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My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Hi there, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and really chat with you all.  I miss sitting down and really sharing my heart and life with you, so I moved some posts around to make time.

Since I’m done traveling for the most part this year, I have settled back into normalcy, making dinners, doing wifey things, and able to ponder a bit more.  Being busy is great, but sometimes, being still makes you reflect about all that busyness – what’s beneficial for the future, eternity, things of that nature.

Sometimes the mundane things like folding laundry is a drag – our pastor’s wife said during a women’s bible study that anytime we get frustrated over things – husband’s socks or mess, or children for that matter, to count our blessings because there is someone out there who would love to pick up after a husband or children’s toys.  Good perspective, right?  Anyway, I rarely have to pick up after my husband since he’s a neat freak like myself, but as I folded laundry this week, I noticed several missing pairs of socks.  For Polo socks the jockey faces out so you have to match them. I was scratching my head on what was going on with these four until Mr. Wonderful poked his head in the bedroom and said, “You told me to throw away my socks with holes in them so I did.”  However he only threw out ONE sock, not the pair because he likes to save money. Apparently his right foot must be bigger and the one that rubs in his shoe since those are the ones missing.


Adventures in marriage.


In other Mr. Wonderful/house news, we got a new riding lawn mower by Troybilt. We have a trusty arborist named Noelle Johnson, also known as AZ Plant Lady (she has a great blog for those who live in the desert) who visits us twice a year, early fall and mid-spring just to touch base upon what we have growing around our property.  She told us about the riding lawnmower which is a neighborhood mower fits through all standard gates if you’re interested, read her post here.  Was this investment a necessity?  We think so with how large our backyard is.  Guess what else we did to save money?

This girl seeded this week after Benjamin made his own race tracks in our lawn, of course.  I’m not quite sure if getting the riding lawn mower has taken time off mowing or made it equivalent with more fun time with Benjamin on it.


In Arizona because nothing is supposed to live here (remember I’m a Nor Cal girl), we must plant winter rye every fall when temperatures are around 75-ish if we want any grass at all from November to April.  Otherwise, our bermuda grass which is technically an invasive weed, turns to the color of dry hay and that’s not picturesque.  I have been spending the past few days clapping my hands and chasing pigeons and morning doves away from feasting on our lawn – the fun part of the growing process.

In more exciting news, I’m still working with Sony, on a different level.  I was invited to be one of 5 Power Players.  I review latest products, give honest in-depth feedback on their Sony store site so buyers can decide if they want to buy the product.  I’m under no obligation to blog about it or share, but in this case, I wanted to show off the Sony HT-ST5 sound bar we got a few months ago because I found out something amazing about it while we watched the season premier of The Walking Dead (yeahhhhh I love zombies walkers!)


That’s it right there on bluetooth setting (so you can connect your iTunes from your iPhone), but on TV mode, the sound bar knows when it’s a commercial so it lowers the volume during the commercial break! This came in very useful when I took a nap on the couch too.  It has a ton of different settings from football to music, but if you’re interested just click on the link and you’ll see my review there.  We donated our previous surround sound set up to White Dove - the hospice thrift store.  I am happy to know our things are sold to make money to a good cause we may call on one day as we prepare to exit this world.

Our young married’s small group just wrapped studying the book of Ecclesiastes this week, a book which is quite sobering – kind of puts a damper on a few of life’s thoughts, but at the same time, enlightens and lets you really focus on what matters in life.  Vanity of vanities, right?  Life is fleeting and so complex, but God is in control, and not being attached to this world yet still appreciating life can be a difficult thing to balance. It might sound crazy but I think the less we hold onto things of this world and the less we try to actually put an emphasis in finding fulfillment in things here, the more joy we actually have in our daily lives.

Hope you all have a great weekend, xx.


Last week I decided to take a day off from social media.  I pretended as if I were on an overseas flight (wishful thinking) and wi-fi wasn’t available.  After my 18 month break from Facebook I figured a day of not going on Instagram or the like would be just fine, right?  So on my social media day off, I did what any girl would do – Twilight marathon!  Just kidding.


I arose early, and accomplished more than I ever had in a while.

