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My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Now I know not all of you are 49er fans but I thought this would be a fun post for you to experience a little behind the scenes glimpse that I recently experienced.  This post is dedicated to my dad.


My love story with the 49ers is basically that I came out of the womb in a 49er cheerleader outfit.

My dad was born in SF, my grandparents immigrated and lived there, and summer camps used to be in Roseville (before they moved to Stockton) which was the town next door.  When you are from Nor Cal, you cheer for the Niners.  We have autographs, I have a photo with Terrell Owens, and we have a Niner wall upstairs in my brother’s old bedroom.  My dad is a die hard fan and before a game would start he would say, “Ask homework questions now because the game is starting and you cannot ask me for four hours.”  We were not allowed to talk to dad during a Niner game.  If we came downstairs and the game was turned off prematurely, we knew what that meant – and it was to remain unmentioned.


Team Bus

Today, my best friend from college Jackie, works for them.  Here we are on one of the team buses from the Ritz Carlton heading to the Arizona Cardinals Stadium.

They presented a unique opportunity for their employees-  if they attended a certain number of educational classes about the 49er organization which were optional, they would be sent to an away game and able to enjoy it (when there is a game day, all 49er employees work the game).  A handful were able to make time in their schedule (many were busy with the preparation of the new stadium), and one wasn’t able to make it so I was lucky enough to be invited to attend.  I’ve never been to an NFL game before – I’ve been to every other type of professional sporting event (even hockey, what?) but not NFL because there’s no team I’d want to see other than the niners which was near impossible given I now live in Phoenix.

But bestie was in town, the opportunity was a blessing, and here’s how the day went.


It starts with several buses on their way to the stadium, escorted by sheriffs.  The sheriff cars close down the streets, drive around us with their sirens on because there is no time to be late for a game.  You get a lot of stares of people looking like what the heck is going on?  And some fans, well, they know.  So you get 49er fans driving along side showing off their hats and all excited about the bus arrival.

Arriving at the Stadium


Here we are at the Arizona stadium.

Kids, we have been doing selfies before you were even in elementary school and before they were even called selfies.


We arrived at the Cardinals Stadium around 10:30 a.m. and had quite a while until the game would start – 1 p.m.  So we sat and took a ton of photos and watched players work out and stretch.

Waiting for the game to start

49er-game-cardinals-3 49er-game-cardinals-8

That above is Frank Gore.  Go Frank Gore.

Look what my friends are taking photos of … those aren’t even Niners!

49er-game-cardinals-11 49er-game-cardinals-9

Even though I have no ties to Arizona other than going to college and living here, I cannot get myself to be a fan when there’s just no tie.  But the Cardinals Stadium is very cool – the grass rolls out and they did all this crazy fancy stuff to it since the team upgraded from their games at ASU’s football stadium.   I also know it’s not officially called the Cardinals Stadium but this is not a sponsored post so I don’t care. *wink*


Jackie bought me all this 49er gear including the shirt I’m wearing.  Faithful is truth – been a fan even when the team wasn’t winning for years (crying emoji face).

Watching the game

Found our seats.  Any guesses how much these seats cost?  $100.  So mom and dad, I hope you enjoy your club seats/non birds eye view at the Levi’s Stadium I managed to hook up for you (thanks Belem!) next month.  Dad, you should get a jersey or polo at the team store at the stadium.

Can you see who’s family I’m sitting behind?


This Red Zone area is where I took a lot of those selfies I posted earlier – also that table area behind is where we went after the game.  It’s where the family of the opposing team go to hang out and say hello to their family.  Sure, I feel like I’m part of the family.


Sadly, we didn’t win.  I mean a win would have of course been better, but I still enjoyed the game and had lots of cheering for my team as they did do fairly well until the second half – yikes.  I blame a lot on the refs too – some were whack calls.  To cheer for my favorite team in the entire world in person is just the best.

Post game


Live interviews take place here, 49er fans and family hang out (with a ticket that says you can).  I don’t think the players have much time before they hop on the bus.  TSA comes and they go through a pre-check screening so they can hop on their private plane back.

Then when it’s time, you load into one of the 6 buses headed to the airport.  Traffic? No problem, sheriffs have it handled.

I also want to mention that I saw so many “birds” flipped at us.  And while I know people who do that do not read my blog, sheesh people – one guy did an “L” sign and that’s just rude.  I think that says more about the person doing it than the person it is intended for.  I could go on and on about how many badly behaved people I saw from Cardinals fans, but I’m sure every team has their bad boys – and girls!  It just made me think players have a lot to deal with and fans are doing things for fun, but everyone has feelings.


It was a great time, what a fantastic memory – this one goes down in the books!  Hope you all had a great weekend and your team won!


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Storm King

To continue on from this week’s earlier post about exploring Upstate New York, we were hired to capture the cutest rehearsal dinner later that night, so on our first day, we headed up and stopped in Storm King, a suggestion of the bride when I inquired other things to see on the way up.


The cost is $15 per adult, and if you’re a photographer, you definitely would want to go – it’s like paying a location fee for great photos.  It’s 500 acres of mowed down fields with wildflower fields, artwork in the middle and fun.  I would say bring a picnic basket and eat there, there are tables in one area and a trolly-like cart that resembles what you would take from the Disneyland parking lot to the park which takes you around the place for 45 minutes.  We unfortunately didn’t have enough time to take it.

But I did have time to do a quick cartwheel.


Hm, my form looked so much better in my head.


We got up the hill to see this Harry Potter like mansion which has a museum in it.  I’d say skip it – it’s just figurines in there made of ash and other materials.  It was a humid day and there was no AC, horrific.


But the view from up top is amazing and worth going – or driving up to that spot.


I’m so tiny!!!!


