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This post is sponsored by Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0


Dogs really become a true family member don’t they? I remember taking this photo when Mr. Wonderful and I were dating, he came to visit me when I was at my parents back in Northern California – this is just down the street at Folsom Lake. I was setting up my camera on a tripod to get it to focus and told Benjamin to hold Paris. A truck of high school boys drove by and it looked as if I was taking a photo of this tall guy with his little dog. The sounds of laughter erupted as they stuck their head out and when I realized what they were laughing about, I started to chuckle too (not telling him what had happened). I told him after we took this photo or else he wouldn’t have posed!

Paris has been living with my parents after I moved to Los Angeles after college graduation, a remission from cancer/anniversary gift to my dad. I saw how much joy Paris brought my dad, so I left him behind. Yes, I named my male dog Paris, it’s so fitting and Paris in Greek mythology was a man.

A few things I love about Paris’s personality:

  • He spins in circles when he wants to go outside
  • If asked for his opinion, he will sniff treat bags and use his paw to tap which treat he wants
  • He licks his lips when he’s hungry or thirsty
  • He will jump into an open bag if you tell him to

Paris is full AKC registered with papers but I know there are many pups who are mixed-breed dogs but even knowing or not knowing your dog’s breed, you’re still not sure about their health history – yes, just like family health history!


Wisdom Panel 3.0 is a canine DNA test by canine genetic testing industry leader Mars Veterinary. The test allows mixed-breed dog owners to find reliable breed ancestry information that can be critical for their dog’s nutrition, training and overall healthcare.

For example, your dog might have MDR1 (Multi-Drug Resistance 1) a genetic mutation found in some herding and sighthound breeds, and many mixed-breeds. Dogs with MDR1 may have severe adverse reactions to some common drugs, so it is important to test mixed-breed (and purebreds with the high-propensity breeds) dogs and for owners to share  this information with their veterinarian so they can provide their furry family member with for the best care.


Wisdom Panel® 3.0 covers 250+ breeds and provides ancestry information going back to great-grandpup! It also screens for MDR1 Genetic Mutation, and predicted weight profile.

How it works:

  • Can be done at home and consists of two swabs – owner rubs between the gum and cheek for 15 seconds
  • Results take 2-3 weeks
  • Can be used for mixed-breed, purebred and designer dogs – owner pics at time of kit activation.

Benefits of DNA testing your dog:

  • To see if your dog has MDR1 mutation for drug sensitivity
  • Develop an effective training program that works with their breed’s natural instincts
  • Develop a breed-specific nutrition plan.
  • Ability to lookout for any breed-specific health concerns or common issues.

Just in time for Christmas – check out his mean mug! He wasn’t really happy with this, as you can tell by his face. It makes me laugh!



Wisdom Panel® 3.0 Canine DNA Test Kit includes:

  • Instructions
  • DNA cheek swabs – all for use on one dog
  • Drying insert for swabs
  • Pre-paid return shipping box

You can find more information and purchase a kit at and find the Wisdom Panel 2.0 at select brick and mortar retailers

Live in the greater Phoenix area?

Saturday, December 5 in Scottsdale Arizona, Wisdom Panel will be at the Holiday Pet Festival. You can take your dog to this event and swab onsite for a discounted price of $39.99. If you want a take home kit, they can be purchased for $49.99 (reg. $84.99).

Find Wisdom Panel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I can’t think of a better way to care for your furry family member. I love their little personalities, I truly think they are one of the sweetest little blessings in life. I can’t wait to see his little face soon, he is now 13 years old (68 in human years).



Untitled-3Photo by Brian Goddard

I know if my little buddy Amaya saw me sitting on a bench by myself, she’d be over immediately asking if I wanted to play. (I am also happy to report all of her buddy benches have been funded so no child has to ever feel alone at her school. Bravo Amaya!)

Sometimes, we feel like we’re sitting alone on a bench and no one is asking if we’re OK, or inviting us off that bench. Yep, benchwarmer.

