photographed Jessi Colter in it, widow of Waylon Jennings.  That reminds me, I need to share that image it was from about four or five years ago but very fun!

I also am now wanting to make those fabric bunt flags for an upcoming shower I have. Don’t look Brenna!

2015-04-10 11.27.40 2015-04-10 11.30.36

Now I’m inspired by some beautiful pillows.  Summer is coming, it might be time for me to get cracking on some crafty projects since I’ll be either on a plane or indoors to avoid a little heat wave.

Eating at Desoto Central Market

2015-04-09 18.57.06

Desoto Central Market is now open to the public.  I think of it as an open market with popup shops – like a fancy, posh, hip food court.  I was able to check it out before it opened and I love Tea & Toast, Co., featuring Teaspressa - this is my favorite drink, the Cape Town which tastes amazing hot or cold and has no caffeine.  Not that it matters but I did drink two of them in addition to one that did have caffeine that was equally amazing called London Fog and had a hint of lavender.

2015-04-09 19.00.00-1

Soon they will also have small pop up stores in the middle area but for right now it’s food.  The Mayor of Phoenix was in attendance and gave a nice speech.

Breakfast and coffee at Chestnut

Chestnut is a favorite spot of mine because of the excellent lattes and the short rib hash.  Short rib – that’s my dream meal. It’s $12 on Saturdays and Sundays and only offered then.  You also want to go a bit early, like before 10 am before they run out or it’s over crowded.

2015-04-12 09.04.44-1

Pizza at La Grande Orange

This was the view from the passenger seat of the car – because we love curbside pick up!  The sourdough they use makes every pizza amazing. I always used to order the margherita which you can’t go wrong, switched to corn, then the gladiator, now my new favorite the avocado!

2015-04-10 19.28.42

I came back a few days later for lunch with a girlfriend and stayed for three and a half hours!  We were laughing hysterically, telling stories and remembering old times.  I love how meals bring people together and create memories.  I Skyped with a girlfriend who lives in the middle of the country and wished I could hug her. I sort of love the people in my life a lot if you couldn’t tell.

Donuts from Bosa

Open 24 hours.


So… yeah, we made a sampler of five donuts and convinced that if we cut them into little pieces like this, it’s less calories (Clueless anyone?).  BoSa Donuts also sells boba drinks if that’s your thing – it was Brittany’s thing so we actually returned after the Glam Garage Sale and went through the drive thru.

Happy Hour at Salty Sow

Sow, like a pig, rhymes with “Ow”. Like a farm to table restaurant, the deviled eggs are amazing, a $5 appetizer menu and a $7 small plates – the fried chicken, oh boy.

2015-04-16 16.10.18

Opens at 4:30 p.m. for dinners only.  A huge patio and great food, this is one of my favorite restaurants, it’s right in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale area off Tatum and Cactus.

There were many additional stops shopping and eating I didn’t snap a photo or go to this past week – like The Parlor, Flower Child, Sapporo, and consignment stores like My Sister’s Closet and Poor Little Rich Girl (now turned re-sale, no longer consignment) which now motivates me to clear out my closet.

Sometimes it’s fun rediscovering where you live and loving that when company comes in town, there are places to go and things to do and enjoy – the things you do every day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend rediscovering your town!

Don’t forget this Sunday Lilly Pultizer hits Target stores! I have my wishlist!

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