My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a journalist, photographer, graphic designer and FORD model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, gardening, and John Mayer and Twilight. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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bestfriends My best friend since university – Jackie.  She drove 3 hours to see me when I was home in Nor Cal.

Last year, 2012 was a little tough for me.  I learned who to draw myself closer to, and away from.  My heart got bruised – but I learned to let go, forgive, and trust that space and time can heal wounds.  As the years go on, I realize that not everyone is meant to be close to you and some are not meant to carry through life with you forever – sometimes they are there for a while and God puts them there when you really need them, and life and careers can change it, but it doesn’t mean goodbye forever.  And sometimes, it does, and that’s OK, because you can still be incredibly thankful for that friend because you know you spent good time with them, and your heart did so every well when you were together.  But that was 2012.

This year, it’s almost over in a blink of an eye and I have spent the year surrounded by those who have supported me in ways I never knew I could be supported.  These past three months I’ve been spoiled being surrounded by them through visits!

When we’re young, we can make friendships with almost anyone because we don’t really know ourselves very well – and they typically are on the surface because our souls aren’t mature enough to be much deeper.  Being social is really like an extra curricular activity which is exactly what you do in your youth – do everything you can to figure yourself out.  When you get older, time is put into perspective and you realize time isn’t to be spent with just anyone.  Life experiences happen, careers change, crisis occur, babies happen, and you begin to see who lifts you up, who makes time, and also come to the realization you can’t be friends with the whole world.

But the friends who are in your world and have stayed, they become so much of your world.  They are the ones you bounce ideas off of, meet up for laughs, travel the world with, ask for prayer, advice, and they hold you accountable to be the best person they know you can be.  And those are the people who you keep in your life – the ones who can catch up as though no time has passed at all, who remind you of your spirit when you think you’ve lost it (and your brain), the goals they know you can achieve, and you delight in them and are filled with so much joy because you know a friend that good is worth their weight in gold.



I often get asked by parents about how to get started in the modeling or acting industry because their young children or teen has shown interest.  After last week’s chat with a mom I figured I would write a post on how to find a modeling or acting agent.  I’m going to be straight to the point and totally honest with my 12+ years of being in the industry.

May 2013 issue of PHOENIX magazine

A few things to know

  • There are different types of businesses – modeling agencies, and modeling schools.  And somewhere in between there are cruises where agents are invited to go (they are paid a lot to attend, so they oblige) to a model search – like the ones who claim famous people like Ashton Kutcher got discovered.  These are all different businesses – not fraudulent, but just a business.
  • Models have agents.  The agent of the modeling agency (in my case FORD/Robert Black Agency) finds jobs, and gets a commission.  Typically it is 20%.  It can be less if you live in LA and you are a SAG actor.
  • You don’t need a manager unless you are some super famous person or you need a career counselor.   They too take a cut and manage you if you have several agencies.  I’m not familiar with this route, but I’ll tell you that if you are reading my blog figuring out how to get started, you probably don’t need one right now.
  • A casting director doesn’t sign you – they work with a company and then contacts the agencies to tell who to send.  They then pick who is cast in the commercials.
  • A modeling school doesn’t get you work – they teach you how to model and walk and possibly diet.
  • A catwalk with a hefty entrance fee doesn’t get you work either – your fee pays for exposure to a culled group of agencies around the world.  Good yes, but you can also get in front of them for free – just attend an open call or submit online.
  • There are height requirements, but they really are preferences.  In certain markets you can get away with not being 5’8″ or 5’9″.  I’m 5’8″ which is crazy tall for an Asian.  I have friends who are 5’6″ and signed and as long as they look proportionate they can work in print – we’re not in NYC and not doing runway.  You could also consider acting instead of print too.  So I’m just saying, don’t let height discourage you unless you are in LA or NY and you are trying to sign with the biggest agency that also reps Giselle.
  • It doesn’t cost anything to sign with an agency.  Anything that requires money means they are offering you a different service – classes on how to walk, a fee for the cruise, so on.  The only thing an agency will do is present you with a contract if they want to sign you and see if you have an acceptable headshot to market you.  You may need to invest $150-$700 on a new modeling shoot if you don’t have good shots.
  • Take acting classes to get better at acting or hosting.  I don’t think modeling classes are necessary as some agencies provide modeling workshops (for free) for their own signed talent.
  • In some states, like Arizona, you can only sign with one agent.  In California, you can sign with multiple agencies in different counties – so LA County, Orange County, etc.  The only issue is you would have to drive to all the auditions, so if you’re cool, then fine.  Otherwise, one might be enough.
  • You can sign in multiple states – I know models who have agencies in FL, CO, CA, AZ and so on.  Again, you must be willing to travel and perhaps even spend months at a time in those markets.
  • There are a zillion reasons why you don’t get signed – you can be too tall, too pretty, too thin,  the list goes on – there’s nothing you can do but keep going and find an agency who embraces your look, or try later when you grow into yourself.
  • Commercial acting pays more than a print ad – unless it’s for Nike or a crazy huge campaign it might be equal.


