My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Let us find the kind of fearlessness and passion that makes us feel alive.

An old high school girlfriend of mine got back in touch over the years and now we text every Sunday to check in to see how we can pray for each other and how we’re doing.  Knowing that you have someone dedicated to praying for you and a specific obstacle or hope for the week is just wonderful.  It’s amazing how old friendships can circle back around in your life, stronger than ever, and also sad to realize the friendships you thought would never change, just somehow do.

I choose to stay positive though and remind myself that if an old high school friend I lost touch with over 10 years ago can become a friend I text every week today and pray for can come back into my life, than certainly all friendships can be rekindled over time.  Sometimes you just let life evolve the way it should. :)

A few things I’ve learned this week:

  • A covered pot makes water boil faster – it is unfortunate I did not practice this sooner. So many wasted minutes in the kitchen.
  • The more you talk, the more likely you are to sin with your mouth.  This is something I’m reminded of from my over commitments, or just over talking like all women can do.  So I’m trying to slow down on chiming in and not blurting out every thought or knowledge.
  • It is worth reading promotional emails – I saved $15 a month on my cell bill just by actually paying attention to an email promotion.  $15 x 12 = $180.
  • Even when mad, there’s a point when you realizing continuing to be upset serves no purpose, so accept it, and try to find humor in it or just move on.
  • Shoe too big?  Use a cotton ball and stuff it in the toe.  Saved one of my favorite pair of heels.

This week has been restful.  Lots of cleaning, organizing, relaxing, slow cooking and catching up with friends over food has been good for my soul.  It’s when I overload my schedule when I start to not enjoy myself, so I choose to have the right perspective and realize how much of a blessing every day is – whether it is packed or not.

I hope you make time to do the things that make you feel alive.

{Photo: Melissa Schollaert}

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Remember in college when you’d see your best friends about 5 times a week?  You’d meet on the campus mall, lunch, go to class together, then go to the same parties over the weekend.

Then in your 20′s you see your best friends on the weekends hanging out, bars, restaurants, clubs, all those things single 20 year old’s do.

Then life changes, you start getting married, having kids, and you can see each other once a month – if lucky, and depending on how far everyone now lives from one another.

Last weekend my gf’s and I headed to The Henry, one of my favorite spots for coffee, lunch and dinner!  It gets tougher to get everyone together nowadays, so when most of us can make it, we make the most of it.

Whatever stage you are in – always enjoy it, because time constantly goes on, changing dynamics of everything.  When I was single I would fly and visit my friends who started their families because I had the availability.  So with this said, any time I can get with a girlfriend I jump at the chance because who knows when baby number 2, 3 or 4 comes along which would naturally mean it’s harder getting together.  What I’m also saying is, if you have the time, and the funds, go spend time with your friends as much as you can!

This is when I joke with my girlfriends who are moms that I get them back in 20 years when all the kids are out of the house and we can go on cruising around the world.

Whatever life stage we’re in, I’m just happy to have the girlfriends I do by my side, and that making intentional time to be together, love one another, those are the girls that are good for the heart.

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Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.
-Psalm 51:10

There are two really big things that make my soul feel good – closer to God, the first is traveling, the second is gardening.

I think it’s because it’s nature God’s creation, and I see His glory in it, this said by the girl who took an allergy back panel test and lit up like a Christmas tree – I’m allergic to everything outside, but I don’t care.  I wipe my nose when it drips, I sneeze hard and loud like it’s from my belly and I love it.

We ate dinner inside and as soon as I would finish I’d announce at the table, “I’m going back outside,” like a kid on summer break who couldn’t wait to go play.


This week was all about being outdoors – the weather was 75-80 and perfect, Monday was a holiday and I was elated to hear Benjamin had the day off.  So I politely asked/begged/told him he should pick up some bags of mulch for me so I could get the garden started again.  I set up my bamboo sticks and did some incredible tripod lashing to make sure my knots were secure and tight.  I only had cotton twine so who knows how long it will last, hopefully through end of summer.

Around dusk I decided it was time to clear the old lady – the grapefruit tree.  After 60+ years and an almost hollowed out trunk, she’s still strong!

DSC08472 DSC08470 DSC08488

That fence around our white painted adirondack chair?  Oh just Miss Liberty hanging out.


