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My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, sewing and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

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I go in spurts with things – Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, they all take turns and when I’m into it, I’m buying more than one thing at a time. Do you ever go through phases like that?

I’ve been on the hunt for a cabbage plate or bowl. I don’t know why, I would totally make fun of myself in my earlier years for wanting one, but I want one. In the midst of looking for one on eBay, I found an orange wall pocket. I remember seeing them on one of my favorite interior design blogs here (no longer an active blog but worth browsing her incredible kitchen).

And well, you know my obsession with citrus. Hello blog logo.

I found this orange but I don’t know where to put it. I’m also convinced I need one more ceramic fruit wall pocket, because I don’t know why – that one blog has two.


What would you put in yours? I was thinking pens or something I need on hand. The only spot I can see to put it would be across from the horse hook that holds our towels. However, I don’t need pens in that spot. See my dilemma?

I remember how I was hesitant about drilling two large screws into my perfect wood shaker cabinets, asking my dad if it was a good idea.

He shrugged. “It’s your house, do what you want.” So I did.

ceramic-wall-pocket-kitchen-113Kitchen towel: Liberty London

So it’s my house, but I’m still not quite sure where I want this.  So for now, it sits on the concrete counter top waiting for a home. Rarely do I buy things without knowing exactly where they go (ok, maybe I do have a habit of that since the Craigslist cast iron benches I bought, oh and the new frame in my office) but I guess I fell in love with it first before thinking this through. I’ll let you know where it goes!

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Check out this subscription box review for men – Mantry!

Just in time for Father’s Day or to send to a man in your life who is far away. Each box has a theme and the packaging is sleek, Mr. Wonderful loved it!

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24kt gold facial mask before and after review

I love goooooooold, as Austin Pows Goldmember would say.

When I received an email from Beautiful Skin and Nails in my inbox about a 24KT Gold Mask, I emailed Vicky and asked if I could try it and share the results – because if I found it cool, I knew you would too.

Let answer a few questions you may have.

24kt gold face mask collagen review

What are the benefits of facial Masks?

  • They are great for helping draw impurities, dead skin cells and toning – remember those green clay masks?
  • Some masks can hydrate, tighten, brighten, and some can be an intensive treatment.
  • Can diminish fine lines, and reduce pore size by removing dirt.
  • Can even skin tone
  • They are great to add to your skincare routine and a great way to pamper yourself.


I’ve used many different masks over time, some clay masks have really helped with my oily and acne prone skin when I was younger and now that I’m past the crazy hormone stage, I can handle moisturizing masks, especially since I’ve been living in the desert.

What does a 24 KT Gold Collagen Mask do?

The first ingredient listed is collagen, followed by 24KTGold Grains and a few vitamins, and hyaluronic acid.

  • It forms a protective layer which reacts to the skin’s natural chemistry, helping replace collagen. The 24-karat gold mask is used to combat visual signs of aging and bring back renewed healthy vibrant youthful skin.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates skin (good for us who live in dry areas like Phoenix)
  • Reduces under eye circles, wrinkles and puffiness, diminishing under eye bags

Look for yourself – before and after:

24-kt-mask-gold-collagen-beautiful-skin-and-nails-reviewcomp001No retouching, same camera settings and temperature.
Note: Vicky reminded me that since I don’t have wrinkles, it will be less dramatic results but I do see it.

What is a Gold Mask good for?

  • A special event or photoshoot, immediately reducing fine lines and wrinkles for up to 24 hours!
  • You are scared of needles and don’t want to do Botox – this is a fantastic alternative!
  • A quick fix, pick me up, ideal for those with wrinkles (hey it’s normal don’t freak out)

How does it work?

  1. Face is cleaned
  2. Mask is taken out of the package and laid over your face for 20-30 minutes
  3. Massage the remainder of the liquid left behind into the skin

You can see the line on my forehead where the mask ended – it brightened my face!

Immediately after the mask – next step, rub in remaining collagen and moisturize

How do I book a 24KT Collagen Gold Facial?

If in the Phoenix area, book your gold mask facial for $99 at Beautiful Skin and Nails – located on 24th Street, north of Indian School Road.
4131 N 24th St., Suite A201-24, Phoenix, AZ 85016, like on Facebook. If you’re outside of the area, call your local aesthetician and ask if they offer it.

24kt gold facial mask collagen

On a completely unrelated note, I think I look between a mix of Iron Man and a luchador. I did a little Google research and came across this gem of a Mexican Wrestler Name Generator and I am Pirata de Guerra – Pirate war! Oh I love those sites. Anyway, this goldie luchador is happy with her face with the mask off!

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