  • Tinkered with my blog design
  • Organized the grocery delivery
  • Prepared 20 frozen crockpot meals in two hours
  • Went to an audition
  • Chatted with fellow actors pre and post audition
  • Attended small group study

There were so many things I thought I would typically share on social media – the miracle that I was in fact cooking, prepping, or excited that I was driving to my audition.  I found myself reaching for my phone and hitting apps out of habit only to catch myself before it would load, no, no, put it down and be present.

You know what?  The day felt good – I had great conversations before my audition instead of playing on my phone which then led to longer conversations after the acting.  I was focused on making new friends, asking questions, getting to know people, asking them what they did for a living rather than see how my “friends” and everyone else was living through my phone.


A new show arrives this fall called Selfie, a comedy on ABC which the character Eliza is glued to her phone, a security blanket, and like all of us, loves uploading and seeing her “likes” increase.  Realizing her addiction to social media, selfies, and quest to win approval online, she wanted to stop missing out on the life right in front of her – so she tries find balance.  Let’s face it, we all can relate to Eliza!

I think I’m going to try this no social media thing at least once a week – that’ll ensure I have at least one day of being really really productive, right? I mean, imagine all the cooking I could do!

Selfie premieres Tuesday, September 30 at 8/7 pm Central on ABC.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.  While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.


It’s time for another post about Netflix movies!  Thanks for all of your movie recommendations on my last Netflix suggestion post here. Of course there were a few movies I couldn’t find (as we can always find Netflix while has an array of things seems to lack the things we really want to watch!)  But, for the cheap monthly rate, I found some more decent movies to enjoy since I was home with my cable-free parents and now I am excited to share them with you.


The Intouchables *MUST SEE*

The Intouchables is based upon a true story.  A rich man becomes a quadriplegic after a paragliding incident and hires a young man from the hood to assist him.  It’s entirely in French with subtitles.  Verdict:  This movie came as a recommendation from a girlfriend of mine, and I’m SO glad.  I wasn’t sure how reading an entire movie would be fun, but I loved it!  I laughed so hard I was crying tears, the sense of humor translates so well, and the reading is light.  There are a few curse words that flash on the screen so be aware if you have readers in the home, but since the entire movie in French I couldn’t tell – the beauty of the French language. This is one of my favorite movies now, I believe it received 4.5 stars by Netflix viewers. Also, I would advise not seeing the trailer as to not spoil the movie, so I’m not going to link it.

My Best Enemy

In My Best Enemy,  a Jew and a Nazi are best friends (this was before the war was declared).  If you’re sensitive to anything war related like I am, don’t worry – this is a dark comedy.  They switch places to survive and it’s over a painting, and a fiance.  Verdict:  I didn’t know this was a comedy and picked up on it about 30 minutes in and was relived.  I squirm with any human suffering so this was a different twist.  Another one where I wouldn’t suggest watching the trailer before you watch the movie. I know – this seems so wrong but I’m looking out for you.

Rabbit Proof Fence

I saw Rabbit Proof Fence years ago but I had to watch it again because I knew my dad would enjoy it.  This is based upon a 1931 true story of three Aboriginal girls who were taken from their home in effort to be servants and the ideal to essentially breed out their race over the generations.  They didn’t want a “third race” which was mixed.  These girls escape and follow a fence to find home.  Verdict: Again, true stories get me.  This is will twist your heart.  The acting of these young girls is superb and I would watch this movie again and again.  View trailer here.

North & South

Look for the North & South 2004 TV mini series – it’s 4 episodes.  Apparently this is a book series turned mini series. This is a love story of a woman named Margaret Hale a middle-class southerner who is forced to move North with her parents in 1885. The adjustment is difficult, but there is a complicated love story – with a wealthy man whose family owns a cotton mill.  Lots of other things unfold, and guess what – Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey is a huge character in it (he’s not the love interest, but another important character).  Verdict: The rating on IMDB is 9 stars out of 10 and with nearly 14,000 reviewers.  So, there you go.  I’m a huge sucker for these old love stories.  View trailer here.

As always, would love to hear your recommendations so I can watch and share with everyone!

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Now I know not all of you are 49er fans but I thought this would be a fun post for you to experience a little behind the scenes glimpse that I recently experienced.  This post is dedicated to my dad.


My love story with the 49ers is basically that I came out of the womb in a 49er cheerleader outfit.