How to find an agent

  • You can go to the SAG/AFTRA site and look under “locals” and they list agencies under “Local AFTRA Franchised Agents”.  Not all agencies are SAG licensed – typically ones that have an acting board.  Or just click here.  If they are with the SAG/AFTRA union, it means they are required to follow guidelines.  This doesn’t mean that if they don’t have it they aren’t legit – they may focus more on print modeling which doesn’t require that license.
  • Look up the agency’s website and look for their submission/open call information.
  • When you go to an open call, don’t try to like a wannabe model.  Agents know what you look like under all that makeup or if you’re wearing too much.  You’re still going to have to take off your heels so you don’t need stacked towering heels.  Natural is pretty, consider skinny jeans, black tank, you’re fine.  If you are auditioning for acting, you will be asked to read.
  • If you hear a no, go to the next agency, no big deal! Sometimes you look like someone they already have signed so they are full, don’t take it personally.  You can always go back again.


My story

  • My mother was a professional model and singer overseas.  As most normal teens, I wanted to be like my mom.  The only opportunities I found were ones that were advertised on the radio that required money and were big searches in Florida that cost thousands of dollars.  My parents said no.  I was crushed – but this was a good thing because that route would have been a dead end.
  • In college I had a free modeling shoot and decided to look up some agencies.  I thankfully found a legitimate one, and signed with one in Phoenix – a two hour drive from Tucson.  I had no acting experience and she told me she was signing me for my face, not my resume (because it honestly was pretty pathetic).  I worked quite a bit, landed a few national gigs, and it was good extra money while I was in college.
  • I moved to LA post college and looked for a new agency.  I got a TON of no’s.  Mainly, “We have a girl that already looks like you,” which was one of the most aggravating things to hear because you assume everyone else thinks all Asians look alike.  I finally signed with KSR, formerly Kazarian/Spencer and Associates but only the print side, it was too competitive to get in on the acting/hosting side which was not fun for me.  They were a huge agency and I went to a ton of print auditions but the truth was, there were a million girls that really did look like me in LA and I was busier in Phoenix.
  • I stayed with my agency in Phoenix, continued to book and drove back to AZ for work.
  • I moved to Phoenix two years after living in LA and after 10 years with my first agent, I moved to FORD/Robert Black Agency because I had many friends signed with them and wanted to not only continue acting, but also go into print modeling.  I did love my other agency but it was nothing personal, just wanted to see what else I could do.  I am signed on both boards of FORD, print and acting.
  • I don’t do it full-time (even though I have the time), because quite honestly there isn’t enough work to do it full-time – as an Asian model anyway.  Phoenix is still predominately Caucasian and the best role are the girls who look white, maybe Hispanic, maybe Italian, this is called “racially ambiguous” and if you fit that, you can probably do incredibly well!

Arizona agencies

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below, I’ll try my best to respond.

