My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Do you spray paint a lot of things?  Personally I love the color gold and my girlfriend Kate and I would love to spray paint the world and everything in it gold if we could.  It’s the holidays so you might be wanting to spray a LOT of things gold right now.

I had some trouble finding the right type of shiny gold – as seen above I bought this wire balloon from BHLDN (no longer available) and wanted to spray it.  Too many flat colors, bronze, aged brass, eh, not enough, boom shiny that’s goooooold look.

I finally found a few recommendations thanks to a Pinterest search:


Krylon / Rust-oleum Metallic / Rust-oleum Bright Coat (I use this)

I suppose the key is to find a super shiny cap on the spray paint.  Happy spraying!


IMG_1017 Custom laptop cover, $38

Do you ever think about your space, where you work and how to decorate it?  I’m always hiding the necessary (but uncute) items in drawers and leaving out the pretty things so it makes me happy to come back to my desk area even if I’m in the middle of chaos.

Here are some desktop/work accessory favorites I own:


(1) Acrylic monogram holder, $14 / (2) Calico iPhone 6 Plus Case, $35 / (3)  $10 set of Pilot Precise V5 pens /
(4) Cambridge Business Planner Notebook, $6 / (5) Gold clip lamp, $59

The notebook is my absolute favorite – I feel like I always need two columns for separate notes, to jot down separate projects and such.  I also only write on one side, a super strange habit.  The gold clip lamp is from Land of Nod!  I love it because it’s a great task light and I let it bounce off the wall and it illuminates my desktop.  The pens were a must-have after I saw my naturopath write notes down in her pretty handwriting.

I got the new iPhone 6 Plus, it’s pretty huge, but I love it!  I feel like I can finally see things better – even with LASIK improved eyes.



Here’s a quick saving money on framing project I just discovered.

We had our home painted by The Art of Michelle and I needed it framed.  However, since I spent $200 on the watercolor I wanted to be a little more conservative on the framing.

I headed to Hobby Lobby and with a ready-made frame and matting, it would cost me $35.  I wasn’t even that in love with the weathered frame, either, it sort of protruded out at the edges and I wanted something a bit flatter with less dimension.

Have you ever walked down the ready-made gallery frames?  They have no glass or backs, just open frames.  They were 50% off, and I found a perfect one, the matting was $2, and I picked up one of those cheap glass-clip floaty frames.  You could slip the glass right in the spot and just nail it, I think it was about $5.


Total, $22.  I know I didn’t save the world but I opened my eyes up to new solutions!




Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Last year we did, but it was just both my parents which meant dad handled it.  I thank God for the places where you can pick up what you don’t like doing and concentrate on what you love – whether that is just making the cranberry sauce or just setting the table – like myself. has launched, with lots of recipes, ideas and everything to help you get ready.  I styled a few different Thanksgiving tablescapes depending on your style.  Check it out here and also see some other awesome tablescapes I found around the web to inspire you.

What’s your style going to be this year?



Amber tumbler / Wine glass / Charger (no longer available), similar, another option / Floral cloth napkin / Amber bread plate (in store) / Tin name plate (similar) / Gold rimmed plate (no longer available), similar here



Placemat (in store) / Wood acorn (in store) / Gold flatware: One Kings Lanesimilar, and here / Turkey lidded bowl (in store) / Paisley Moroccan Tea GlassWorld Market / Orange cloth napkin / Wine glass / Plate (similar) / Small wood bowl: Goodwill



Wood flatware / Amazon / Watercolor paper cups: Target dollar bin / Striped paper bag / Linen-like dinner napkin

Kids Table


Acrylic ribbed tumbler /Dried leaves (in store) / Linen-like dinner napkin / Wood flatware / Wood activity (in store) / Mini cornucopia / Brach’s mini pumpkin candy (or grocery) / Craft paper

See more pictures and get more inspiration here.



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