My dad was born in SF, my grandparents immigrated and lived there, and summer camps used to be in Roseville (before they moved to Stockton) which was the town next door.  When you are from Nor Cal, you cheer for the Niners.  We have autographs, I have a photo with Terrell Owens, and we have a Niner wall upstairs in my brother’s old bedroom.  My dad is a die hard fan and before a game would start he would say, “Ask homework questions now because the game is starting and you cannot ask me for four hours.”  We were not allowed to talk to dad during a Niner game.  If we came downstairs and the game was turned off prematurely, we knew what that meant – and it was to remain unmentioned.


Team Bus

Today, my best friend from college Jackie, works for them.  Here we are on one of the team buses from the Ritz Carlton heading to the Arizona Cardinals Stadium.

They presented a unique opportunity for their employees-  if they attended a certain number of educational classes about the 49er organization which were optional, they would be sent to an away game and able to enjoy it (when there is a game day, all 49er employees work the game).  A handful were able to make time in their schedule (many were busy with the preparation of the new stadium), and one wasn’t able to make it so I was lucky enough to be invited to attend.  I’ve never been to an NFL game before – I’ve been to every other type of professional sporting event (even hockey, what?) but not NFL because there’s no team I’d want to see other than the niners which was near impossible given I now live in Phoenix.

But bestie was in town, the opportunity was a blessing, and here’s how the day went.


It starts with several buses on their way to the stadium, escorted by sheriffs.  The sheriff cars close down the streets, drive around us with their sirens on because there is no time to be late for a game.  You get a lot of stares of people looking like what the heck is going on?  And some fans, well, they know.  So you get 49er fans driving along side showing off their hats and all excited about the bus arrival.

Arriving at the Stadium


Here we are at the Arizona stadium.

Kids, we have been doing selfies before you were even in elementary school and before they were even called selfies.


We arrived at the Cardinals Stadium around 10:30 a.m. and had quite a while until the game would start – 1 p.m.  So we sat and took a ton of photos and watched players work out and stretch.

Waiting for the game to start

49er-game-cardinals-3 49er-game-cardinals-8

That above is Frank Gore.  Go Frank Gore.

Look what my friends are taking photos of … those aren’t even Niners!

49er-game-cardinals-11 49er-game-cardinals-9

Even though I have no ties to Arizona other than going to college and living here, I cannot get myself to be a fan when there’s just no tie.  But the Cardinals Stadium is very cool – the grass rolls out and they did all this crazy fancy stuff to it since the team upgraded from their games at ASU’s football stadium.   I also know it’s not officially called the Cardinals Stadium but this is not a sponsored post so I don’t care. *wink*


Jackie bought me all this 49er gear including the shirt I’m wearing.  Faithful is truth – been a fan even when the team wasn’t winning for years (crying emoji face).

Watching the game

Found our seats.  Any guesses how much these seats cost?  $100.  So mom and dad, I hope you enjoy your club seats/non birds eye view at the Levi’s Stadium I managed to hook up for you (thanks Belem!) next month.  Dad, you should get a jersey or polo at the team store at the stadium.

Can you see whose family I’m sitting behind?


This Red Zone area is where I took a lot of those selfies I posted earlier – also that table area behind is where we went after the game.  It’s where the family of the opposing team hang out post game and say hello to their family.  Sure, I feel like I’m part of the family.


Sadly, we didn’t win.  I mean a win would have of course been better, but I still enjoyed the game and had lots of cheering for my team as they did do fairly well until the second half – yikes.  I blame a lot on the refs too – some were whack calls.  To cheer for my favorite team in the entire world in person is just the best.

Post game


Live interviews take place here, 49er fans and family hang out (with a ticket that says you can).  I don’t think the players have much time before they hop on the bus.  TSA comes and they go through a pre-check screening so they can hop on their private plane back.

Then when it’s time, you load into one of the 6 buses headed to the airport.  Traffic? No problem, sheriffs have it handled.

I also want to mention that I saw so many “birds” flipped at us.  And while I know people who do that do not read my blog, sheesh people – one guy did an “L” sign and that’s just rude.  I think that says more about the person doing it than the person it is intended for.  I could go on and on about how many badly behaved people I saw from Cardinals fans, but I’m sure every team has their bad boys – and girls!  It just made me think players have a lot to deal with and fans are doing things for fun, but everyone has feelings.


It was a great time, what a fantastic memory – this one goes down in the books!  Hope you all had a great weekend and your team won!


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