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How to beat daily stressors (+3 Giveaways!)


How often do you take antioxidants? Do you know what they are? In my husband’s words, “Antioxidants fight free radicals and environmental toxins.” Free radicals are in food and can be cancer causing. I recently discovered RxQ Antioxidant Complex and after a chat with the co-founder, I was able to learn more about the benefits of taking one and wanted to share it with you why I’m taking them now.


What is RxQ

Formulated by a family practitioner and nuclear medicine specialist, Dr. Schoenwetter. He had military patients who were regularly exposed to pollution, radiation, and such. With co-founder Hannah Kim, a commercial environmental consultant, this ground-breaking supplement was created and in efforts to reduce the damage that leads to premature loss of cellular function, damage, and disability.

Think of RxQ as a supplement that balances and maintains cellular health. It guards us against the things we do every day – pollution, radiation, the food we eat, the things we are exposed to on a daily basis.


RxQ antioxidant complex pills are gluten, wheat, soy and dairy free, in vegetarian capsules. Suggested is to take one capsule with each meal, ideally 3 daily for best results. 1 bottle is a one month supply.


Why you might take RxQ

I am trying to get better with taking care of myself and what I battle daily includes sitting in front of my computer all day, traveling, every day pollution, hormone imbalance, and lots of sun in Phoenix.

The benefits of taking RxQ antioxidant capsules would be similar in comparison to flossing your teeth. While it doesn’t improve the quality of our teeth, it certainly preserves our teeth. Every day we are exposed to things that could prematurely wear out cellular infrastructure (hormones included) – air pollution, dust, fumes, allergens, radiation. If you’re into the science behind it, check out their FAQ here.


If taken daily, benefits can include: balancing out hormones, eyesight, helps your body fight free radicals, cell renewal, help battle dull skin, fine line wrinkles.

You may want to take it because you’re in the car a lot, outdoors, living in a big city with pollution, exposed to radiation through your job or a medical procedure (X-rays, mammograms, scans), travel, high stress job, heavy computer user, things of that nature – the harshness of every day life.

Enter to win 1 of 3 Giveaway Prizes!

Leave a comment below about what you’re battling the most, UV rays, stress, aging, pollution, sitting in front of your computer too much, travel, and I’ll pick 3 random winners who will receive two bottles of RxQ. When Hannah offered to do a giveaway I jumped at the chance because I want you to feel good too. We’ll take them together! I can’t wait to share this with all of you.

Comments will close September 9 and winners will be contacted by email.

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Favorite Efficient Living Products

As I’m cleaning out our home and sharing ideas with friends, I realized, I really need to put a post together about some of my favorite efficient living products around our home.

I added a “Favorite Products” page of products under the “Shop” page at the top of my site that I occasionally add my favorite discoveries. They vary from beauty, home, outdoors and travel, varying from efficient products to things I love and recommend over and over again.

Feel free to visit for gift guide ideas of if you’re looking for solutions. Here are a few more products that I love, with reasons why I enjoy them. If you click on them, they will take you to the category site with several versions of the product – just try to avoid clicking on that big Pin button I made :)

Egg Cooker
10 Egg Cooker
Select hard boiled, soft boiled, make an omelette, there so many different choices. Place the eggs, turn it on and a loud timer will beep when it’s ready!
Food Mill
SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder
Grating is not my favorite thing to do and time consuming. I toss in cheese or apple wedges through the top and it shoots out with minimal effort.
Food Processor
Mini Prep Plus Food Processor
Mincing takes forever so when a recipe calls for minced garlic or ginger and at a touch of a button, done! Also has use it to make your own sauces.
Haley Sofa
A comfy couch with oversized pillows, this is in my office. It is the size of a twin bed so when I need to turn my office into a temporary guest room I can.
Electric Kettle
1.8-Quart Cordless Glass Kettle
If hot drinks are your thing, this keeps the water hot as you refill your cup. I like to leave one running during parties especially during holidays for guests.
Deep Fryer
4th Generation Electric Air Fryer
Don’t turn on the oven and heat up the house or consider cooking quicker and healthier, this little air fryer will circulate hot air as it cooks your meals!
Espresso Machine
Via Venezia Traditional Espresso Machine
I can’t start my day without a latte and I love my Via Venezia – so easy to make and grab espresso ground coffee beans from your favorite coffee joint!
Blinds and Shades
Top-Down Bottom-Up Cordless Honeycomb Cellular Shade
We have split wood shutters, I like to leave the top open so I can let light in and keep bottoms closed for privacy. These do the same!
Garment Steamer
Handheld Portable Powerful Steamer
Easy to store and travel with, this handy handheld steamer will steam the wrinkles out of your clothes and curtains without hassle.
Surge Protection
Tamper Resistant USB Wall Sockets with Surge Protection
Replace outlets and make it easy to charge devices in your office and provide guests with extra charging outlets with USB in the guest room.
Light Timer
Heavy Duty Indoor Digital Timer
Turn the lights on automatically for convenience or let people think you’re home when you’re away. Lights out when it’s time to go to bed!
Ice Makers
Portable Ice Maker
Great for parties, keeping ice on hand to cool down those drinks. Guests can help themselves and you don’t have to worry about melting ice. Comes in fun colors to match any decor.
Jewelry Armoires
Over the Door Jewelry Armoire with Mirror
Organizing all of my jewelry in one spot and I seeing it all displayed makes getting ready and packing easy. Also love that it’s discrete behind the door.
Jewelry Box
Storage and Organization Roll Jewelry Pouch
Traveling with accessories is made easier when I can see what I’ve packed through clear compartments. I prefer to carry on my jewelry.
Lazy Susan
Lunceford Lazy Susan
We placed a lazy Susan in our fridge and one in our spice cabinet. Great for those corners and quick easy access while cooking.