{PHOENIX magazine photo by Brandon Sullivan, makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh / Floral prints photo by Michelle Herrick for Emma Magazine / Modeling comp card photos by Michael Franco}

Diana Elizabeth says it’s fun and great extra money but again, alway be at peace with who you are and what your capabilities are.  It’s a fun thing to do, but also hard work, she wouldn’t do it for free if it wasn’t for the money.

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Doesn’t mean you should - or at least not right now.  Or not all at one time.


I didn’t mean for that to sound discouraging.  You know I believe in pursuing your dreams, exploring ideas, being creative, trying something new – but sometimes that antsy feeling for another project can make you burn out a little sooner than you thought.

Lately, as I have begun to feel better in health, I am constantly thinking about the next thing I want to do. The reality is, I’m distracted by creating distractions.

Being creative brained and having an entrepreneur spirit has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  Before you think I’m a great go-getter (thank you I can be), I’d also like to tell you about the times that I completely changed my mind and I’m glad I did.

  1. Remember that Heirloom Home blog I started, oh, earlier this year?  Yeah, that was a terrible idea. I was more in love with the name than the idea of having a second blog.
  2. I have all the canning supplies I need, only I have yet to can. I had every intention, I took not one, but TWO canning classes – but right now it seems to be on permanent pause.
  3. Compost fail.  Well, that idea wasn’t as fun as I thought.  It’s still in the compost we created, it was just so much work and I didn’t like the smell, having to add cultures, water, oh it was just too much.  I’m just going to buy soil.  Compost could work maybe this fall again when I can actually go outside but I’m admitting I haven’t touched it for 6 months.
  4. I have yet to sign up for a barre class.  Last summer I bought tons of adorable workout clothes, a leotard included, and multiple finger toe socks so when I would finally have the time to enroll in a barre class, I had no excuse.  Yet a year later, I still have an excuse – it’s hot out.
  5. I don’t want to ever knit again.  That long amazing color block scarf I showed you here?  Well, I had one more skein (that’s a ball of yarn) to go, and I brought the whole thing home to my mom and asked her to finish it.  Looking at it bothered me – it is $120 worth of expensive New York yarn and 462 hours of time. I’m glad I learned, but now I don’t foresee knitting as a favorite past time right now.  Maybe later.
  6. I thought I wanted to sell jewelry. Now tell me if this makes much sense – I attended a jewelry party only to dislike the jewelry and researched a different line of jewelry to discover that jewelry line was coming out with another jewelry line.  I don’t do sales.  I can market, but home parties is really hard to find.  If you do any of those businesses, please tell me how because I can’t figure it out.  I love this new line but I’m going to utterly fail at doing 4 parties in one month for the soft launch and I had to pass. It still made me sad, but I just couldn’t see myself succeeding.

I laid in bed earlier this week with my heart and mind racing. Then I decided it was time to let Mr. Wonderful in on my crazy thoughts so he could help me make sense.

“What did Nancy Reagan say?” asked Benjamin.
“Um, are you referring to ‘Just Say No’?” I hesitantly answered.


OK, so maybe Nancy meant drugs, but maybe taking on too much is like a drug.

And so, I started saying no.  I reevaluated all the things that even though I could do it all, I shouldn’t, or at least not try it all at once.  So I started saying no, and though my head felt a little sad about not having more chaos or something to take up my time, my heart felt lifted – this is not the right time.  You don’t have to do everything, or rather, you don’t have to try to keep doing everything just because you started (knitting for example).  It’s alright to try it, figure out you don’t like it, then stop.  It doesn’t make you a quitter, it means you’re refining your life.  But just a note to myself, stop and take a rest before pick up the next heavy thing.

Back to that scarf I was trying to knit, well, it’s done.


Thanks to my mom who finished the last block and a half of color because I just couldn’t handle it any more.  Just in time for fall!

Have you ever taken on too much or realized you were in over your head?  I’m trying to tame to my entrepreneur spirit without completely ignoring it.

{Photo by Melissa Louise for Kokoon}

Diana Elizabeth still hated sending out that no email, she had to say no, right now.  Sometimes our reasoning is just crazy and we need to talk it out to get a better perspective.



