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My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Here’s a quick saving money on framing project I just discovered.

We had our home painted by The Art of Michelle and I needed it framed.  However, since I spent $200 on the watercolor I wanted to be a little more conservative on the framing.

I headed to Hobby Lobby and with a ready-made frame and matting, it would cost me $35.  I wasn’t even that in love with the weathered frame, either, it sort of protruded out at the edges and I wanted something a bit flatter with less dimension.

Have you ever walked down the ready-made gallery frames?  They have no glass or backs, just open frames.  They were 50% off, and I found a perfect one, the matting was $2, and I picked up one of those cheap glass-clip floaty frames.  You could slip the glass right in the spot and just nail it, I think it was about $5.


Total, $22.  I know I didn’t save the world but I opened my eyes up to new solutions!




Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Last year we did, but it was just both my parents which meant dad handled it.  I thank God for the places where you can pick up what you don’t like doing and concentrate on what you love – whether that is just making the cranberry sauce or just setting the table – like myself. has launched, with lots of recipes, ideas and everything to help you get ready.  I styled a few different Thanksgiving tablescapes depending on your style.  Check it out here and also see some other awesome tablescapes I found around the web to inspire you.

What’s your style going to be this year?



Amber tumbler / Wine glass / Charger (no longer available), similar, another option / Floral cloth napkin / Amber bread plate (in store) / Tin name plate (similar) / Gold rimmed plate (no longer available), similar here



Placemat (in store) / Wood acorn (in store) / Gold flatware: One Kings Lanesimilar, and here / Turkey lidded bowl (in store) / Paisley Moroccan Tea GlassWorld Market / Orange cloth napkin / Wine glass / Plate (similar) / Small wood bowl: Goodwill



Wood flatware / Amazon / Watercolor paper cups: Target dollar bin / Striped paper bag / Linen-like dinner napkin

Kids Table


Acrylic ribbed tumbler /Dried leaves (in store) / Linen-like dinner napkin / Wood flatware / Wood activity (in store) / Mini cornucopia / Brach’s mini pumpkin candy (or grocery) / Craft paper

See more pictures and get more inspiration here.



Last week I caught up with my darling Kate at Kierland Commons – an outdoor shopping area in Scottsdale.  I was craving some French cuisine, so Zinc Bistro was our designated spot – plus it’s located across from Anthropologie, so double win there.  Actually, make that triple because the weather is divine now and we sat outside.

I didn’t see espresso on the menu, but knowing the restaurant was French, I asked, as if I were back in the South of France.

espresso-nice Nice, France

When the little Illy espresso cup came out, I squealed inside.  If you haven’t had a lot espresso in your life, let me tell you how incredibly wonderful espresso is – it’s like an unexpected sweet condensed latte in the tiniest warm cup topped off with a tasty mini biscuit.  The presentation itself makes you feel like a lady.  What I love most about espresso is I can drink it within a few sips whereas I find I nurse my iced lattes for hours (probably meaning I don’t really like the beans).  Plus, it’s what the French do, so you know it’s tres chic.

Here’s one of my espressos I had in Marseille this past summer.

illy-french-espresso-popular Marseille, France

After some Google research, I found everything I needed to bring some of that French goodness to my own kitchen.  I thought I’d share it with you if there are any of you who want to dive into the espresso world. I already have an espresso machine, if you like lattes (which have espresso shots with milk) check out an earlier post I wrote about how to make your own at home lattes here.

illy-espresso-french-what-you-need Ground Espresso Coffee $15Set of 4 gold plated espresso spoons,$13 (in silver) / Signature illy logo espresso cups, set of 4, $35 (another option)


Don’t forget one sugar cube (white or brown), and a cute little biscotti or biscuit (Biscoff shown here)!  Enjoy!

Easy Recipes, Home


Have you caught the Turkish towel craze?  I did in France at the markets when they were displayed everywhere – 2 for 30 Euros which is quite cheaper than some of these large Turkish towels go for (around $65 each).  I bought two very large and colorful ones for the beach, because we have so many in Arizona *wink*

I wanted smaller ones for the bathroom and found kitchen size – comes in several colors at Cost Plus World Market for $3.99 each.

These would also be great hostess gifts!



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