I was so fascinated with fall leaves – Phoenix sadly doesn’t have that.  I know, we’re totally deprived.

new-york-travel-adventure-231 new-york-travel-adventure-129 new-york-travel-adventure-131 new-york-travel-adventure-230 new-york-travel-adventure-122 new-york-travel-adventure-125 new-york-travel-adventure-127

I plan on flower bombing the back bunny area and running a lawn mower path like so, in hopes that I could get a similar effect, below.

new-york-travel-adventure-227 new-york-travel-adventure-128



I’ve always be the late kid to the party – the iPhone party.  My upgrades never aligned with Apple’s latest iPhone releases until this fall. I transferred my parent’s upgrade to my line (they are not into smart phones luckily) and so now I can finally get my hands on the new 6.

Only…I was late to the party on pre-orders and I have to wait until the end of October for mine to arrive which put a hiccup in trying to sell my current iPhone – until the send in date was extended.

I sold my iPhone 5 to for $170 – they pay for shipping! I have 45 days to send it in which means this should work with the new phone arrival.  I decided to go with the iPhone 6 Plus – the bigger one, in gold.  Do any of you have one already in your hands or pre-ordered?  I’ve never done it before, I’m feeling like a tech geek.

Use this link and you get an extra $10 for your item.  You can even sell broken tablets and phones and used computers, super genius.  The sooner you lock in your price you get more money before people catch on, so I had to share!



So…maybe some of you have noticed I’ve been a little off schedule.  I’m trying to figure things out – the whole themed day of the week worked well for the past year but some days, I have nothing to report in terms of fashion or home and garden and I’d rather not just throw something up just because of the theme day.

I’m paying attention to the stats, shortening posts so you can “click to read more” if you’re interested or continue to scroll down.

I’m also trying to figure out if I want to change the color of my blog as I have slowly changed a few things, you may or may no have noticed (some of you follow along on a reader).

While I have all of these questions on what to do next, I guess I’d rather ask you guys what you like.  I note more comments on lifestyle things – organizing my closet, travels, that sort of thing.  I know you also know I have to share my photography work but I want to continue sharing the rest of my life and days along the way.  So, would you mind dropping me an email or comment (under this post or through the contact form) about what you want to see?  What you like, what you prefer, whatever you want to talk about – I’m just trying to not be like every other blog out there.  If you’re cool with whatever I’m doing, then I’m cool with that too.

Your feedback would help me a lot in making sure this is focused towards you as I am so grateful for you reading and love you lots.  xx

{Photo by Pink Owl Photography, Makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh}



My Associate photographer April captured these family images in downtown Mesa.  I am excited to share these with you especially because I love the Wootan family!  If there was any family I love most right after my own, it would be them.  In celebration of Logan going on his two year mission trip Ecuador and another enjoying her full-ride scholarship to UofA, the whole gang, all 24 of them gathered to document this special moment.  As you will see, their joy is absolutely contagious.

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My Work

It’s been two years since I caught up on all my personal album printing – I still do it old school and put it into albums.  See my post here on how I caught up on three years of life.

Well, it’s time to do it again since I’m behind.  If you’re like me and you need to print a few hundred pics – good for you – you’ve lived a very eventful life – here’s a code to help:

Get 101 FREE 4×6 prints now until the end of this month of September with promo code: 101MEMORIES on Shutterfly.  This is for new customers only.

I used this before when they ran this promo years back, it saved me about $40!  I also love their print quality – while I am more than OK with Walgreens and Target for my basic point and shoot photos as well.



Earlier this month my trusty sidekick (second shooter and long time friend) Amy flew out for a wedding up in Garrison, New York.  While it’s uncommon for me to travel for work, I wouldn’t say that I don’t, because for the right job paired with my love of travel, it’s a great excuse to book a wedding on the other side of the coast.

We flew into Newark, NJ, landing at 11 pm, picking up our rental car then proceeded to get completely lost.  As I drove over some random bridge I pointed out at the skyline, “Is that the city?” I asked.  Yep, it was NYC.  So, I decided to chase it for a better view.  I mean, really at 11:45 pm, why the heck not when you’re not at all tired.  Yes, it was probably dangerous, no I didn’t tell Mr. Wonderful or else he would’ve not be thrilled with my choices, but how often do you get to do something so sporadic?

Liberty Park

I found signs pointing to Liberty Park and so I figured, hey let’s just go!  We parked and walked close to the dock to get a better view.


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It’s about one more month of heat until I am going to start doing cartwheels in my backyard – end of October is when the weather officially “breaks” as Phoenicians call it.  I have a lot of buggers that have started making my garden beds home so I decided it was time to pull everything out and nuke the thing – as in, solarize my beds.

I’ve never done it before, but after reading Garden Betty’s post, I thought, maybe I’ll give it a try! Look how horribly disorganized my garden beds are.  After spending some of my summer in the South of France I came back wanting to rip it out and start over to make it look like the French gardens I saw.

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You know those pieces you always get complimented on – pieces always from a certain store?  For me, that’s Anthropologie.  Without fail, I’m always complimented on each piece I wear from there (even from men) – probably because their items are so unique.

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San Francisco is where my roots in the states began.  My grandparents immigrated here, met and fell in love and had a two boys, my dad was the youngest making him the first generation born in America.  My mom’s side is from Shanghai but relocated to Taiwan.  When she was famous, she traveled to study in San Francisco, renting an apartment on Commercial Street in Chinatown where my grandparents owned a building.  There my mom and dad met and my mom stayed and became a legal citizen.

So I guess that makes me the second generation.  My dad has the funniest stories growing up in Chinatown, and some really rough stories too.  Being a kid born in the 1950s and going to a Catholic school wasn’t exactly a sweet deal back then.  I’m so glad we’ve come a long way from that lifestyle of intolerance.

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