We were overdue for a girl’s get together so I picked a time when there was no baseball game at Chase Field to eat at the Friday’s attached to the stadium.  The reason being, so we could have a quiet table to ourselves, and also find plentiful downtown parking.  Downtown Phoenix is very quiet when there’s no sporting games going on.


Yeah you recognize that face?  She’s a former Miss Arizona USA.  And I may or may not have taken lots of her photos.

Our waitress was adorable.  As the girls trickled in to join our table, she said, “You keep getting prettier and prettier, how do you all know each other?”  And we admitted it was from pageants – LOOOOONG ago.  Then a memory surfaced between three gals of being at this very same restaurant years ago in 2005, when Brenna won the 2006 title.


Soda cheers to true friendships made from pageant land long ago and making time to catch up!


We like family style ordering – a few appetizers, entrees and dessert to split.  A little bit of everything fantastic at TGIFriday’s - in this particular case, Front Row.


It’s time to pick out a dessert ladies, hope you all saved room.


You mean we get to pick out any of these fantastic looking plates?  Brownie and Oreo madness, yes please!

tgi-fridays-front-row-girlfriends-7 tgi-fridays-front-row-girlfriends-5

No spoon wars!

Then we were introduced to a free App called Perfect365 – you take a photo of your face.  You then select the type of makeup to add to your face!  Since Melayne didn’t have any makeup on, she was the perfect test subject.


Like so.


Oh dear. Maybe you need to pay extra for the really good makeup looks.

Several hours later, after full bellies, laughs, sharing news, our beds called and we had to say goodbye.  We hadn’t been together since early spring in Vegas.


More on our matching necklaces next month!

Diana Elizabeth became hungry by the time she got home and wrote this post – that’s how long they stayed at Friday’s – on a Thursday night.  But she’ll blame it on the atmosphere because in there it’s always Friday.



Hi! I thought I’d throw up a quick Sunday night post to say hello from Nor Cal, I’m back home for a week and a half visiting my parents and trying to avoid the Phoenix heat.  After this trip I have a week back in Phoenix and then I’m off to NY for a fantastic wedding I’m photographing!  By the time I return the weather will be just perfect and I’ll stay put in Phoenix, as far as I know – hee hee.

Paris is almost 12 years old and the first morning it was pretty precious – he forgot I was home!  I called his name from the stairs and he kept running back and forth to mom and dad because they are typically the only ones home.  He was so confused until he saw me and realized, I was home!  He forgot!   He was excited all over again as if he saw me for the first time and it was just precious.  What can I say, he’s getting a little old.

I got here Friday afternoon, the Phoenix airport was pretty busy – Friday summers are packed because everyone is trying to get out of dodge, typically for just a quick weekend.


I have this thing for not wearing opened toed shoes for flights over 1 hour.  The longer the flight the higher the altitude which can make my toes feel super cold!  Overseas flights especially, I’m all bundled up!  These foldable flats by Yosi Samra in so many different styles, I love that they fold up in your bag.

I never know which gate I am by, I always hope it’s by the LGO, but this time I was happy to see Cartel and got the yummiest iced vanilla latte.  I have to admit I am not a Starbucks fan, I find myself nursing the drink all day, it’s just so hard for me to drink!  The only way I can drink it is if I order a tall for the milk to espresso shot ratio, just too bitter for me.


About to land in Sacramento – yep, lots of farm land!  Did you have any idea?  Betcha didn’t!

With all my traveling lately I sure wish Southwest Airlines would sponsor my blog – as if they needed the publicity.


I was happy to find my mom finished my seed stitch scarf.  Each row is 99 stitches and there are probably 70+ rows of each skein, I’m bad at guessing, but I’ll also guess that means it’s over 1,000 stitches.  I did bind off in the seed stitch so I kinda felt like I was able to “complete” it even though mom did the tedious part I just couldn’t do anymore!  I need a break from knitting!


The best snacks come in cute little bowls – now I know where I get it.  My mom gave me a little antique bowl of washed strawberries for a snack.

