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The office will come together sooner than I anticipated. I was going to take my time but since I’ve been blessed with being busy, I felt more at ease with the office updates.

The issue I had with my office was impulse furniture. The two objects I am keeping and will probably always remain favorites include an antique painted chest from England and the dining room table from Ballard Designs. Those were investment pieces and spending a lot can be hard to bite initially (just save up the cash prior) but I am realizing my furniture habits are just the same as my wardrobe habits – quality always has value over time, that’s just what works for me and my lifestyle.

Snazzy little iPhone pic -


A few updates on the office

  • I donated the furniture to our local hospice thrift store. Live in Phoenix? Consider the White Dove Thrift Shoppe.
  • I bought couch to dream on. It’s filled with a feather/down/fiber blend. The slipcover zips off for cleaning. It’s 90″ long which is massive, and I can take a sweet nap on it, and yes, all the pillows are included. ZzzzZZZzzzz.

HAL-S-SEAS-7Haley Fabric Sofa in Seashell By Elements Fine Home, $1275, free shipping

I used tape to outline where the couch will go. Note – not a good idea on a jute rug, kinda sticks, and also make sure you don’t have lose tape or else you’ll get a four legged lizard friend stuck to it. RIP little dude.


  • The 1934 handmade quilt by Benjamin’s great aunts. There were four aunts, Anna, Mary, Tilly and Catherine who never wed – they made a vow to take care of each other after their dad passed away when they were teenagers. I’m in awe, and I couldn’t think of any better artwork to put up in my office.
  • There’s a travel theme in my office. I see it in the books I have displayed, and the books under my monitor as raisers, and the photos of me with my friends – we are all on holiday together. Those bags hanging on the back door? Oh, from travels too, how ironic.

home-office-anthropologie-travel-theme-photographer-graphic-designer-officeRug: Beverly by Lulu & Georgia / Jute Rug: Pottery Barn / Ottoman: One Kings Lane

  • Look out for a DIY rope bookshelf. Alright, IKEA hack coming up. Sorry my desk looks crazy, still lots of stuff to move around. To the left on the floor is an over abundance of artwork. I have sadly decided many will not be making it to my walls – and now, into storage.


  • I’m adding an invisible wall shelf - for those travel books. I’ll probably add artwork and clock on this wall.


I settled on this Anthro wall shelf – I was tired of searching online and I decided going to a store that I feel is “me” would be wise, so done. It’s deep enough to hold books I want to display for easy reading – I hope to have quiet time on my couch. Having my books in the closet doesn’t make anything easily accessible and a reminder to cozy up and read.

34466219_010_bFloating Wall shelf, $50 Anthropologie

That’s it! Just waiting for everything to come in so I can continue to push stuff around the office. I love my skylight and moving my desk to the other side of the room has really changed the way I look at my office. I remember being told through a blogging workshop that you should put your desk in the best location.

Office pics taken with SONY NEX, 28mm/2.8 lens. I need to buy a wider angle for my Canon, my widest is a 35mm. Any recommendations?

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After some blogging research, I realized I updated my office last summer – June. I’m telling you this to tell myself this, that I need to cool it after this.

The goal – sophisticated and European vintage mix.

#1 Organizing artwork

Right now I’m reevaluating my artwork. I’m looking into framing and matting my custom illustration I commissioned because I really want to showcase my watercolor by Inslee.

I’m also debating framing my PHOENIX magazine covers – the one I photographed and the one I’m on.

It’d be nice to display, but it also hasn’t been displayed for a while so there has been no urgency although now would be a good time than any to get going on it.

#2 Hanging the quilt by the Great Aunts


Benjamin and I received some wonderful family heirlooms as wedding gifts. They are so so special to me. One included, was a gorgeous quilt made by his great aunts in 1934. I squealed when I came across the date stitched on it and bought a curtain rod from Pottery Barn, it will hang over it as a large statement piece -

img88o-1Pewter PB Essential Drape Rod, $49-$79

#3 Make a bookshelf?

I found this gem of a bookshelf from Anthropologie, on sale for $1400.

Rope-wrapped shelf

I need to stop being attracted to the most expensive furniture, this is a huge problem, seriously.

This is when I ponder buying an IKEA bookcase, rope from Home Depot, and utilizing my hot glue gun. IKEA hack in my future?

IVAR pine shelf, $55


610 ft manila rope 3/8 in wide, $81

What do you think? I think that takes a lot of time and planning. I suppose it could be worth a shot, but then I would need to get rid of the ladder shelf. I foresee Pinners everywhere being pin happy, eh?

Sorry the update will be slow, the couch I want is sold out and now I must wait for it to reappear on those flash furniture sale sites. As for selling furniture, nothing’s moving, and if it doesn’t move soon, I will donate to our local hospice thrift shoppe, which to me means it’ll be put to even better use.

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#shop#ShareYourSummer #CollectiveBias #Ad


Last week the Benjamin’s side of the family, mom’s side, had their yearly family reunion. We traveled from Phoenix, Nashville, and Austin to Mahomet, Illinois – right outside of Champaign which is the home of University of Illinois!


It’s been a while since we’ve been together so this called for a special toast – with personalized Cokes. After seeing the Share a Coke campaign in Ireland and London two summers ago, I was thrilled to see it make it to the US! Even more so, to see my name.

You can also get a personalized REESE’S cup to pair with your Coke, each pack has a theme “BFF” might have “bestie” and “BFF” in it, and “2 FUNNY” might have “smooth” and “epic” in there, it’s a mixture! It’s amazing how personalized items and labels can be fun memories – and great social media sharing pics!


Look, we shared our Cokes with each other.


See if your name is on a Coke here, there are over 1000 names printed on bottles available at Walmart, a huge campaign! And if you have a unique name, you can order a custom Coke – although I must say I’m impressed by the selection of names spelled in different ways that are available!

My sister-in-law’s name is not Precious, just so you know, it’s actually Larisa. But I do think she’s precious.


After all the family got in, we drove 30 minutes to our family reunion grounds, we checked into the most darling bed and breakfast, called Timbercreek in Paxton. It’s so beautiful and cute inside, each room has a theme and you feel as though you’re staying in a fancy guest bedroom.

The breakfast was amazing, a breakfast version of haystacks (all the insides of a burrito minus the tortilla) and you add cheese sauce on it. Great farm food!

timbercreek-bed-breakfast timbercreek-paxton-il

I also saw lightening bugs for the first time in my life. They are so romantic! I tried to take a photo but that was too hard with the camera I had, next time.

At Walmart they have bins toward the front of the store with the Share a Coke names.


The 40 different personalized RESSES’S Peanut Butter Cups with fun words like “Epic”, “Fab!”, “My Fav”, “BFF” and more. You can find them at the end caps of the cash register aisles.


The personalized REESE’S cups are only available at Walmart.


It was an overcast day, which turned into thunderstorms which was incredibly fun. Thankfully we had a tent and any breaks in weather the kids immediately went outside to play games. It was the perfect summer day. I haven’t been to a family reunion for maybe 15 years – my side hasn’t had one and after going to one, I am thankful to have married into such a warm, welcoming family. I didn’t know a lot of people and every one came up to me, including the teenagers and kids and introduced themselves. I wish the reunion was a 2-day event and we lived closer.

Pretty much an “epic” weekend if I do say so myself.


Find more Share a Coke and Enjoy a REESE’S ideas here.

With whom would you Share a Coke? Any fun plans this summer?

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