My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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My Associate photographer April captured these family images in downtown Mesa.  I am excited to share these with you especially because I love the Wootan family!  If there was any family I love most right after my own, it would be them.  In celebration of Logan going on his two year mission trip Ecuador and another enjoying her full-ride scholarship to UofA, the whole gang, all 24 of them gathered to document this special moment.  As you will see, their joy is absolutely contagious.


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A lovely time in Grass Valley up in Northern California. Brittany spent the day picking apples for her horses, braiding Truman’s mane and giving lots of cookies.  This is one lucky loved horse.



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The trendy thing to do in Phoenix during the summer is not what you may think (stay indoors and do a get out of dodge trip) but rather – stay in town and do a staycation!  The rates at hotels are cheap, there are many spa discounts, and you can use someone else’s AC to cool off!  Out on newsstands now is PHOENIX magazine’s summer Staycation guide featuring the Valley’s best staycation offers.

Last month before I headed to France I shot at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale this lovely FORD model Daniela Lazar who stayed the night in her Jeep before our shoot!  She came in town from San Diego and forgot her house keys and was a trooper and slept in her car with the windows cracked – and she looked like this the next day.

four-seasons-resort-staycation-diana-elizabeth-photography-114 four-seasons-resort-staycation-diana-elizabeth-photography-121


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Enjoy a sweet morning in a peach orchard at Schnepf Farms.

schnepf-farms-peach-orchard-fruit-shoot-picking-diana-elizabeth-photography-024 schnepf-farms-peach-orchard-fruit-shoot-picking-diana-elizabeth-photography-003 schnepf-farms-peach-orchard-fruit-shoot-picking-diana-elizabeth-photography-001 schnepf-farms-peach-orchard-fruit-shoot-picking-diana-elizabeth-photography-023


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I love this girl to smithereens, you’ve already heard me gush about her so many times when she’s in front of my camera (maternity, styled bride and groom shoot) so I’ll spare you.  Brenna and I are both signed the local FORD Models agency out here as actresses and print models.  You have have seen her in a AAA commercial, and Peter Piper Pizza – I know there’s more, there’s always more.  We were thisclose to being in the same commercial together many years ago for Blue Diamond Almonds but guess they didn’t want two brunettes together because we were in separate commercials, one day!

She took one of my online classes, a beginner DSLR course, excelled so quickly and just went crazy with her camera and gear – she is incredible!  So we decided we’d head out for a half day and just have fun walking around and shooting each other to update our online modeling portfolios.  Lots of giggles and fun, make sure to check out her photography page on Facebook! Love you Bren!

brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model008 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model007 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model006 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model005 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model004 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model003 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model002 brenna-sakas-heater-photography-ford-model001

Don’t forget to like her on Facebook!

Diana Elizabeth says the Phoenix Zoo has never been more fun.  Haha! 

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I met Jaclyn Rae Hughes over 10 years ago when we both competed in the Miss Arizona Pageant system – she sang so beautifully for her talent, I did the Chinese ribbon dance.  Heck to the yeah.  The Miss America Organization is a system I will always hold near and dear to my heart, having met so many amazing women at such a young age through that system.  Smart girls, motivated girls, well spoken, beautiful, good hearted, ambitious women that I am happy to be surrounded by.

Jaclyn and I kept in touch over social media and she’s a traveling nurse, now a wife and mama, that we decided to get together before she departed to Hawaii for the next 18 months (hubby Mike is in the Navy).  She’s a health and fitness coach, yoga instructor, wellness warrior, and she loves to share with others how to stay fit and healthy!   Find out more on her website and like her on Facebook to keep up to date on recipes and fitness tips.

Meet adorable 2-year-old MacKenna who loves to feed her mama fresh food and always says, “Thank you!” for everything.  What a doll!

jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-004 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-002 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-005 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-006 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-003 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-007 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-008 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-009 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-011 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-010 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-012 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-013 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-014 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-015 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-016 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-017 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-018 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-019 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-021 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-020 jaclyn-hughes-yoga-fitness-instructor-health-blogger-nutritionist-lifestyle-022

Hair and makeup: Lizzy Marsh

Diana Elizabeth says seeing an old friend brings back some incredible memories.  There was a moment Diana said something and Jaclyn cracked up laughing and said, “Oh my gosh I’ve missed you.”  It’s the small things that can remind you of all the laughter and good times!