Is that weird that I caption my photos before the photo? I just think it makes more sense when you scroll down, it’s in order.  I might be weird.


In other news, I went to church with mom and dad and got to worship with Lincoln Brewster!  He’s the worship leader of our church back home – I seriously look so much forward to it every time I go home that I always try to make it to two Sundays that’s how much I  love my church back home.


Lincoln Brewster’s new album called Oxygen comes out this Tuesday.  He had a pre-sale at church and dad bought three of them, one for me.  I wasn’t sure how creative to get with photographing an album so I made my dog sit with it.  He looks pretty excited.

Hope you are all having a restful Sunday.

Diana Elizabeth will start seeing high school friends this week!  She also has an equestrian shoot this week too.

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When I was a little girl, probably in the 2nd grade, my mom cut my hair above my shoulders and I cried the entire time.  In college, I went to get my hair cut and the stylist I had been going to for years who knew I loved my long tresses cut my hair right below my shoulders – I put my hair in a ponytail until it grew out and never saw her again.

Of course I think as humans we all have preferences on how we prefer we look – but sometimes you have to think, Is it really because I look better this way or Is this an unhealthy security blanket?  I found security in my hair, I can’t explain it, it sounds ridiculous and it wasn’t this way all the time.  Or perhaps it was, but I never realized it because I always left my hair long.  Security turned into an idol.  Now not all women who have long hair idolize their hair.  But for me, deep down, I knew there was something wrong. I kept looking at photos of myself and thought, it just looked too long, but why couldn’t I seem to cut more? Why was it giving me anxiety that even when I went for a trim I’d come home and declare, “It’s too short!” ?

I’ve had many idols in my life.  Some were things, vanity, other times it was a person, or a goal.  My idols have changed and lessoned as I’ve matured spiritually and come to acknowledge them.  I know people who have idols of things that I particularly couldn’t ever imagine  idolizing (at least it’s not for me at the moment) – idols change and they hold different weight depending on who you are.  None of us though are ever free from them.

I had never cut my hair short since that accidental college chop I mentioned earlier in this post.  But then I did it this summer – you may or may not have noticed and if you didn’t, you may be thinking I could’ve gone shorter to really make a point.  The cut was a cut, one I would have never done before and two months later, I went back and cut it again.  I actually walked away disappointed my hair wasn’t shorter – such a change.  Something happened after that.  There’s a feeling of freedom – I can cut my hair and I can grow it out, what-ev-er.  It’s just hair, it’ll grow back. Honestly, I’ll probably let it go long this fall because I think I my fall outfits will look better with longer hair, and I may cut it when it annoys me again.  That’s just one recent example of my latest idol.  Hair – so silly.

There’s something about letting go and realizing you’re still the same person with or without your idol.  Your idol is just a temporary fixation making something more important and bigger than life and God.  It’s putting too much weight on something that won’t last forever – beauty, a thing, person, job, car, home, you pick your poison.  How do you know if you have one?  What creates fear in you if you suddenly lost it?  What can’t you give up right now?  There’s your answer.

Once you admit it, do something – let it go in your heart, cut the ties.  It’ll be so freeing.  Chop chop.

Have you ever realized you had a security blanket/idol? What did you do to free yourself from it?

{Photo by Melissa Louise for Kokoon}  Outfit:  Kokoon top / Free People denim

Diana Elizabeth believes if you idolize something, you can let it go in your heart and still have it in your life – with a different perspective.  Getting rid of an idol doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say goodbye physically, but other times, you may.



I’ve always been healthy – although accident prone which has landed me several times in the ER over my lifetime.  Over the past year I’ve been a little out of it – light headed, forgetful, migraines, fatigue, just really not myself – I even did a sleep test to see if I had sleep apnea because I never felt well rested even after 10 hours of sleep.  Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I saw a naturopath and the diagnosis was - my body was in shut down mode.

I also never knew I could have low Vitamin D living in such a sunny state (lotions, hard water, getting older will do that to you), and that eating good foods at the right time is really what it’s all about.  No more 11 pm munching and unintentionally fasting until 2 pm.

