My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer, model, and former journalist who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. This is where I share my life daily, as a creative professional.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, sewing and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

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The details of this reception was just too beautiful to not share.  With a location that overlooks the Hudson River, Courtney and Aaron’s reception felt like a Brooks Brothers catalog.  Complete with a tent, outdoor games, fashionable guests enjoying a spectacular view and food from a wood burning pizza truck.

We snuck away for a quick 15 minutes to capture a few shots around the grounds of Boscobel House and Gardens before rehearsal dinner.

diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel001diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel002diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel003 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel007 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel008 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel009 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel005 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel010 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel012 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel013 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel014diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel011 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel015 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel016diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel017

Location: Boscobel House and Gardens / Event planner: Susan Caissy Caruso Special Events / Pizza Truck: Pizza Luca New York

See Aaron and Courtney’s Upstate New York wedding here.

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This couple I’ve been dying to photograph for what seems, forever.  It was a year ago when Lindsay emailed me from Canada who first spotted my work on Style Me Pretty.  She was planing on having a destination wedding from Toronto to Scottsdale, Arizona!  The day is finally coming up this weekend and Lindsay and Brad flew in a bit early to get final wedding details in place.  We figured it was also a good time to shoot their engagement session at the pretty grounds of El Chorro where they will be having their rehearsal dinner.

I know their wedding is going to be so gorgeous, just look at these two!

el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-002 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-003el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-025el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-001 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-004 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-005

Isn’t Lindsay’s headband darling?  I love that one of her bridesmaid suggested she borrow and wear it, it’s such a sweet glam touch! I shot most of these with my 85mm f/1.8, it seems to be my new favorite.

el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-011 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-013 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-014 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-015 el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-016el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-020el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-026

And right here, the light was just perfection.  I could have stayed in that spot all day.


So I did, for a good while.el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-018el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-006el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-022el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-023el-chorro-scottsdale-wedding-engagement-photos-phoenix-arizona-024

Looking forward to the amazing wedding this weekend!

Location: El Chorro / Makeup: Lizzy Marsh / Hair: Vonn Wynn

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III / 50mm f/1.2L /85 f/1.4EX / 35mm f/1.4 LUNDFIND One Bag

Diana Elizabeth says she loves the grounds of El Chorro, so dreamy and perfect!

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It was a casual invitation by Cara’s best guy friend to come along and participate in a kickball league game.  Little did she expect that she’d meet her future husband, Chad, who was on the team.  After a friend request through Facebook, Chad asked messaged her, “So, when are we going to hang out?” and hanging out soon turned into a year and a half of dating, and a sweet proposal at the top of Phoenix’s premiere and most difficult hiking trail, Camelback Mountain.

Hiking on the way to the top, Chad worried if Cara was going to make it or if he’d have to change his plans and stop along side of the trail to propose – he was ready to do that as well.  He kept encouraging her to push through to reach the summit – 2,704 feet overlooking the Phoenix Valley.  Alas, they reached the top and Chad suggested they take a photo and handed his phone to a fellow hiker, and whispered, “It’s on video!”  Confused, the hiker quickly caught on and documented Chad getting down on bended knee.

I am honored and thrilled to be a part of a long time friend’s event, having met Chad during my time at UofA and kept in touch all these years.  ”Is it that pretty redhead?” I asked Chad, having seen her face on his Instagram feed.  There’s something super wonderful about  seeing an old friend find  his  soulmate and knowing that he will be well taken care of and have a lifetime of laughter and adventure with a gal who can keep up.  Chad is one of the kindest souls, so I knew even before meeting Cara that she had to have an equally kind and warm personality, and it was all confirmed during our first meeting.  Cara and Chad, my heart is overflowing with happiness for you both, you are absolutely made for each other.  I cannot wait to see you this fall and have a wonderful time with you both!

prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer010prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer011cara-chad-esession-178prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer009prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer008prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer004prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer006prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer007prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer014 prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer013 prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer012prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer020prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer003 prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer002 prescott-engagement-session-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer001

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth wants you to know that Mr. Wonderful drove her to Prescott and even helped carry her lenses.  He thought it was super fun and on the way home asked if she wanted him to get into photography to help her.  She kindly responded, no, he definitely doesn’t have to, but his willingness to carry her equipment and drive her around is more than enough.

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I knew about Emmy before she got engaged without having actually met her.  You see, Emmy and Mr. Wonderful knew each other since their sales territories overlapped.  Both at different medical device companies, they often bumped into each other at hospitals.  Benjamin told me he knew this gal, Emmy, who was probably going to get engaged soon, a girl I would totally like.  And so in true sales fashion, he tried to sell my services to her – you know, that’s what he does.  And so, when the time came, Emmy’s planner, another friend of mine, reached out to me and together we all sat down to meet and I was hired.