I have a busy calendar but I see similar social media feeds you do, the private dinner parties, influencer brunches, and though I am part of some, I’m not invited to all. When I’m invited to one I feel like I won the invite from the popular girl at school and I have to buy a new dress just for the party! Who’s the cool girl anymore in the real world, anyway?

There are also many parties I’m not invited to, the collaborations I wasn’t invited to be a part of, or events I didn’t know about that I kinda wish I did. The reality is, we all can’t be invited to everything and we can’t do it all. I realized I’m not alone in feeling this way after talking to a girlfriend and so I figured I’d put myself out there and tell you how I deal with feeling left out, and how I resolve it – because we’re all people who want to be accepted, and we all have insecurities, no matter how confident we wish we were. It’s alright, we’re human.

1/ Understand what you are actually sad about

Sometimes we see parties but we already had something planned so we couldn’t have gone anyway.

Or we see a gorgeous collaboration we didn’t get to include our talents in but the reality is we have our plates full with paid opportunities so we may have had to turn down the collaboration anyhow.

Or we see a group of friends having fun and we don’t even know any of them but we just see how much fun they’re having and we sorta wish we could have that much fun too – but not with them because well, they’re strangers.

Perhaps the issue has nothing to do with wanting to be there, but just getting an invitation.

Don’t let a party or collaboration define you – your attendance doesn’t validate you. If the real reason is you wish you knew that cool person or you could say you hung with the cool crowd – reminder, we’re not in high school even though our feelings can take us back to acting or feeling like we are.

2/ Nothing against you. You too can be there – kind of

Oh social media…when people share they are at an event, they can be genuinely excited about it, or they are a social media influencer (hence why they were invited) and they are expected to share about it. Most don’t purposefully post to say, “Hey you look at what I’m doing, neener neener,” so I assume they aren’t. Don’t be hard on yourself if your invitation somehow got lost in the mail.

If there was a collaboration, no one intentionally (usually anyway) said, “Hey, let’s leave so and so out.” They just thought of a few buddies and got them together and the deal was done.

By the way, many of those things you can go to – they are usually paid workshops or attendances. Cough up the dough if it makes you feel better so you can use the hashtags the cool kids are using, no big deal. ;)

3/ Plan your own happiness

Grab your own friends, or invite new ones for a get together.

In our minds we put other people on pedestals because they seem to be doing what we wish we were doing – good businesses, staying busy, lots of pretty friends, dinner parties, pretty hair, free swag, etc. That’s great and that’s fine if you want those things too, just know you too can create that – just schedule it with your own. Don’t have a group? Make some new friends! More than likely there are many feeling the same way you do and would love to be friends.

If you’re missing community, find it – ask your best friend to coffee, pick up the phone and start a girl gang where you can spill your guts, struggles and cheer for one another.

4/ Celebrate others

I don’t struggle with jealously, I do find other people’s success motivating. I know not everyone feels this way and we all have different struggles.

When I feel a tinge of bitterness, something about me just not wanting to celebrate another person for whatever reason, I will force myself to go back to the photo and like it. I refuse to let bitterness invade my heart.

The more I practice celebrating others, the more I genuinely mean it. The heart can follow the action and instead of being envious or bitter, be inspired. Be enlightened, encouraged, and motivated that if they can do it, you certainly can too. Also, don’t overthink that because someone is over happy in one area, they must be miserable in another that we don’t see. Let’s not play that game and just give each other grace and acknowledge we’re all trying our best whether we post about struggles or being on our A game.

5/ Get off or limit social media

I took two years off Facebook and it was one of the best decisions I made at the time. In this post I explained why.

“All this to say that removing the distraction of others and worrying about what my status update will be today, to remove the ability to shout from the rooftop (or through a Facebook post) what I’m accomplishing tomorrow, has left me calmer, quieter, and sane.” – January 26, 2013 post.

I’m back on Facebook now for blogging group reasons and thankfully my unnecessary status updates is under control. I’ll share a few business updates on my personal, and a few life highlights or any advice I think would help others.