This is when my best friends stare at me across the table, eyebrows raised and say, “Di, what have I been telling you?” and I change the subject, to, “Oh my gosh, your hair looks SO pretty today!”

I’ve had friends who have solved their health issues simply by a diet change – taking one thing out and it solved everything.  Isn’t that funny how life is like that in general – remove that toxic friend, quit that demanding job, the removal of a single source of pain can change everything.

So I force myself to eat better, drink more water, and be a wee bit more aware that the amazing cinnamon roll won’t give me enough energy as the omelette first thing in the morning.  The trade off truly is much sweeter.

{Photo by Melissa Louise for Kokoon}

Diana Elizabeth now battles the, “I want to do everything now that I am feeling better” bug. Not a completely terrible thing, but she needs to slow it down.



The day after our kayak trip down the Russian River in Nor Cal, my dad set up a little safari ride in Santa Rosa.  We drove a few miles to Safari West where we walked around and saw lots of animals before our jeep ride tour.

IMG_1719_edited IMG_1670_edited

It was about 45 minutes of walking to see animals in their cages, monkeys, birds, you know, those sort of things.

It was great aside from a 6 year old in our group who spoke every thought he had, and interrupted the tour guide.  I did however find him mildly entertaining when he kept saying, “The animal next to the butt?” or pointing out animal’s genitals or screaming when the animal would go to the bathroom. I didn’t say I had the finest sense of humor. Onward.

IMG_1699 DSC07736_edited DSC07740

This giraffe really wanted a weed that he actually nearly tumbled over the gate when his hoof wasn’t stable on the rock. I thought he was going to fall on me.

DSC07755_edited DSC07750

In the bird area the birds are not shy.  This crane just stood there and cleaned himself when I walked in.  I almost got turded (it should be a word) on when I tried to take a photo of another bird.  The irony.

DSC07757_edited DSC07759

This gorgeous peacock’s feathers makes me think he’s part tiger, leopard and all sorts of other things!


I wanted one of these red feathers I saw on the ground from this little guy but we weren’t allowed to take any – the safari wanted to keep them for the birds so they could build nests.  Would have been an awesome addition to my hawk feather from Ireland!

DSC07763_edited DSC07769_edited

Isn’t the above bird just gorgeous?  I want that guy for a pet.  I’ll trade my bunnies for him.

Also, raise your hand if you totally hate pigeons!  Now what if your pigeons looked like this little guy down here, the blue pigeon?  Yeah can’t hate on him can you?


Jeep ride time.  You can even sit up top, just watch for the branches!

So once in the Jeep, you drive into a gated area where animals are hanging out in their animal gangs.  They can be super close to the Jeep, get in the way, or walk right up to you – they’re just living in their element.

DSC07727 IMG_1742

I purposefully told my mom to cut off my feet as I did not pack an extra pair of shoes after kayaking and had to deal with it.

Santa Rosa is in Northern California, close to the bay for anyone who isn’t familiar with California.  Even though I’m from California I don’t know where everything is, the state is too dang big and I swear new cities pop up.  You won’t get cell service there by the way, I tried.

Anyway, here are some animals, and as my dad says, now you don’t have to go to Africa.  Took a mixture of these photos with my Sony NEX-5R and Canon Powershot S100.

DSC07780 DSC07795 DSC07793_edited DSC07796 DSC07811 IMG_1698

Hope you enjoyed the safari with me!  What’s your favorite safari animal?  I think mine would be that crazy multi-printed bird.

Diana Elizabeth doesn’t remember what the names of the animals were hence the lack of captions, oops, sorry.

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Have you heard of Fireproof with Kirk Cameron?  It’s pretty much a movie about a marriage falling apart and how one changes and the marriage is fixed – God is the center of the marriage and changes the dynamic of both involved.  This was a huge movie – if you ask any Christian about it they would most likely rave about it.