London passed away last fall, sudden death.  She looked fine but just had a heart attack or something, Benjamin found her on her side eyes wide open.  Liberty has been more than fine with it since London was the dominant bigger one and liked to hump her, sometimes even her poor face sometimes.  This is the part when I laugh and I show everyone a photo of it in action which Benjamin doesn’t like as if it were to one day be blackmail evidence against Liberty, but I find it similar to watching Animal Planet thinking – animals do that?

We still have the bunny run area but there’s still holes the buns dug so we keep her in this pen for now to let her run around on nice days so we know we can get her to put her back safely in her cage.  We’re thinking of changing that bunny area to a knot herb garden, but maybe not until fall since I’m just getting back into my gardening groove after taking fall gardening off.


That huge box our lady who helps clean our home took it – I was so glad!  Then I went to The Henry for coffee the next morning and saw that for fresh squeezed grapefruit it was $4 a glass!  Maybe I should sell these…

I mean, the money could go towards more plants.  Speaking of, I seeded most of the garden beds to use up my seeds, save some money, but did buy a few starters.  I’m hoping to have a good garden post for you next week to show you what we’ve been up to.  We also cleaned outside all the furniture so it’s not dusty, washed the outdoor cushions and pillows and ready for outdoor weather!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

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I am truly loving these hikes I’ve been taking this week!  I think the reason is because at the end of a hike there’s a reward – like discovering 900 year old ancient ruins, or a breathtaking view of Sedona.  I know the top of Camelback Mountain offers an amazing view of Phoenix but does that hike have to be THAT HARD?  I’ve hiked it a total of three times to the top out of anger – typically due to breakups, let’s be honest.

This week my Monday kicked off with my girlfriend Ricki who was my yoga/meditation model and we headed up to Cave Creek to check out the Sears Kay Indian Ruins.  I’m really excited to share these images with you after the April issue of PHOENIX magazine comes out.


I wanted a boulder shot so bad and this one was off the edge of the top of the mountain and I begged Ricki to get on.  Then I begged her not to fall off.

Those are just iPhone photos but my favorite shot looks like it should be an outdoor allergy pill advertisement.

The 16-35mm/F2.8 L did a great job, the rental covered 2 of my 5 shoots and the only ones I really needed to capture the great outdoors anyway.  I still can’t tell you if I want to buy it, but I do think renting it just seems to make more sense.  I am just not loving capturing subjects with it because you pretty much have to place your subject (a person) right in the middle to avoid warping, even with lens corrections in post it doesn’t seem to fix it well so I have to edit a bit more.  If anyone has experience shooting with a crazy wide angle like that with any advice please let me know.  I’m considering the 24mm/F1.4 L now, oh decisions. Ah!

Things I learned this week:

  • My cracked LCD screen on my Canon 5D Mark III was in fact a protective cover I forgot I put on.  Thank God, so worth the $10!
  • 5 editorial shoots in 8 days is a lot, but I’m so beyond happy to be doing what I love for a publication I respect and am proud to be a regular contributor.  If I could do a shoot every day, I’d love it!
  • Wearing heels that are too big are terrible/embarrassing to be seen attempting to walk in, and darn near impossible.
  • Just received boxes from, Mr. Wonderful’s bathroom is getting a little makeover, can’t wait to show you!

And because everyone loves a bunny picture!

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day!  You are loved, by me.  xx

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This month I’m so excited to be on five assignments for PHOENIX magazine – it’ll be for the April issue, the Top Doc’s publication!  I’m documenting locations to go along with a story on meditation areas and one of the places included Sedona.

Benjamin and I decided to go up for a night to settle in and rest and then the next morning drive to Boynton Canyon Vortex area – it’s by Enchantment Resort (where I shot the cover of PHOENIX magazine years ago).  It’s just one of several vortex areas in Sedona.  I’m not sure what a vortex is – but they just say it’s energy, just a force, just something that pulls energy and whether or not you can feel it, it’s kinda personal.  If you want to check it out, this website was the most helpful and comprehensive guide which was wonderful!


The parking was ridiculous and small, so I suggest going early morning, before 10 am especially on a Saturday to ensure a spot – there a $5 day fee so make sure you pay and put the ticket on your dashboard. The hike was incredibly easy, if I can do it with a backpack of heavy equipment, you can do it.

Back to the vortex energy – juniper trees grow straight, but where there is energy/vortex it spirals like this – twisting around itself.


