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My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy home decor, sewing and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life, travel, and work and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

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My best friend since college, Jackie, loves road trips. You may have noticed when we took a nine day (maybe it was longer) road trip through Dixieland many years ago hitting a handful of states in the South. Then there was the day trip in Arizona going to places I’ve never been before.

She works for the San Francisco 49ers and lives in the bay area and when I told her I was coming home to visit my parents she took the day off and drove up. I got in the car, and guess what we did.


Something to know about me – I can’t stand being in the car for more than an hour – two is pushing it. I’d rather meet you and be on a plane, the plane feels more like home. But, if I don’t get in the car, I don’t get to have the most funny and also deep conversations with my long time best friend or take random side of the road photos – so, I happily get in the car.

Also, there was no game plan. We ended up here, La Porte. Population 26.


Since there were no cars around, for a really long time, I got a little crazy. Don’t try this, ever. You probably don’t want me to babysit your children now.


We were hungry, and so we stopped for food and also picked up a few snacks.


Jackie touches this payphone and I tell her, “I hope you put your hair between that phone and your ear because that’s disgusting!”


From the looks of it, I think her ear touched a public pay phone! Jackie!

Jackie wanted to get closer to the lake. How ironic I joked with her, I just so happen to live down the street from Folsom Lake, you know, where you just picked me up two hours ago. But hey, alright, it’s your road trip, so we keep driving. The lady at the general store warned us to not go too far because eventually the pavement would end – and it did. So then, Jackie decided to walk down to a path that looked super long.


I wasn’t quite sure how far this would go so I walked slow. Jackie walked fast and I knew why – she wanted to make sure there was a good view and if there wasn’t, she would turn around quickly and I wouldn’t have to walk that far. She also gets really excited and walks fast, it’s kind of cute. I was so glad to see a break in the trees and see water.


We got the water shot. The view was spectacular!


You can camp at Little Beaver Campground – this lake Little Grass Valley Reservoir, it’s a little lake in Plumas County, close to the Pacific Crest Trail. We found the turn off that we had missed when we trailed back and went to the docking area. The weeds looked as tall as corn.


We sat on a dock…

I cleaned off my feet from the dusty road. It was so nice and cool and felt so refreshing. Even though I’m a lake girl, I have to admit the lake also frightens me – deep waters just make me a little squeamish.


What can I say, though, the breeze started to pick up and it feels so good to be home!


 What a great last trip home to end the summer!

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I’ve joined the long bob trend – aka “the lob” or as articles are now referring to the trend now as, “the cool girl haircut” which I’m not sure I can live up to. Now with shorter, darker hair, and whiter teeth, you would’ve thought I’ve gone through a breakup or something (no, still married to Mr. Wonderful). Remember, never cut your hair after a breakup!

This hair though, it takes way more work now than it did when it was long – I’m telling you. I owe my bravery to two things: (1) Realizing my hair was a security blanket and doing whatever it takes to get rid of that nonsense and (2) My agency who said my hair should be kept at a certain length – and I did where they said but recently just decided a wee bit shorter might be fun!


Moving on.

It’s taken everything in me to not unload my fall clothing into my closet right now. See my nails? Fall color. I need to put away my “resort wear” which I really do have a section for that, until early April (Thailand). Some of it I’m not crazy about but you know I’m going to hold onto it so I can leave it on my trip – I’m notorious for leaving my clothes overseas to make room for shopping. It really makes perfect sense, especially if I’m attempting to do it all in a backpack.

Oh, speaking of that (rabbit trail hope you don’t mind), I thought I found the travel companion - Timbuk2 Navigator Duffel Bag:


Oh wait for it, this is what it would look like on my back:


Hahhahahaaa. I’m laughing at myself. Here’s the deal, I don’t have to wear it as a backpack really, there’s just this one part of the trip where it’s going to be crazy and I sure as heck don’t want to be rolling a bag, that’s definitely not happening with the flights and boats I’m taking. I haven’t bought it yet, I still want to see what the 2016 bag will look like.

Then, when I told my dad and showed him, he was listening and I told him my plan – the backpack minimal plan.

“And dad, I am probably going to leave my pajamas and underwear there too,” I explained.
“You might not even wear it!” he said.

He thought it was too humid and hot when he went with my mom a few years ago.

So now I’m back to the idea of a rolling backpack. *sigh* Recommendations are appreciated.

I’m enjoying time in Nor Cal back home with my parents and pup for the next week and also seeing those I love so much – high school girlfriends and my college bestie! It’s my last big trip and summer comes to an end, and then, GARDEN POSTS GALORE!

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Alright, so maybe the fall fragrances are just in stores right now, but that works. I can’t wait to wear my booties and layer!

Summer clothes are going on clearance, and I get to watch my beloved zombies on television once again!  Yes I’m talking about “Fear the Walking Dead“! Did you watch it? I think I have a solid prediction on how the zombie/walking dead virus started…I tweeted it so if you’re curious you can check my prediction on my account here.

I can’t wait for:

  • Fall clothing – this will inspire me to return to wardrobe pics on Tuesdays
  • Get back out into my neglected garden
  • “The Walking Dead” new season
  • “Reign” new season
  • Boston weekend for the Wayfair home blogger conference

We still have a few more weeks until I can really do cartwheels, so if you’re itching for some movement or something to do, I’m going to give you a list and you can report back to me if you liked it or not!

Suggestions to pass time

  1. Rent “The Intouchables” – based on a true story in France.
  2. Catch up or jump on the bandwagon and watch CW’s “Reign” on Netflix (Season 3 starts this fall)
  3. Go through your closet and donate to Salvation Army or a Hospice Thrift Store
  4. Clean out your storage unit (I’m going to do this!)
  5. Start a savings plan for a ChiliPad – it has been the BEST investment we made for hot summer nights

I gave myself a makeover

  1. I chopped my hair super short – like shorter than the above pic. I’ll have to take time to show but since I cut it I’ve been wearing it in a top knot and I just need to take time to style it – which who knew shorter, the “lob” as they call it really takes a lot more work!
  2. I dyed my hair darker.
  3. I also attempted to bleach my teeth, the heavy duty stuff from the dentist and I wanted to cry later that night, it felt like each tooth had a heartbeat and was throbbing. I have yet to do the trays again because I have to give it 24 hours until I can have coffee and that’s a tough thing for me! I know, now you’re all dying for a pic but I promise I look the same.

Hope you have a great start to your week! I’m showing you my office on Thursday!

{Photo and hair and makeup by Michael Franco}

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