A new updated movie has come out since 2008, called The Song.  Similar story line, based upon the life of Solomon, I got goosebumps watching the trailer.  I saw it a few weeks ago with Mr. Wonderful and a couple we consider mentors.  It was a beautiful, funny, amazing movie.  And just like Fireproof with studies and a journal, The Song has their own resources to help couples and churches.

In theaters September 26.

On Mobile? Click here

The movie is a love story with worldly complications, with the desire for fame, money, attention, applause and reaffirmation from the world – struggles we all deal with through different stages in our life.  The Song single by Alan Powell is a great song too, it’s played throughout the movie.

I can’t wait to buy this movie when it comes out, and Mr. Wonderful wants the soundtrack when it comes out.  The main actor is the lead singer of Anthem Lights and the acting is impressively good – I know you were wondering.

Diana Elizabeth cried, which means it was really good.


“Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be!” Oh that Weezer song, those catchy little tunes!  This past weekend, I headed to LA for a quick overnight trip for a social media seminar.  Melayne drove up from Newport to hang out on Saturday.  Little did I know or remember Whitney Houston had over dosed at the Beverly Hilton.  Aside from that, when I lived in LA long ago I drove by always wondering what it looked like inside and 10 years later I finally had an excuse to be a guest.  I was however not thrilled by the $40 overnight parking that I couldn’t get around (even for Diamond Members).  Oh, LA.

As soon as I arrived Melayne and I headed to downtown LA for the Renegade Craft Fair which I first heard about in Martha Stewart. It was pretty much an Etsy in real life!  Imagine the best curated artisans right in person.  They have multiple fairs across the city so check out the site to see if there are any dates coming to you.


I wasn’t in the market for anything until I came across this 22kt gold over brass cuff with turquoise from a faraway place by Tibet. I have tiny delicate wrists so I was thrilled that this was sized just for me!


Now this is an idea I wish I came up with - book journals!  Old books that are now filled with lined pages and spiral bound!  We laughed over this one… You could write your crazy thoughts in here woman!  Only $14!

There are about 75 blank pages with a few pages of the original book which make it like a subject notebook.  So so darling.  You could probably find some special covers for a themed gift.

I saw this and immediately said, “This is me!”  Then Melayne brought up a great point – it looked like a journal, less book. I should really go for a book cover!


I thought this one was perfect – I’m a bit country and a bit of a city girl. *wink*  I swear I battle between them both – I look like a city girl and I love it, but my heart yearns for the country.

Of course now the issue is this totally country looking book doesn’t fit in my glam office.  Perhaps I’m not as country as I think.


Then it was time for the best coffee – I love vanilla blended – I always pick one up after I stop in to see my agents to pick up any checks from work I’ve done since there’s one in Scottsdale. In LA, they are on nearly every corner like a Walgreens, so lucky!  The only downside is no room for drivethrus!


I also got to see my long time girlfriend Maayan (who had visited me over New Years) to meet up for dinner and she invited her girlfriend Joanna.  We ate at Craig’s, the food was delicious!  Rumor has it George Clooney went there for dinner to celebrate his engagement.  Then again, go to any place in LA and there’s some celeb story, they are people and they have to eat I suppose.


Back at the hotel…

IMG_9726 IMG_9729

The next morning I attended The Creative Residency, which had 14 attendees and was hosted by Justina Blakeney and Dabito.  I cannot even put into words how nice it was and how much I love them both.  Justina was just everything kind and lovely, and beyond funny and down to Earth. She was authentic and I can’t sing her or Dabito praises enough – follow their blogs you will be inspired!

Also, if you are into learning more about your social media or branding, check out their site for exclusive seminars. You have to apply to get accepted – they make sure you are the cream of the crop!


Do you like my jumpsuit?  It’s from the Kardashian Kollection! See the pant version here.  I’m also dying over this denim jumpsuit here.  I’m in an XS but the top was too low cut – not surprised so I added a camisole from Express in size small under it.

I love jumpsuits, even if it’s a pain to go to the bathroom.

Diana Elizabeth took the selfie of the outfit in a bathroom.

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