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The best part of photographing your bestie is being able to be there during important parts of her life.  And when she’s married to an awesome guy who happens to have access to some of the most incredible vintage cars, well, our shoots get real fun every time.  In case you haven’t noticed, nearly every time we shoot a maternity we get a classic car in there (see baby #1, see baby #2), and yes, Meagan and Andrew have been expecting nearly every year since the first one came.

Baby Ardon is due on momma’s birthday, and he will come into a world full of loving parents, cute older brothers to play with, and lots of aunties and uncles and family to love on him.  We shot these on a closed Sunday evening at Sanderson Ford in Phoenix.

diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-001 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-002 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-003 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-005 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-004 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-006 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-007 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-008 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-009 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-011 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-012 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-013 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-014 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-016 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-015 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-017 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-018 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-019 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-020 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-021 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-022 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-024 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-026 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-025 diana-elizabeth-photography-maternity-phoenix-arizona-photographer-photography-classic-car-010

Congratulations Meagan and Andrew!  I know Ardon will be so adorable just like your other two!

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth just wanted you to know Meagan created the crochet bow, so talented!

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If there’s one social media outlet I’m most thankful for, it’s probably Twitter.

Geni and I started following each other a few years ago on Twitter.  Not even sure how, or why, but we started tweeting at one another.  We emailed a few times back and forth just saying hi, collaborating on ideas, and meeting over Skype to share marketing ideas.  By now you may have already heard of her, she’s the face of Sticky Albums, their ads are in photography magazines and recenly at Imaging USA.  She came to visit and stayed with me for a few days and as photographers do, we photographed each other.

Meet my darling Geni Bean, who actually will be a Mrs. this May!

For photographers who are afraid of shooting mid-day, we took these from around 11 a.m. to noon.  Proof that you can get some great images no matter the time of day.

geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-013 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-006 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-004 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-005 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-014 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-009 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-010 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-011 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-012 geni-bean-pink-owl-photography-senior-photographer-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-arizona-portraits-002

 Equipment used: 5DMark III / 50mm f/1.2L /85mm f/1.4EX but primarily the 85mm, my favorite.

Diana Elizabeth and Geni felt like they were old friends.

For Photogs, My Work

We met when we were 21 years of age in the lobby of the Wilhelmina Models LA office.  We sat there during an open call, right next to each other.  I thought with her exotic looks she was absolutely stunning.  On our way out of the office (after being denied but on the bright side we signed with other agencies), we became fast friends, figuring out the Hollywood life together.

Half Dutch and Israeli, Maayan has one of the most beautiful Hebrew accents.  She came out to visit over New Years week and we hadn’t seen each other face to face for years but it seemed as if we have seen one another every day.

She’s a real estate agent in LA, just closed a nice $5 mil deal with a superstar rapper that we all know.  She models occasionally and one night, I thought, hey let’s do a little shoot around the house.  No fantastic lighting really around but let’s find it around the house and see what we can create together in 15 minutes.

Here’s our little black and white series.  Come to think of it, I’ve never shown you an entire session in B&W.

phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography001 phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography002 phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography003 phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography004

The above dark wall images I had her sit against the charcoal wall with a nightstand lamp as the light source.

Then, I pulled the curtain liner in the living room to use as a backdrop and took a few of these…

phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography005 phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography006

Then headed to the dining room, drew my Pottery Barn curtains and had her sit on a stool and make some faces.

phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography007 phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography008 phoenix-arizona-photographer-model-shoot-portfolio-diana-elizabeth-photography009

All in good fun.

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III / 50mm f/1.2L /85 f/1.4EX.  As a reminder, if you’re a photographer, don’t edit your images to B&W using grayscale.  It’s muddy. Find a proper action or a way to adjust your tones.

Diana Elizabeth says you can still have some fun even with non ideal lighting.  You just need a light source, and a few good expressions!  Have fun no matter what time of the day it is, you don’t need the sun out, it’s just about light so find it!

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