My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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So there was good news, and there was bad news, and the bad news turned out to be really good news.  I forgot what the initial good news even was – I think it was an alternative sun tunnel which I immediately shot down (not the style I wanted to go for in my office – but great for a closet or hallway).  I had a 34×34 Velux skylight installed.

I had our handyman come and sand, and stain the beams immediately so I could put my office back together.

DSC08171 DSC08170

I really think my office looks happier – maybe it’s just me.

DSC08163 DSC08160

I just love my area now, no lights necessary until sundown!

I wanted some additional color and texture in my office so I added two rugs – this sheepskin rug from Pottery Barn is so soft under my feet (cheaper ones at IKEA  - faux and real sold out online) and for a pop of personality and fun color, had to have this gorgeous Beverly Rug by Lulu & Georgia.  This was one of my birthday gifts from Mr. Wonderful.

What do you think about leaving the beams in?

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R

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Hi everyone!  If you are reading in a feed reader or by email subscription, I want to invite you to see my new mini face-lifted blog –!

The past few days I’ve been working with amazing Heidi from Grateful Ventures (a new blogging network I’m a part of) and she helped with adding double navigation bars and a few font tweaks.

In addition, I created these four buttons you can find on the sidebar – by clicking these you will be taken immediately to the topic or page.  I noticed I was being asked some of the same questions so I wanted to make this as easy as I can for you, and your friends you send to my site – easy navigation for the popular topics.


A few things you should know:

  • The top navigation bar is pretty much the same, but the second navigation bar is now my post categories with drop down feature.
  • If you just want all the posts of photography or home+garden, you can click on the category without going through the pull-down subcategories and you can see ALL of the posts under that specific category.
  • My galleries are now condensed in one page and you can click to see the portrait and or editorial galleries.
  • Right now I don’t have a subscribe to my blog via email, but if you would like that, feel free to click here to get that set up.  I have it delivering into inboxes around 10:30 pm.

My blog is here to help as a reference – for photographers, gals like myself who like style, and anyone who wants some encouragement in life.

If you think I need to add some subcategories, please tell me.  I have a lot of relationship posts (friends, dating, marriage, yourself) but I was debating if that was necessary to have a category or keep it all under “personal”.  There are a lot of posts under that category!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been blogging as this has been in the works for a few days, I feel like I have so much to update you on, so I’m going to work on those posts now.  Thanks for reading, as always.  This photography and writing thing – oh that thing they call blogging, well it wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Last night was the FORD/Robert Black Agency holiday at the W Hotel in Scottsdale.  Brenna and I decided to make our +2′s our girlfriends for a much needed girl’s night out – it’s been so long since we’ve been able to hang out with no babies and have girl chat, eat, hang out, and eat again.

Cheers!  Sushi Roku is inside the W Hotel and we decided to eat a few appetizers there before joining the party.  You get $6 off your $12 valet parking if you eat there.

IMG_1074 IMG_2023

Like my sequin pants?

Time to join the party!

I did not take as many photos as I should have that night, but I was honesty too busy chatting and catching up with fellow models, models I have photographed as a photographer, other models I’ve worked with, and former pageant gals.

Now this is a great sandwich – Stylist and Pinterest queen Alex Evjen and the talented photographer Michelle Herrick (I was styled by Alex and photographed by Michelle for Emma magazine here).  I love these two!

After hours and hours of chatting, making sure we said hello to our agents, watching a live runway show (of course models have to model at a model party, right?), and taking ridiculously “normal” photos that we really take together at a digital photobooth like so…


See, models aren’t picture perfect.  I’m also pretty sure we pride ourselves on our excellent BAD photo taking skills.  We’re actresses too, ps.

Anyway, we got hungry again.  We are models who eat, and we just didn’t want our night out together to end, really.

So off to Evo we went for a late night dinner.


More chats, laughs, and must needed girl time – always good for the soul.

Ok, so outfit details next week, promise!

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On a snowy morning, three years ago, I married Mr. Wonderful in Sedona.  This means we’ve known each other for 3.5 years now – hee hee.  It was small, it was simple, and it was perfect.

My favorite two memories that day was when my dad walked into my cabin to walk me to my first look (since I didn’t want to walk down an aisle, I wanted my dad to escort me in another way).  He had the “wow” look on his face which made me so happy to see.  The second was when I saw Benjamin by himself with our photographer Ryan who was taking portraits of him.  My heart wanted to explode from love, excitement, and knowing that God had ordained that very day, and intended for that very man to be mine.

Three years is still pretty new, and time certainly flies by.  I’m thankful to be married to my best friend and truly one of the kindest, wisest, loving, funny, generous, accepting man who also loves and pursues the Lord every day.  I totally married my dad, my dream came true!  I’m so thankful to be able to go through life with this guy by my side.

I love this shot – my parents were following us around with umbrellas because it was snowing and falling from the trees.  This was between shots and Ryan ran up to a cabin porch and took this shot.

See our wedding here.

{Photo: Ryan Ray}

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