Emmy wanted cotton fields and I knew the perfect place – off to Buckeye, in fields belonging to the parents of my best friend.  Depending on the season the fields often grows alfalfa, but fall through winter, Emmy’s choice – cotton!  The weather gave us some fun – soft wind, clouds, and every so often a nice peek of sunshine. I loved the variety we had that day!

Let’s start off with the first shot – Emmy holding a beautiful bouquet by Camelback Flowershop – where Ian gifted Emmy florals every month.  I know, aren’t they just the cutest?

Looking forward to your wedding!  Ian, I can’t wait to “document you well” even more! Ha!

Makeup: Lizzy Marsh / Hair: Jenn Botto / Florals: Camelback Flowershop

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth says the drive to Buckeye is far – 45 minutes to an hour, but it’s well worth the exclusivity and mountain views!  Remember if you want to shoot in fields, you must get farmer’s permission, be respectful of their crops and property!

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She’s like my official makeup artist, Lizzy Marsh.  She knows my flaws, my “good side” and how I like my makeup.  She also knows how to beautify a majority of my brides.  I know many of my brides (once a bride, forever one of my brides) are excited to see this blog post of their makeup artist.

Lizzy and Chris knew each other in high school.  They are the best of friends, long time sweethearts and getting married in New York this upcoming summer in a small, intimate ceremony.

Having worked together on numerous occasions (which also meant I saw a lot of Chris and got to know him), Lizzy requested we use my best friend’s farm in Buckeye, Arizona as a location spot.  So off we went to enjoy the open fields and country charm!

Lizzy and Chris I love you guys, thanks for being such great friends and I’m so happy for you both.

Oh, and take a peek at Lizzy’s beautiful chocolate diamond engagement ring.  It’s gorgeous!

To book Lizzy for your wedding or any of your makeup needs, visit her website.

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth highly suggests getting your makeup professionally done for any photoshoot you do, or anything that might be framed or seen for a long time.

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When Alicia first met Rusty at a group gathering, she wasn’t sure she’d like him.  She saw him across the room and she sorta made the assumption. It was because he seemed a bit unapproachable, overly confident, or whatever it was he was wearing she just well, she just assumed that she wouldn’t.  Then he sat down next to her and they had a conversation.  Then Alicia realized, he was sweet, not cocky, and she then she changed her mind.  She liked him.

Alicia smiles a lot.  Rusty smiles a lot, especially with his eyes.  So together, they smile a ton.  And together, they both love Jesus.

They are building a house together this winter, to be done hopefully by early next year, and every day they visit it.  They have a chalkboard painted wood sign, they scribble down the date, stand on the land which now has foundation, point at whatever is changed on their new property, and they take a picture.  They’re documenting, everything.  And, I’m happy to document this darling pair and their big wedding day on St. Patrick’s Day.

Alicia brought her dad’s Mustang (which Rusty said had no power steering which I’m not sure what that really means) and their beloved Chucks to a friend’s house.  The house that her grandparents once lived in, so neat!  Alicia was also happy to say her dad will be wearing as he walks her down the aisle.  Way to go team!  I can’t wait to see and I’m so excited for your morning wedding.  I love you both for being so untraditional! xx

To see more of this engagement session, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SLIDESHOW!

Hello eyes.  I’m thinking your babies will have beautiful eyes!

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III / 50mm f/1.2L /85 f/1.4EX / 35mm f/1.4 L / 70-200mm f/2.8 / UNDFIND One Bag

Diana Elizabeth says it was engagement session time this past month!  She knows that once the holidays hit, there will be plenty more engagements!  She can’t wait.  Engagement sessions are her absolute favorite.

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You know the feeling when you just know?  Whether it’s finding that perfect dress, the sassy shoes, or the love of your life, you just know?   I sorta knew that about the perfect clients, Lizzey and Trevor.  Lizzey’s emails were bubbly, full of happiness, and I just knew she was in love.  When I saw her and Trevor come in with cheery smiles and arms full of clothes I knew we’d have a great time at the Arizona Biltmore, their future wedding spot.

“Give her a kiss,” I suggested to Trevor from behind my camera.
“Oh that’s not a problem, that’s all we do,” joked Lizzey.

And, every time I positioned Trevor first he would hold out his arms like he was about to catch a football, waiting for Lizzey to cozy on in up to him.  It was adorable.

Lizzey and Trevor, you both give me butterflies.  You make me laugh, you give me a wonderful peacefulness within my soul and your love is contagious.  I cannot wait for your fabulous Cinco de Mayo wedding at the Arizona Biltmore.  Lizzey, don’t cut your gorgeous hair, and Trevor, I’m glad we found your “good side” or rather, Lizzey’s favorite side of you. *wink*  On all sides, you both are just so so lovely.

To see more from this session, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SLIDESHOW!

Pow.  Lizzey, you are gorgeous.

A little Cinco de Mayo wedding preview I suppose…

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth and Lizzey and Trevor escaped a Haboob (that’s a ridiculously fancy word for dust storm for those of you who are not from Arizona).  It was just coming in before they wrapped up their session.  Phew!

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