A friend has a three post rule. She posts on Instagram then goes back three posts and if nothing catches her eye, time to shut down and move on. If you find yourself getting a high or feeling deflated over like counts, oh my love, your day and life is so much more than a hundred likes. If you shut down the busy feeds and take time to see your life instead of being immersed in others, you won’t feel left out – you’ll feel so in love with your own life.

Next, I’m working on a post about how to deal with being unfollowed by people you know… oh my.

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2015-10-05 15.25.22-1Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Quick – when you hear the word Alexandria what do you think? Because if you said The Walking Dead, we are kindred spirits and we should watch all the episodes together.

Post Boston, and post Salem, I flew out of Boston on Jet Blue Airways to Dulles Airport. Southwest doesn’t fly direct, apparently you must go back to the center of nowhere in America to go back to the East Coast for some spots, just FYI. And the short distance will cost more than the flight across the country, go figure.

One of my bestest friends Michelle lives out in the DC area and I haven’t seen her for over a year, maybe even two. I must stop thinking about it before I become really upset at myself. So anyway, I figured if I was going to be so close to her, I should definitely make a stop.

2015-10-05 15.26.17

I know you’re probably thinking, well if she’s one of your bestest friends, shouldn’t you see her more often? Yah I know, stop giving me a guilt trip. She’s got three kiddos and DC is super far from Phoenix – like the other side of the country. I also was on my summer tour (when I avoid the Phoenix weather and visit everywhere and anywhere) when she came out to Phoenix so it’s really my bad for missing her.

I used to be at Michelle’s house with her hubby usually three times a week when they lived in Phoenix. I was like their third wheel/kid in the backseat going with them to Costco. I even once spent a Valentine’s Day with them and with baby Ethan who is not a baby anymore, he’s almost 7. We briefly lived 15 minutes away from each other when I lived in Albuquerque as a newlywed. I kinda wiped that blip from my memory, it was only four months.

Anyway, I got picked up from the airport, saw my little lovie heads, proudly answered to “Auntie” which to me is the BEST title ever (I’m guessing it’s how ‘Mom’ sounds to some of you) and ate outside at a restaurant Michelle insisted was absolutely a must-eat – even if it meant our teeth were chattering.

2015-10-04 13.48.50

In which Ethan, the oldest, who was shivering across the table said, “I’d like to order the hottest thing on the menu.” Me too, buddy.

The next day when the two oldest kiddos were in school, we went to Old Town Alexandria and ate at this adorable restaurant. I would sort of consider moving in, you know how I feel about brick.

2015-10-05 13.22.45-1

I should have taken a picture of just the streets, they are small shops, quaint and charming. I found my typical travel souvenirs- a tea towel with Old Town Alexandria graphic on it. I also found two floaty pens in Boston, I’m pretty consistent with my shopping habits.

It was like I was STEPPING INTO FALL – ha ha.

2015-10-05 15.16.26

This little dude moved away from me when he was a baby so when I was out there he would ask Michelle, “Where’s my friend?” until the last day I realized, little tike doesn’t know my badge of honor title! So I asked, “Excuse me, do you happen to know my name?” He stopped following me, looked up at me and said, “No, you tell me.” Once I told him, he repeated it slowly about three times then pointed at an advertisement of an Asian model in Ulta and said, “Auntie Diana!”

Good job buddy.

2015-10-05 15.03.51-1

He likes to pose.

2015-10-05 15.26.32

Seen here stealing my spotlight before I was going to jump at the United States Botanical Gardens in DC -

2015-10-06 14.27.03
2015-10-06 14.20.07

I do have to say this is the best jumping pic ever – and yes, he is in the air!

2015-10-06 14.24.35

So my over all trip of Alexandria, aka the Safe-Zone in The Walking Dead was spending time with friends who are like family. I’m blessed to have a handful of bestest friends who are like family – and posting about this just gave me the much needed reflection and break I needed from my busy life.


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