I also swear there’s truth to it – I had taken a few shots of Benjamin (my model) not yet at the prime spot of the vortex.  Everything was fine, we walked to the main part of where the vortex is said to be the strongest, I took out my camera and the back screen was cracked.  Nuts.

Then I pulled out my iPhone and part of my protectant screen was cracked too.  Ugh.

I posted the news on Instagram and a comment was posted that their Nikon broke there years ago at that spot.


I rented a 16-35mm/F2.8 L series lens from Tempe Camera for this particular shoot because I needed a wide-wide-wide angle.  I’ve debated investing in buying the lens but for $1500 I’m not quite sure if I’ll need it as often for assignments just yet.  Renting it for a half day (weekend) for $65 is definitely worth testing it out to see.  I can’t report back on my decision just yet but if I get a few more jobs that require that type of scenery I might bite the bullet – but that new Canon 5DS that’s about to be released – that’s quite tempting too!  OK enough camera talk.


I’ll be able to share the images from our hike in April, sorry to make you wait but PHOENIX has first dibs of course!

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View More: Photo courtesy of Talk Studios

Since I felt super rushed last Friday on a personal post, I wanted to connect a bit more with you as I head into this month, and just let you know how I’m doing with the new years resolutions too *wink*.  The above photo was a behind the scenes shot for the February issue of Zephyr magazine.  I love it because it shows how much fun we had and it summarizes how I’ve been feeling.

This year has kicked off to an amazing start already, I was able to show one of my best friends Bella Lily Bridal - Brenda gave me the key and we sat around for a good 15 minutes after store hours turning on the lights and chatting in the space.  Then we walked a few stores down to The Melting Pot for a lovely girl’s date!


Speaking of food, Blue Apron has turned my mediocre cooking into #bestwifeever. This has been the best change this year! If you are interested in signing up, and I mean seriously, leave me a message with your email and I’ll send you the two free meals offer, which is only good if you subscribe, they are not just two free meals.  I only have three and once I send them out even if they don’t get used, I can’t take them back so only if you are going to sign up!  You won’t regret it, I promise.

Look – chicken tacos!


I have yet to drag myself to the gym or work out, but have you heard about ClassPass?  It’s a workout pass for $79 a month and you can take up to 3 classes at any partner studio but you can take unlimited classes across the board.  They have quite a few cities across the country and Phoenix is included with a map of workout locations. I need to check it out but here’s the link they offered my readers so you can bypass the wait list (in any city).  See, sometimes it pays to read my posts, right?

Next month, please make sure you read, I have a giveaway coming up in regards to clothes!

I need an excuse to buy these Elie Tahari pants I’ve had my eyes on:

elie-tahari-sport1 elie-tahari-sport2

I think I need the whole outfit and I certainly wouldn’t mind looking that hot when I worked out. That reminds me of how I used to look going to the gym on campus when I was in college *wink*

My other resolutions – juicing and waking up earlier, meh.  They say only a few resolutions stick and so I’m happy that the cooking one has – a huge life changer.  My issue with the Nutribullet Rx is that my drink isn’t cold like Jamba Juice – and no I’m not running it on soup mode, I did that accidentally and I know I don’t want blueberry soup again!

So far so good on the budgeting, well kinda. I can always be better, good thing this is a short month, ha!  How was your first month of the new year?

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tormented love 15

A few weeks ago I did a collaboration with some great talent for the February issue of Zephyr magazine - free download here.  I wore incredible floral crowns and arm ornament by Hoot and Holler, had makeup and hair done by Stephanie Neiheisel, and a great stylist Jennifer O’Bannon all captured by an incredible photographer, Michelle Herrick!

2 5 9

Yes my fingers are black like I have the black plague, it was awesome!  I’ve never modeled in such an avant-garde way, expressionless in my face but using body language to portray a feeling.

7 10 1

Modeling jobs have dynamic ranges across the board.  I’m thankful that my first job with my LA agency when I was 21, was quite horrific. I pretty much looked liked a cracked out clown in a red frayed dress with frizzy hair and I just had to grin and pose and look all mad.  That experience made me realize that sometimes you just play a role, you act, and most of all, you do your job!

I then started to take a different appreciation for modeling and acting – it was more about delivering a character rather than always looking like a prom queen or Cover Girl, that’s what I’ve started to really enjoy about it.

6 3 4 tormented love 5 tormented love 6

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