My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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It’s about one more month of heat until I am going to start doing cartwheels in my backyard – end of October is when the weather officially “breaks” as Phoenicians call it.  I have a lot of buggers that have started making my garden beds home so I decided it was time to pull everything out and nuke the thing – as in, solarize my beds.

I’ve never done it before, but after reading Garden Betty’s post, I thought, maybe I’ll give it a try! Look how horribly disorganized my garden beds are.  After spending some of my summer in the South of France I came back wanting to rip it out and start over to make it look like the French gardens I saw.




After reading Unfancy’s concept about a minimalistic wardrobe by using only 37 pieces of clothing (including shoes) in her seasonal wardrobe of 3 months I felt like I was being challenged.  She also allows herself $500 for each new season, if necessary.  Some things roll over to the next season (like spring into summer, and fall into winter).  The best news – no limit on accessories or lounge wear, though once you do this you will want to go through your pj/lounge drawer.  She also has a similar lifestyle to me – she’s a blogger and photographer so now the concept sounded hopeful.

37 probably won’t fly with me.  So I said, let’s try 50.


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I go to Anthropologie more when I’m home in Nor Cal than when I’m back in Phoenix.  I know I should say home in Phoenix, but well, we know the battle I have in my heart over California homeland and where I am now – even though I know I will love Phoenix again in a month – just give me time!  I need a break from this heat!

I want to make the above horseshoe plate stand display – I have a horseshoe that I am sure is not authentic and was probably overpriced.  I think I’ll spray paint mine gold and find some blocks of wood in our storage shed.




Kokoon-33 Yes, the backyard really sold me, but there was so much more to finding the perfect house

Sometimes when I give advice on a post I don’t want to give you the impression I’m an expert – they say you need 10,000 hours to be considered an expert.  If I were a real estate expert I’d be Donald Trump. I thought I’d just write a little post on buying a home if you’re hoping to one day and my thoughts and experiences.

My parents are into real estate in California and Mr. Wonderful and I own two properties – my sweet little town home will forever be our investment rental and and we have the house we live in now.  Even though I didn’t buy my first place until I was 23, my apartments were in prime locations.  I learned when you say, “Wow!  That’s a great location!” when you say where you live, it’s truth.

The best advice I have ever heard verbally:  Pick a house based upon location, not what the inside looks like.  You can always change the inside but never the location.

This advice was given to me by a makeup artist friend 10 years ago while I was looking for my first place.  He lived in an area that he hated but he lived in a nice new condo and he hated coming home and seeing an icky neighborhood. He couldn’t even sell it to move, either, he was stuck.

diana-elizabeth-home-phoenix-office-222 Our home is 1750 square feet, small, but I love it!

Where we live now we have flyers sent to our home introducing families hoping to move into our neighborhood and every so often the door bell rings with someone asking if we will consider selling.  This makes me feel super great about where we live, and as we continue to add things to the inside of our home to really nest and make it ours, it’s so worth it.




I think this is my first recipe I’m sharing.  Oh dear.  I swear to the moon and back that you will LOVE this!  What is Bircher Museli?  Well, there are many versions of it – it’s pretty much oats, grains, nuts, yogurt and fruit – many different varieties.


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I won’t  show you how the garden is doing because it would make my blog ugly.  I will however just say it’s 110 degrees and the only thing that’s doing well is basil, tomatoes and my carrots that I pull up occasionally for my pot roasts.  Even if things were good outside it’s a little too hot to check.  So, I’m letting the garden go.

And clearly I’m feeding the birds unintentionally.




“Oh my gosh where did you get these sheets?  They’re like butter!” I exclaimed as soon as I prepared to crawl into bed.

“Walmart I think,” she said, “They are sheets by Mia Hamm.”




These giant zucchini’s and I have something in common.  We’re both California grown!  Here I am at our neighbor’s home back home in Nor Cal, showing off some of his garden finds.  Steve has become a friend of my parents and they talk about him and his garden often.  I finally had the chance to take a peek and loved what I saw!




Do you have a small closet?  Our home was built in 1952 so my answer is yes.  Mr. Wonderful uses the guest room (also his office) closet and we also utilize dresser drawers for other clothes.  The hallway closet holds all of our coats, I am so happy that I was able to give many away and downsize.  The “DI” in blue rhinestones was a gift from my sweet Nicole many years ago, it makes me happy just to see it.  The photo is my mom in a frame, she is actually hiding the electrical panel, but I like seeing my mom every day, Hi Mom!

I took a day to reorganize my closet and thought I’d share some space sharing tips and how to have fun with a small space.

Use thin uniform hangers

If anything, a little OCD is highly rewarded if you use uniform hangers, it makes things look cleaner.  I used to have pink wood velvet hangers but they wouldn’t fit in this tiny closet so I left them at my townhome.  These thin velvet hangers are by Real Simple (similar).  If I were to do it over again, I’d order the beige color because lighter colors make spaces look bigger. If you want a fun closet, try these hot pink heart hangers - these would be great for a fun gift or special items you want to hang!

tiny-closet-solutions-17 tiny-closet-solutions-14



le-boat-canal-du-midi-french-boating-france-south-of-france-streets-travel-blogger-writer-journalist-press-tour-international-travel-diana-elizabeth-american-french-vacation-french-riviera-159 Along the Canal du Midi

Oh come on, did you really think it was over?  Nah, I still have this post and ONE more smashing surprise city tomorrow you won’t want to miss.  Then normal *yawn* life presumes.

I thought a lot about my garden readers when I was in France.  OK, I kinda thought a lot about my own garden that I had to snap some photos to document for myself what I wanted to create back home.

le-boat-canal-du-midi-french-boating-france-south-of-france-streets-travel-blogger-writer-journalist-press-tour-international-travel-diana-elizabeth-american-french-vacation-french-riviera-129 Carcassonne, France

Bamboo supports were a huge thing, and I have noticed it’s now taken over on American gardening sites as well.

I love how they look, my only hesitation is keeping them in the ground when our crazy dust storms and wind comes around.  I also noticed there were several different ways of using the bamboo poles and using them with twine.


Right now we have wood posts similar to the photo below which also looks as if twine seems to work well with supporting basil and tomato plants.


Once our summer crop dies and I can start over, I think I’ll try to get a few of these bamboo sticks in place.  If you’re in another part of the country this might be your season to start growing and organizing your garden beds.



Various sized Bamboo Poles and Stakes – 25 Set / Set of 12 Faux Bamboo + connectors
2 ft – 8 feet (you pick) Pack of 25 Bamboo Stakes / Natural Twine

I’m going to try the various height 25 set on Amazon. I also like the thicker pole at the top too, so maybe I’ll do some measuring and see how it’ll work.

GSTBAMBOO_02 Various sized Bamboo Poles and Stakes for this look

 What do you think?

Diana Elizabeth says it’s too hot to really garden.  She goes out in the evenings but then the skeeters get her and she’s not happy.  She’ll need to use her OFF! fan clip, it totally works, she once used it during an October wedding.


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